7 Irish Potato Recipes for True Potato Lovers

When it comes to potato recipes, the Irish are experts in their own right and certainly know how to make the most of the humble potato! With this collection of Irish potato recipes, you'll see how to make a delicious array of recipes that are centuries old yet still feature heavily in Irish cuisine to this day, from golden and crispy Irish boxty and potato farls to comforting colcannon and champ.

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Irish Boxty

Irish Boxty
Nola LeNoir

Boxty potato pancakes are made with both grated raw potato and leftover mashed potatoes, plus flour and egg. They'll taste best fried in butter until crispy on the outside and tender inside. Enjoy as part of a hearty Irish breakfast with sausages, bacon and tomatoes, or serve for dinner with pork chops and cabbage.

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Colcannon in a green bowl
Allrecipes Magazine

Equal quantities of freshly mashed potato, tender cooked leeks, and cabbage or kale are combined with oodles of butter to make Ireland's oldest comfort food, called colcannon. It was traditionally served at Halloween but you will often find it on high-end Irish restaurants to this day!

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Irish Champ

Irish Champ in a blue dish

It might look similar to colcannon, but champ is native to the north of Ireland and features creamy mashed potatoes with an abundance of green onions or scallions instead of cabbage. "Rich, creamy, and so delicious!" says home cook foodelicious. "I've served this with lamb stew, with corned beef and cabbage, and most recently with roasted salmon. Comfort food with an Irish accent indeed!"

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Irish Potato Farls

Irish Potato Farls

A small amount of flour is added to warm mashed potatoes to help mold them into a flat circle of dough, which is then sliced into quarters to make farls (the Gaelic word for "four parts"). These potato breads are always pan-fried in a little bacon fat or butter until crisp and golden and typically served as part of a traditional Irish breakfast, or serve them on their own with a little salt, and a poached egg on top.

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Smoked Bacon and Irish Cheese Mash

Smoked Bacon and Irish Cheese Mash
Soup Loving Nicole

This luxurious mashed potato dish features pieces of crispy smoked bacon and Irish blue cheese, such as Cashel blue cheese from the historic town of Cashel in Tipperary, for a modern twist on plain mashed potatoes, and for a special treat now and again!

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Irish Stew

Irish Stew
Photo by Diana71.

Every Irish family will have their own version of this iconic dish, but potatoes and lamb are always essential ingredients. If you use a tougher cut of lamb, you can braise it longer until tender before adding the potatoes. The addition of chunky pieces of parsnip, or sliced leeks, and fresh rosemary give it a distinct flavor and elevate this traditional Irish stew to a whole new level.

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Irish Bacon And Cabbage Soup

Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup
Photo by Snacking in the Kitchen.

Sometimes the simplest soups taste the best and this delicious Irish recipe is no exception! Cubes of potato, bacon, and tomato provide the perfect flavor combination, while finely sliced dark green cabbage adds even more texture and gives this chunky soup a beautiful color. "This is by far the greatest soup I have ever had," says home cook katie. "Even my picky 2 year old ate it and went back for more!"

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