20 Irish Cream Drinks to Make at Home

Irish Cream and Coffee
Photo: Deb C

Put that dusty bottle of Baileys to good use with one of these smooth cocktail recipes. From simple two-ingredient drinks (although it goes without saying, there's really nothing quite like a good ol' Irish Cream and Coffee) to classic creamy cocktails (everyone loves a milky White Russian, and this Frozen Mudslide is like a milkshake for adults) to cozy cups that'll warm you up on chilly nights (this Spiked Hot Chocolate is super comforting, and everyone will love this White Chocolate Chai with Baileys), you'll really want to bookmark this collection of our best Irish cream cocktails.

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Irish Cream and Coffee

Irish Cream and Coffee
Deb C

It doesn't get much easier than this two-ingredient drink, made with just Irish cream and brewed coffee. It's perfect for after dinner or for the morning of a special occasion.

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Baileys Hot Chocolate

baileys hot chocolate
Baking Nana

This Baileys-spiked hot chocolate takes your favorite wintertime comfort drink up a few notches. Don't forget the whipped cream and chocolate syrup!

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Irish Cream and Whiskey Cocktail

Irish Cream and Whiskey Cocktail

Give your cup o' Irish cream an extra kick with a touch of Irish whiskey. Be careful with these — they taste innocent enough, but they pack a serious punch.

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White Russian Cocktail

White Russian Cocktail

"The Big Lebowski was onto something with this creamy coffee-flavored cocktail," according to this recipe description. "A healthy dose of vodka in the mix assures that 'the dude abides.'"

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Pumpkin Spice Martini

pumpkin spice martini in a glass

Forget about your favorite fall coffee drink. This autumnal creamy martini is perfect for sipping all season long. Top with a sprinkle of nutmeg for a touch of seasonal flavor.

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White Chocolate Chai with Baileys

White Chocolate Chai with Baileys

"I never would have thought adding black pepper to a drink would make it so good," according to reviewer Yoly. "We absolutely loved this and wouldn't change a thing. It's perfection just as written!"

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Milk Moose Punch

Milk Moose Punch

It doesn't get much more festive than this Canadian holiday punch, which calls for Irish cream liqueur and eggnog. This recipe serves a crowd, but it's easy to divide for smaller gatherings.

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Comfort In a Cup

Comfort In a Cup

What's the secret ingredient for this warming wintertime drink? A packet of your favorite hot chocolate mix! Use decaf coffee if you want to indulge before bed.

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Snickers Martini

Snickers® Martini on a tan background

Inspired by the classic candy bar, this fun martini is spiked with four different liqueurs to make it extra nutty: coffee liqueur, Irish cream, amaretto, and hazelnut liqueur.

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Frozen Mudslide

Frozen Mudslide
Deb C

Make this fun frozen beverage in a blender with just six ingredients. Don't forget to drizzle the glass with chocolate syrup before pouring. Top with whipped cream and a cherry.

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Bushwacker in martini glass

This special blend of boozy ingredients — coffee liqueur, Irish cream, coconut rum, vodka, and amaretto — makes this classic creamy drink as flavorful as it is potent.

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Buttery Nipple

Buttery Nipple with straw
Janna Dean

"I really love these," says reviewer DONNA67. "I like a sweeter drink and these are really great as a winter type drink. It's like drinking flavored milk ... dangerous that way also!"

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B-52 Cocktail

B-52 in martini glass

This three-layered drink is made with a trio of delicious ingredients you probably already have on your bar cart: Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and triple sec.

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Gingerbread White Russian

Gingerbread White Russian

Move over, eggnog. Give your classic white Russian a festive flair with gingerbread syrup. Serve with your favorite gingerbread cookies for the perfect holiday pairing.

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Russian Quaalude

Russian Quaalude

Serve this smooth and creamy cocktail, inspired by everyone's favorite white Russian, after dinner for a deliciously boozy dessert.

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Dublin Kiss (St. Patrick's Day Shot)

Dublin kiss shots with mint

This smooth shot is meant for St. Patrick's Day, but you'll want to make it all year long. A splash of creme de menthe gives it a welcome touch of refreshing mint.

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Photo by Meredith.

"The s'moretini combines vodka, Irish cream, and Godiva chocolate liqueur with marshmallows, chocolate, and a graham cracker-dusted martini rim for the ultimate s'more cocktail experience," says recipe creator bblewitt.

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Ain't Yo Momma's Chocolate Milk

Ain't Yo Momma's Chocolate Milk
Lucky Noodles

My friends and I came up with [this drink] one night when we did not have the right ingredients for another drink," says recipe creator Ed Grivner. "All of our ladies said that it should be a regular drink at all our parties."

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The Milky Way Martini

The Milky Way Martini
Lucky Noodles

You can make this impressive, mixologist-worthy drink in the comfort of your own home. "This'll leave you seeing stars," says recipe creator Kaiti.

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Boston Cream Pie Martinis

two chocolate martinis with ice
Deb C

"This is the smoothest, tastiest martini I know," says recipe creator Jen K. "All my friends request this one when we get together. And it's easy to remember the ingredients and measurements, even after you've had a few."

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