11 Imitation Crab Recipes With Real Seafood Flavor

seafood nachos

Craving seafood but low on fresh crab options in your area? These imitation crab recipes are budget-friendly but rich in fresh, creamy flavor. Experience a range of dishes, from a beautifully simple seafood pasta salad to a deviled crab and cream cheese ball. Take your pick from 11 of our most satisfying imitation crab recipes.

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Gary's Stuffed Mushrooms

24174 Gary's Stuffed Mushrooms | Dragonflydays

Stuffing mix is combined with imitation crabmeat and cream cheese then used to fill large, meaty mushroom caps. A decadent finger food recipe that's perfect for a hungry crowd.

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Easy Crab Pasta Salad

2232156 Easy Crab Pasta Salad

"Loved this salad!" exclaims reviewer spice of life. "We did make a couple of changes. We doubled the imitation crabmeat, added about 4 oz. of halved grape tomatoes, and used creamy Caesar salad dressing instead of mayo."

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Stuffed Sole with Imitation Crab

crab-stuffed sole

Delicate fish stuffed with a creamy mixture of imitation crabmeat, diced bell pepper, and tangy salad dressing. You'll love the elegant simplicity of this dish.

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Jackie's Killer Crab Dip

16811 Jackies Kiler Krab Dip | bdweld

This imitation crab-based dip is incredibly creamy, cheesy, and fragrant. Sour cream and olives lend a sharp tanginess that gives this dip a uniquely addictive flavor.

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Sushi Roll

Cutting a roll of Sushi
Cutting sushi | Photo by Meredith.

Create your own one-of-a-kind roll with this sushi recipe. Use a bamboo mat to layer rice, avocados, ginger, and imitation crabmeat to form a restaurant-quality dish.

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Devil Crab Cream Cheese Ball

devil crab cream cheese ball
Stacy Collins

Make your cheese ball even more special by incorporating crabmeat and chopped celery. Simply combine all ingredients, round out a circular shape, and chill until ready to serve.

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Mel's Crab Salad

232287 Mels Crab Salad | Testing123

The fresh taste of a seafood market treat at a fraction of the cost. "Excellent flavor consistency and visual appeal," says home cook Cindy in Pensacola. "I'm not very keen on ranch but it adds tangy zip to this."

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Spicy Hot Crab Spread

24241 Spicy Hot Crab Spread

Turn your crab dip up a notch with Pepper Jack cheese and jalapeño peppers. You'll think you're eating the real thing with every bite of this creamy concoction.

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Crab Quiche

71025 Crab Quiche

Brunch just got a whole lot better. Equipped with heavy cream, Tabasco sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, and imitation crabmeat, this heavy-hitting quiche is a seafood-lover's dream.

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Crabmeat Roll-Ups

60505 Crabmeat Roll-Ups

A mouthwatering mixture of imitation crabmeat, cream cheese, and green onions is rolled up in soft flour tortillas for an insanely easy and delicious snack.

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Chrystal's Seafood Nachos

seafood nachos

This seafood nacho recipe has everything you need for a snack craving: melted cheese, perfectly crisp tortilla chips, and sweet, creamy pieces of imitation crabmeat to top it all off. Finish nachos by sprinkling with a bit of dried dill for added color and tang.

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