How You Celebrate Halloween

hand holding a ghost mug in front of bat Halloween decorations around the door
Photo: Stephanie S.

We asked you to share photos of your favorite traditions, recipes, and activities for our Celebrate the Season Photo Contest. And with Halloween just around the corner, you're getting into the spirit with festive food, home decor, and costumes. But it's not too late to show us how you celebrate the holidays, including Halloween! The contest runs through Dec. 1. For now, you can find inspiration in these 15 not-too-scary submissions.

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The S'More the Merrier

family dressed as s'mores ingredients
Barb M.

"Every year we have a lot of fun picking out a family-themed costume! Last year we were a family of s'mores! It's fun going around and trick-or-treating and having people guess what we are. Have you ever seen such a cute marshmallow?! We love making and keeping family traditions each year, and creating Halloween costumes is definitely one of our favorites at this time of year!" — Barb M.

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Freaky Feast

stuffed meat pie in the shape of a mouse for Halloween
Jennifer M.

"Our family loves Halloween. So I enjoy creating spooky treats! Here are my savory mouse hand pies filled with beef and potato in a savory gravy! Peppercorn eyes, almonds ears, and a wiggly red pepper tail!" — Jennifer M.

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The Purrfect Pumpkin

black cat climbing a pumpkin
Beth H.

"The leaves made such a beautiful backdrop in my yard this year, I put wings on our black cat and took a picture of him in the leaves with a pumpkin." — Beth H.

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Face Painting

man standing with two fences painted to look like a ghost and a jack o lantern
Marc D.

"I absolutely love the autumn season... especially Halloween! And my favorite thing to do is upcycle things into cool (and sometimes spooky!) decor," Marc D. says.

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How Humerus

human skeleton decoration with skeleton decorations of pets
Bonita C.

"Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and every year we set up a 'Skeleton Tableau' with all manners of skeleton critters — from human to dogs, cats, birds, rats, mice, and even a fish," Bonita C. says. "Halloween night here in our rural area has always been a quiet one, and as classic film buffs, the evening is spent enjoying pizza, a nice Halloween-themed red wine, donuts, and cider while viewing classic horror films on TV."

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No Tricks Here

sugar cookies decorated for Halloween
Erin F.

"Decorating sugar cookies!" — Erin F.

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Less Spooky, More Sparkly

child dressed up in pink and purple unicorn Halloween costume
Alicia T.

"Halloween dress-up is such fun for our family!" — Alicia T.

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Grave Expectations

grey house with gravestone decorations in the front yard
Alana C.

"I love decorating for Halloween with my girls and my mom. The graveyard has been one of our favorite traditions every year. Just spending time together and having fun, that's what Halloween is all about," Alana C. says.

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Frequent Flyers

mother and daughter dressed up as witches for Halloween
Caroline L.

"We love to cook, do artwork, and celebrate," Caroline L. says.

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Creatively Creepy

coffee cans repurposed as Halloween decorations
Linda B.

"Every year at my work we decorate the Folgers red bucket coffee cans. We drink a lot of coffee, and we didn't know what to do with so many coffee cans and decided to put them to good use and decorate them for Halloween and Valentine's, and the best-decorated one wins a prize. It is a lot of fun," Linda B. says.

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Short and Sweet

baby with a cotton candy knit hat on
Sarah C.

"We love eating candy corn at Halloween. What better way than with a cute new hat and baby this year!" — Sarah C.

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Gorgeous Gourds

two white pumpkins with black ink designs
Patrice K.

"We have a lot of artists in our family so it's a tradition for my grandchildren to decorate their pumpkins with their own fantastic, original designs. I give them a permanent marker with a plastic pumpkin that they choose and then we let the magic begin. Each pumpkin becomes their own personal, creative Halloween expression and can be kept from year to year." — Patrice K.

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A Family Affair

friends dressed up like characters from The Addams Family
Donna S.

"Every Halloween I have my family over. I cook dinner so the moms of younger kids don't have to worry about anything but to get the kids to my house and into their costumes! The best part? The adults get into the dress-up part as well! It's all about family and having fun!" — Donna S.

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Wine Corks to Witches

Halloween witch decoration made from wine corks
David R.

"Creative decorations, carving pumpkins." — David R.

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Bring Your Own Boos

hand holding a ghost mug in front of bat Halloween decorations around the door
Stephanie S.

"A favorite activity is decorating with my children for each holiday season, then warming up a traditional drink and sipping from our themed mugs together!" — Stephanie S.

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