12 Hanukkah Desserts to Try This Year

Sufganiot on a baking dish
Photo: Odavid

Make your Hanukkah sweeter with one of these delicious desserts. From fried foods worth celebrating (like jelly-filled Sufganiyot, Apple Cider Doughnuts, and Bimuelos) to traditional Jewish desserts you'll be proud to serve (this top-rated Cinnamon-Apple Cake AKA Hanukkah Cake is perfectly moist and dense, and this impressive Chocolate Babka is easier than it looks), you'll find new and old favorites in this collection of Hanukkah desserts.

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Cinnamon-Apple Cake AKA Hanukkah Cake

Cinnamon-Apple Cake AKA Hanukkah Cake

"I do have to say this cake is very moist and very dense in a very delicious way," says reviewer Linda. "The cream cheese adds a bit of tang and a rich almost creme like texture to the cake that is most noted throughout the center. My favorite part was the crusty top and sides."

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Rugelach | Photo by lili.

These crescent-shaped treats are traditionally found on Jewish holiday tables, but you'll want to make these all year long.

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Sufganiot on a baking dish

Doughnuts, among other fried foods, are eaten during Hanukkah to symbolize the oil that is used to light the menorah. These jelly-filled desserts are a seasonal tradition in many Jewish households.

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Chocolate Babka

chocolate cinnamon babka

Though babka isn't necessarily associated with Hanukkah, it is a quintessential Jewish dish. It looks intricate, but don't panic: Making this braided bread isn't as hard as it looks.

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Caramel Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Coins

Caramel Chocolate Coins
Caramel Chocolate Coins | Photo by Chef John.

"These chocolate coins are inspired by my love for the chocolate-salt-caramel flavor combination, and my fascination with edible money," says recipe create Chef John. "To this day, if I'm in a store and I see those little mesh bags of chocolate coins, I immediately turn into a 5-year-old."

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Coconut Macaroons III

close up of Coconut Macaroons

As they're leavened with egg whites instead of flour or baking powder, macaroons are commonly served during the eight-day Jewish celebration of Passover — but these delicious coconut balls will be welcome on any dessert table.

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Raspberry and Apricot Rugelach

Raspberry and Apricot Rugelach on a baking rack

Everyone will love this fruity take on the traditional cookie. If you're not wild about raspberries and apricots, you can substitute other fruit preserves to fit your palate.

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Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts

Three glazed doughnuts on a plate
Carson's Mommy

These top-rated glazed doughnuts are even better than the ones you'll find at your local bakery or doughnut shop. You're definitely going to want to bookmark this recipe.

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Chocolate Chunk Mandel Bread

Chocolate Chunk Mandel Bread
Jake Wolkoff

"I was ready to give this recipe a poor rating because the dough was so wet and loose I thought 'this just won't work,' says reviewer mommar5. "It did. My husband raved 'they are better than the bakery.'"

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Chanukah Cookies

tray of Chanukah Cookies with Star of David design

Looking for the perfect cut-out sugar cookie recipe? Your search ends here. Kids will have fun decorating them but, honestly, they're perfect as they are.

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Apple Cider Doughnuts

Apple Cider Doughnuts
Jesse Lynn Fuller

These sweet, warm doughnuts are perfect for chilly weather. If you think you'll be short on time or kitchen space, you can prep the batter the night before you plan to make them.

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Photo by Grace Garcia.

Buneolos, or bimuelos, are enjoyed all over the world — you can find them in Southwest Europe, Latin America, and parts of Africa and Asia. If you've never tasted these deep-fried fritters, try this recipe ASAP.

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