7 Hamantaschen Recipes for Purim

a white plate with jam-filled hamantaschen, a Jewish pastry made for Purim
Great-Grandmother Bubbie's Hamantaschen. Photo: Grayce Bee

Looking for a homemade hamantaschen recipe to make for the Purim holiday? Look no further! We have fool-proof dough recipes that have been passed down the generations, plus ideas for sweet fillings, as well as lots of folding tips for perfect triangles every time!

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Fill these triangular cookies with whatever filling you enjoy the most. You can cut the dough into larger circles, if you prefer more bites per cookie! Freeze the uncooked hamantaschen on cookie sheets before baking this helps them to retain their shape and stops the filling from spilling over while in the oven.

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Purim Hamantaschen with Prune Filling

This traditional hamantaschen recipe uses a honey and prune filling but you can use blackberry jam, chocolate-hazelnut spread, cherry pie filling, or any type of filling your family likes!

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Easy Hamantaschen

SARAH S gave this easy hamantaschen recipe 5 stars: "The dough was perfect. I recommend brushing them with egg just before putting them in the oven so they look nice and shiny." You can be as creative as you like with the dough try adding chopped walnuts or mini chocolate chips.

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Hamantashen II

Reviewer Lisa Ragucci gave this recipe 5 stars, and added this tip: "This is a great hamantaschen recipe! I suggest rolling out the dough very thin, as they expand when they bake. Also, leave only a very small opening when pinching them closed because they open as they bake."

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Great-Grandmother Bubbie's Hamantaschen

These hamantaschen cookies with a prune, apricot and walnut filling are recipe creator Aliza Finley's favorite Purim treat to share with friends: "We always make extra so there are some left over for us, they are the best!"

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Recipe creator SANDI claims these are the easiest hamantaschen she has ever made: "They are a bit sweet, roll out easily, and are consumed quickly! My kids don't want to give them to their friends!" Looks like lots of reviewers agree!

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Working Mom's Hamantaschen

This quick and easy hamantaschen recipe takes a shortcut and uses yellow cake mix in the dough. It has rave reviews like this one from jencooks: "I've eaten a lot of hamentashen and these were AMAZING. They tasted more like the ones bought at the bakery than homemade."

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How to Make Hamantaschen

hamantaschen cookies filled with jam
blueenayim/Getty Images

Our guide on how to make hamantaschen is full of tips and hints to ensure any recipe you try will turn out to be a sweet success!

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