6 Ham Fried Rice Recipes for Quick and Easy Meals

Fried Rice (Sinangag)
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If you're looking for something to make with leftover ham and just a few ingredients you may already have in your pantry, your search ends here. It's easier than you think to make restaurant-quality fried rice in the comfort of your own kitchen (plus, the homemade route is much cheaper than takeout). In this collection of our best ham fried rice recipes, you'll find filling meal ideas that you can enjoy all day long — from breakfast to dinner.

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Fried Rice with Ham

Fried Rice with Ham

This basic recipe comes together in just 35 minutes, so it's the perfect dinner for busy weeknights. Even picky eaters will love this kid-friendly ham fried rice, according to reviewer Jessica Steffens.

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House Fried Rice

House Fried Rice
Yvonne Probst Dixon

This restaurant-worthy main dish has almost 600 rave reviews from happy home cooks. The ham fried rice recipe also calls for shrimp, chicken, and veggies, but it's easy to customize with ingredients you have on hand.

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Fried Rice (Sinangag)

Fried Rice (Sinangag)

Make this satisfying ham fried rice with just five ingredients: eggs, garlic, cooked white rice, soy sauce, and ham. "This dish is usually served for breakfast and a great way to use leftover rice," says recipe creator lola.

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Baked "Fried" Rice

Baked "Fried" Rice
Chef John

Chef John's oven-baked take on classic ham fried rice has the perfect texture every time. "Just like rice pilaf, the grains of rice get coated in fat before absorbing the cooking liquid, ensuring plump, tender, separate grains with no sticky clumps," he says.

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Pineapple Fried Rice with Ham

Pineapple Fried Rice with Ham
Misty Noelle

Make this easy pineapple and ham fried rice in just 25 minutes. Since it's made with brown rice and lots of veggies, it's a healthier take on a classic comfort food.

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Breakfast Fried Brown Rice

Breakfast Fried Brown Rice in a blue bowl
Linda T

Wake up on the right side of the bed with this 15-minute, one-pot ham fried rice. Made with fewer than 10 hearty ingredients, it's sure to keep you full for hours.

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