10 Fun Halloween Cookie Ideas

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
Photo: Snacking in the Kitchen

Candy shouldn't have all the fun this Halloween season. Cookies can be a creepy and colorful accompaniment to your holiday treats. Get spooky with Witches' Fingers, Chocolate Spiders, or Ghost Cookies straight out of the oven. Include the whole family in the activity of cutting out fun cookie shapes and icing them after baking to create a whole new Halloween tradition.

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Spooky Witches' Fingers

Spooky Witches' Fingers
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You won't find scarier sugar cookies than this recipe, featuring almond finger nails and a buttery dough. Want to get even more creepy with it? Some reviewers recommend adding a few drops of green food dye to the dough for that classic witchy hue.

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Chocolate Mice

Chocolate Mice on a glass plate

No one will guess how easy it was to make these eek-worthy chocolate mice. Since they're no bake, all you have to put in is 20 minutes of prep, then wait for them to firm up in the fridge.

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Chocolate Spiders

Chocolate Spiders

Chow mein noodles and confectioners' chocolate are the base for these ultra easy chocolate spiders. Use candy coated chocolate pieces to create creepy eyes if you desire.

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Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
Snacking in the Kitchen

Peanut butter cookies are a classic fall treat, but they're dressed up for the Halloween season with a chocolatey spider placed atop. This is an easy enough recipe to make with kids.

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Halloween Skeleton Cookies

Halloween Skeleton Cookies

Don't let your gingerbread cookie cutters gather dust until the winter! Instead, break them out to create these delightfully creepy skeleton cookies.

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Witches' Hats

Witches' Hats made with chocolate kisses

Fudge cookies and chocolate candy kisses pair up to create these adorable witch hats. "Super fun and very easy! My 5 year old made these with some minimal instruction," says reviewer sanzoe. "These would be a fun treat to make as a class project."

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Owl Cookies

Owl Cookies on a white background

With some clever rolling, you can transform standard sugar cookie mix into these owl cookies that are sure to be a hoot at your next Halloween party.

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Halloween Ghost Cookies

Halloween Ghost Cookies on a dark plate

You can magically transform a tulip cookie cutter into tiny ghosts by simply turning it upside down. After baking, the whole family can help with spreading the icing and placing the chocolate chip eyes.

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Meringue Bones and Ghosts

Meringue Bones and Ghosts on a black background

You only need four ingredients to create these impressive treats. Whip up a batch of ghosts and bones to haunt your Halloween evening.

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Oreo® Devils

Oreo® Devils on a wooden board

These Oreos are devilishly good thanks to red confectioner's coating and fondant. You can dip the cookies and let the kids use toothpicks to carve fun (or scary) faces into the coating.

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