15 Spooky Cocktails for Halloween

Two glasses of frothy green punch
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If you're looking for some creative cocktail inspiration to scare the pants off your friends and family this Halloween, look no further. We've compiled 15 of our absolute favorite spook-tastic libations here, for your holiday enjoyment. Whether you fancy a pumpkin-themed drink or something a little darker, we have what you're looking for this Halloween.

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Pumpkin Spice Martini

Pumpkin Spice Martini with a ceramic pumpkin

No Halloween party would truly be complete without a nod to the most important gourd of the season. This version of the classic pumpkin martini is as beautiful as it is tasty. Or, as AllRecipes user Meredith says, "Outrageously delicious."

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Halloween Candy Corn Jell-O® Shots

Halloween Candy Corn Jell-O® Shots
Leslie Kelly

The debate wages on as to whether or not candy corn is delicious, but there is no need to debate whether or not you should make these festive and fun candy corn Jell-O shots this year. "These are always a favorite for the adults on Halloween," says Baseball Mom.

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Liquid Vampire

Liquid Vampire in a glass with purple and orange straws

A drink that looks spooky but tastes smooth? This drink satisfies on both counts. It's an easy-going cocktail that lives up to the aesthetic demands of the holiday. And, as Sarah Jo says, "It's almost like a wine cooler, only without the bubbles."

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Witches' Brew

Witches' Brew in a metal bowl

The addition of gelatin makes this drink particularly spooky. A hand suspended in the punch bowl adds a ghoulish visual effect. "I used this recipe many times for parties. The hand coming out of the bowl is awesome," says cutiepie. Add a splash of vodka to the bowl to make this a spooky cocktail.

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Black Halloween Punch

Black Halloween Punch in a glass bowl
Allrecipes Magazine

A dark, frothy punch that is playful on the palate, too, this Halloween punch can hold up to any kind of alcohol you feel like tossing into it.

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Fall Apple Pumpkin Shandy

Fall Apple Pumpkin Shandy with a jack o lantern

A shandy is a mix of beer and, traditionally, a lemon or lime drink, but in this version pumpkin beer comes together with fall-appropriate apple cider. On the night when pumpkins are celebrated, this drink is one for the books. "It's a pretty great combination of flavors and a nice, light drink for a fall evening," says cowgirl.

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Classic Bloody Mary

Classic Bloody Mary with olives and lime

Blood abounds with this classic bloody Mary, which isn't just for breakfast anymore. Spook kids into thinking you're drinking a tall, cold glass of blood, paired with a few stuffed olive "eyeballs" for good measure.

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Sarah's Frozen Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

pumpkin spice cocktail in a champagne coupe with spice garnish
Holiday Baker

Halloween means never having to say no to pumpkin. This cocktail changes things up by throwing it all together in the blender, in an homage to the milkshake.

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Snickers® Martini

Snickers® Martini on a tan background

Celebrate one of Halloween's quintessential treats with this martini, which teems with peanuts, caramel, chocolate, and more. It's a Snickers bar, but in alcoholic form, and will pair perfectly with the bars you rescue from your kids' Trick or Treat bags. "This is absolutely. To. Die. For," says Sarah Jo.

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Black Ginger Cocktail

Black Ginger Cocktail in a clear glass

Dark fruit and spiced rum come together in a brooding cocktail that's perfect for a chilly fall night. This bold concoction will put you in the mood for ghouls, ghosts, and candy.

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Dark 'n' Stormy Ginger

Dark 'n' Stormy Ginger cocktail with a slice of lime
Buckwheat Queen

In addition to spirits, vampires, and witches, Halloween evokes dark and stormy nights. So what better drink to pair with the holiday than a Dark 'n' Stormy? It's a combination of rum and ginger beer that will warm you from the inside out. "I've never had a dark 'n' stormy before," says Buckwheat Queen. "After trying this recipe, it won't be my last."

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Jelly Bean Martini

Jelly Bean Martini with a bowl of jelly beans

These candy-colored and delightfully sweet martinis can be made in any and every flavor you wish. Candy is the theme of the night, after all, so why not embrace the sugar high and ingest your sweets in all ways possible? There is only one word to describe this martini, according to reviewer Patty: "Delish."

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Slime Punch

Two glasses of frothy green punch

Green, gross, and definitely slimy, this punch will either gross guests out or impress them (or maybe both). Serve it with or without alcohol — or make a batch for adults and one for kids — and watch the Halloween squeamishness begin.

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Mater's Adult Butterbeer

Mater's Adult Butterbeer

Butternut schnapps, spiced rum, and butter flavoring combine for this wizard-inspired beverage. Recipe creator Chase Mater says, "I opted for a simplified version that tasted a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch and was strong enough to slightly inebriate something larger than a house elf. Great for Harry Potter-themed parties or Halloween."

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Poison Apple Martini

Poison Apple Martini with a slice of apple and plastic spider

Why bob for apples when you can sip this smooth cocktail instead? The cranberry-apple juice blend adds bold color and plenty of sweet and tart flavor.

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