11 Best Side Dishes for Grilled Pork

green salad with nectarines and fried halloumi cheese in a bowl
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You don't need much to make the most of grilling season: just a grill, good company, cold drinks, your preferred main dish, and sides to round it all out. And when you're preparing pork — whether grilled pork chops, grilled pork loin, grilled pork ribs, or grilled pork skewers — you'll find no shortage of side dishes to pair with it. We've narrowed your search down to the best side dishes for grilled pork, from peach coleslaw to baked beans to rice pilaf.

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Spicy Peach Coleslaw

cabbage slaw with peach slices

A dressing of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, chile paste, rice vinegar, and lemon juice brings a welcome kick to coleslaw, and the addition of juicy peaches makes this recipe especially summery and great as a side dish for grilled pork.

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Summer Salad with Grilled Corn

Summer Salad with Grilled Corn
Soup Loving Nicole

"So fresh and delicious! My guests loved it," home cook Indy-Girl says of this top-rated salad that makes an excellent side dish for grilled pork. "To save time I cut the corn off the cob while cold and put it on a flat grill pan with a little olive oil and placed it on a medium heat grill (without the boiling process) and the corn browned up nicely in the pan in about 12 minutes (season with salt). I cooled the corn and added the rest of fresh ingredients."

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Lemon Pea Salad

a pale green ramekin of peas topped with a lemon wedge and mint sprig, with whole lemons in the background

Brighten up a plate of grilled pork with this super-simple Lemon Pea Salad, which takes just 10 minutes to make. "So very simple to make, the uncooked peas pop in your mouth, and it's loaded with fresh flavor," Allrecipes Allstar lutzflcat says.

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Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

sliced tomatoes and cucumbers in creamy sauce topped with dill

Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and sour cream give this recipe a tang that's often lacking in creamy salads. It stands as a nice contrast to the smoky flavors of grilled pork.

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Greek-Style Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Greek-Style Lemon Roasted Potatoes in a yellow dish

These Greek-inspired potatoes taste light and vibrant thanks to lemon juice and oregano. They're a great side dish for grilled pork year-round.

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Tiger Salad

salad with cucumber, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion, cilantro
Allrecipes Magazine

Known as lao hu cai, this Chinese salad dresses crisp strips of bell pepper, green onions, and cucumber slices in rice vinegar and sesame oil, with plenty of leafy cilantro and red pepper flakes for good measure.

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Sugar Snap Pea and Berry Salad

salad with sugar snap peas, berries, feta
Deb C

Tart-sweet raspberry vinegar and berries pair well with pork. Consider this simple salad a no brainer.

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Spinach, Nectarine, and Halloumi Salad

green salad with nectarines and fried halloumi cheese in a bowl

If you don't want to pull out the skillet to fry it, you can set the halloumi on the grill for about three minutes on each side. "I used bread cheese, which has a similar consistency and heats just as well on the grill," reviewer Sara Floor says. "Serve with a grilled pork tenderloin or poultry for a wonderful early summer meal."

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Bourbon and DP Baked Beans

A ceramic bowl filled with baked beans, garnished with bacon slices

We like to think of sweet, saucy beans and smoky grilled pork as a match made in (hog) heaven.

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Healthier Creamy Potato Salad

creamy potato salad with cauliflower rice in it
Allrecipes Magazine

Greek yogurt, low-fat mayonnaise, and mashed cauliflower rice lighten up this Healthier Creamy Potato Salad, which still tastes like the traditional side you associate with summer cookouts. For an even fresher spin, see the recipe notes for a bell pepper-potato salad and a kale-potato salad.

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Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf with Pomegranate

Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf with Pomegranate in a turquoise bowl with a pomegranate

"This rice pilaf with pomegranate seeds and pistachios tastes great with grilled fish or meat," recipe contributor Afiyet_olson says. And with just 10 minutes of prep time, it's a deceptively easy side dish for grilled pork.

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