20 Desserts You Can Make With Graham Crackers Besides Cheesecakes and S'mores

caramel apple eclair cake
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The deliciousness of s'mores and cheesecakes can not be denied, but the graham cracker is no two-hit wonder! From truly decadent ice cream cakes and bars galore, to lighter parfaits and fruit crunches, graham crackers show up in the most surprising and delicious ways. Browse through the gallery to find top-rated recipes that give graham crackers top billing—and cheesecake and s'mores some stiff competition.

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Blueberry-Apple Crunch

Graham crackers, oats, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and butter make up the topping for this no-bake fruit dessert. Allrecipes home cook Jessome added a little razzle-dazzle to their version: "Had some leftover raspberries so I added those to this recipe. This is a very tasty dessert with a super crunch!"

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Graham Cracker Carmelitas

"I tried these after being given as a gift. OMGOSH! I thought they were bakery-made," raves Nanci Kerp Brand. "I got the recipe and now make them all the time. So simple and absolutely out of this world."

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Mary's Salted Caramel-Pecan Bars

Graham crackers form the easy base for this rich and chewy treat. "A coworker brought these in and they were delicious," says mariannecooks. "Sweet, crunchy, and salty...awesome! Next time I will use more pecans and a bit more salt to cut the sweetness."

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Coffee Ice Cream Fudge Cake

Recipe contributor Andrew describes his creation as "Crumb crust, coffee ice cream middle, topped with toasted marshmallow — like a cross between s'mores and mud pie!" Reviwer a_veronica adds, "I get asked to make this cake for birthday parties/going away parties. It is so easy you cannot screw it up. And you can mix it up easily by using different ice creams!"

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Frozen Peanut Butter Pudding Squares

"My sister-in-law taught me how to make these," says recipe contributor Linda. "Some people know them as 'Puddingwiches'. Chocolaty peanut butter goodness layered between graham crackers and frozen. Make a batch and keep in the freezer for quick summertime snack or dessert."

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Butter Brickle Frozen Delight

slice of Butter Brickle Frozen Delight recipe topped with caramel sauce on a plate

"WOW," raves GORNY. "I made this for my mother-in-law's birthday. We went to a restaurant for dinner and they allowed us to bring our own cake for dessert. We shared it with our waiter staff and hostess, and got raves from all."

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Eclair Cake

"This dessert is awesome," says SGARI72. "I took the advice of another reviewer and put the frosting in the microwave for 30 seconds, then just poured it over the top. Very delicious."

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Peanut Butter Balls V

"Everybody loved them. I wasn't sure about the pecans in the peanut butter but it was amazing," says Abby. "I'm looking for more ideas on what to roll the balls in. I tried toasted coconut, graham crackers, and pecans, and they were all great."

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Vanilla Berry Parfaits

"This made a really nice guilt-free dessert, especially using fat-free vanilla yogurt," says Jillian. "It would also be great for breakfast. I used fresh berries instead of frozen, and a mix of granola and graham crackers. I also added a little cinnamon in addition to the nutmeg."

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Magic Cookie Bars II

Magic Cookie Bars II

"These are always the first to go during the holiday period," says Crystal S. "I usually increase the graham cracker crust so the bar has a more solid base and the chocolate and butterscotch chips to one cup versus three-quarters of a cup. Wonderful recipe!"

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Graham Streusel Coffee Cake

"DELICIOUS," raves Year Old Mrs. "The only change I made was omitting the nuts and using cinnamon graham crackers instead of plain. As my family puts it 'this is a keeper!!'"

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Peanut Butter Bars I

"SO GOOD!" says reviewer Auntie D in MN. "If you are a peanut butter/chocolate fanatic like me, then you will love this. I followed other reviewers suggestions to make the recipe easier by melting the peanut butter with butter, then mixing with graham crackers and powdered sugar. Also, chill the peanut butter base for 15 minutes before topping with chocolate mixture."

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Almond Bars II

"This was one of the easiest recipes I have ever made," says LABORANTI. "I don't like to bake but this turned out so simple and successful. I thought it tasted like a toffee bar. It was a pleasure to have something turn out so good with no hassle."

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Caramel Apple Eclair Cake

caramel apple eclair cake

"This was a huge hit at my family's harvest night," says thedish28. "I used apple pie filling because I was feeling lazy, and I also used regular grahams. I let it set for about 16 hours and that was plenty."

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Seven Layer Bars

"I read many of the reviews and used parchment paper, which was the perfect solution to the other comments about stickiness," says Cheri Franz. "The entire thing lifts out of the pan and comes right off the paper when fully cooled. Very impressive and absolutely delicious!"

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Graham Cracker Fudge

"I made this with cinnamon grahams and it was amazing," says Jessie814. "Also, I used a food processor to grind the crackers and it worked well."

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Nanaimo Bars III

"Because it's three layers, this sounds hard but it's worth it," says recipe contributor Martha J Paul. "My son is famous for making and taking these in to work. I've heard other names but here in the Northwest everyone knows them as Nanaimo bars. They are sold on British Columbia Ferries and at coffee stands. If you can't find custard powder, I've used instant pudding mix with good results."

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Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

"I was looking for something easy and impressive for a business event and this fit the bill," says DARCYG. "It is exactly like 7-layer bars w/o nuts and coconut."

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Praline Strips

"Very quick and tasty," says JAJAJOJO. "Satisfied my late night sweet tooth without too much delay. I sprayed a cookie sheet with non-stick coating instead of using the foil and it worked quite well."

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Southern Style Banana Split Cake

"This was my mothers recipe almost to the 'T," says reviewer Buzz Buzzard Jr. "A couple of things I have learned from making it over the years: 1) Before putting on the cream cheese, freeze the crust for a few hours, will make your life a lot easier. 2) Adding vanilla adds an excellent little flavor (it does get hidden amongst the flavors but you can tell its there). 3) Soaking the bananas in the pineapple juice (don't get the heavy syrup kind) will keep the bananas from turning brown before you get to serve it. Plus the pineapple/banana juice you just made tastes good too!"

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