36 Great Gifts for Grillers

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bbq sauce, serving tray, spatula tool, and box of steak

Cooking over an open flame goes back ages. In fact, we've done just that for most of human history. So it's no surprise that grilling continues to be a popular way to prepare a meal. From vegetables to savory meats and even fresh fruit, there's just something about the flavor of food cooked over a fire. Shop these gifts for your favorite grillers, and maybe you'll get to taste the results.

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Bright Idea

spatula and tongs with attachable lights
Williams Sonoma

Who needs sunlight? Grillight's stainless steel spatula and tongs use removable LED lights on their handles to illuminate the outdoor grill after dark.

Buy it: $40; Williams Sonoma

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Add Fuel to the Frame

custom art of family at a bbq
Uncommon Goods

Capture the fun of a family barbeque with this personalized portrait by artist Patricia Carlin. Add up to 14 family members (pets included) and friends, and customize everything from their skin color to hair style to what they're doing.

Buy it: $85-$175; Uncommon Goods

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Well Done

Includes 2 dry aged steaks, 2 pork chops, 2 lbs of dry aged ground beef, 1 lb of bacon, 1 lb of country sausage, and 1 lb of chorizo sausage
Porter Road

Treat your favorite griller to a gift you know they'll use: meat. Nashville-based Porter Road, a whole-animal butcher shop that ships pasture-raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meat nationwide, offers curated gift boxes, subscription boxes, and nearly every cut of meat your gift recipient could wish for — plus digital gift cards to leave the choice up to them.

Buy it: Gift cards starting at $25; Porter Road

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The Spice Is Right

set of spice rubs in one packaged container

This set of 20 barbeque seasonings includes rubs like chili parsley, Cajun, Mexican, Memphis, Jamaican, and Montreal, plus flavored salts, equipping them for cooking many meals.

Buy it: $49.99; Amazon

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Around the Campfire

folding portable grill with carrying case

Designed for camping trips, this stainless steel portable grill folds up into a case that will neither weigh down their backpack nor take up valuable space. It's about the size of an umbrella.

Buy it: $99.95; Amazon

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A+ Apron

brown leather style apron
Hedley & Bennett

This handsome, heavy-duty apron from Hedley & Bennett can take them from the barbeque pit to tool shed to the garden. Cut from waxed canvas, it won't show dirt easily.

Buy it: $120; Hedley & Bennett

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Barbeque by the Book

book cover of Rodney Scott's World of BBQ

Known for reviving whole-hog barbeque, Rodney Scott became the second of two pitmasters to take home the James Beard accolade and the first Black chef to win the Southeast award. With his first cookbook, Scott mentors readers on barbecuing spare ribs, smoking turkey and chicken wings, and even perfecting banana pudding.

Buy it: $17.77; Amazon

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Really Flipping Good

stainless steel bbq skewers and rack
Uncommon Goods

This stainless steel barbeque skewer rack allows for easy flipping. Easy flipping means even cooking. And even cooking means excellent barbeque.

Buy it: $40; Uncommon Goods

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You've Got Chainmail

bbq brush with chain metal

Too often the bristles of grill brushes end up stuck to the grill or food. Not so with the BBQ Dragon Chainmail Grill Brush, which can clean cast iron, ceramic, and porcelain without a scratch.

Buy it: $39.99; Target

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Night Lights

two adjustable head LED lights

Fastening this pair of magnetic LED lights to their grill will brighten their day (or night) with better visiblity thanks to their adjustable heads.

Buy it: $13.99; Amazon

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Inside Story

Lodge brand grill and griddle

Lodge's reversible grill and griddle, forged from its signature seasoned cast iron, fits over two stovetop burners, allowing your gift recipient to grill in all types of weather. Every griller needs one.

Buy it: $29.90; Amazon

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Grill on the Go

Portable grill with kebabs on top
Uncommon Goods

From campsites to tailgates, this Portable Fan-Powered Charcoal Grill can go wherever they go. It not only requies less charcoal than the average grill but it also heats faster, adding to its convenience.

Buy it: $99.99; Uncommon Goods

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Pile It On

O-Yaki Stainless Steel Skewer Set
O-Yaki Products

This stainless steel O-Yaki Skewer System is the perfect way to cook evenly without having to rotate anything. Just fill up each skewer, insert them into the base and set it on the grill; the food won't touch the grill grates. And, if it's raining when it comes time to grill, simply pop the skewers into the oven or roaster.

Buy it: $39.99/set of 9; Amazon

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Get Saucey

set of three barbeque sauces gift set
Williams Sonoma

Ingredients like Kentucky bourbon, sweet Vidalia onions, ancho chiles, molasses, and mangoes add kick to this barbeque sauce gift set. Try them on ribs, burgers, and pulled chicken sandwiches.

Buy it: $32.95; Williams Sonoma

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Just Add Beer

Just Add Beer Marinade
Just Add Beer

Elevate flavors off the grill by adding a favorite beer to one of these customizable sauce mixes for meats and vegetables. Or, create beer-flavored dips, marinades, and even condiments when added to butter, mayonnaise, or mustard. Mix flavors available are Japanese Miso BBQ, Mexican Tres Chiles, and Szechuan Black Vinegar.

Buy it: $9; Just Add Beer

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Meat Lovers

Meat District Ultimate Grilling Package
Meat District

This Ultimate Grilling Pack is filled with butcher-crafted, seasoned premium meats that are ready to cook. Inside, grillers will find premium cuts of beef, pork, and poultry, including one pack each of Zesty Ranch Party Wings; Sweet & Sassy Drumsticks; Shwarma Chicken Thighs; Steak House Premium Sri-Tip; Bacon Wrapped Garlic Peppercorn Juicy Pork Tenderloin; and The O.G. Short Rib, Angus Chuck, and Brisket Burger Patties.

Buy it: $100; Meat District

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Finger Lickin' Chicken

Somethin to Cluck About
B.T. Leigh's

All-natural ingredients are all that you'll find in Somethin' to Cluck About, a citrus herb rub that's perfect for chicken, and enhances turkey, duck, wild game, and starchy veg, too. We're taking sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, smoked salt, lemon peel, juniper berries, orange peel, black pepper, and nutmeg. Let the finger lickin' begin!

Buy it: $8; B. T. Leigh's

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Add Some Surf

four large lobster tails on two white plates
Luke's Lobster

Grilled seafood is a crowd pleaser, but throw some lobster tails on the grill, and the crowd is wowed. Order these large, Maine-fresh lobster tails and they'll be ready to enjoy upon arrival.

Buy it: $115; Luke's Lobster

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Add a Spark

Spark Grills
Spark Grills

This charcoal grill is not only sleek, but fires up in seconds and features precision temperature control so that food is perfectly cooked at different temps and lengths of time. The ease of a gas grill is combined with the flavors of natural charcoal thanks to wood and charcoal Briqs developed by food and biomass scientists.

Buy it: $899; Spark Grills

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Spice of Life

Spice Tribe Trio
Spice Tribe

Inspired by world travels, this trio of spices feature eco-friendly and natural ingredients sourced from small farms and farmers around the world, resulting in a variety of fair-trade single origin spices and spice blend products. The Launch Collection includes Long-tail Sunset, a blend of tamarind and coconut; Marrakesh Sitar, an aromatic, floral and sweet blend; and Nicaraguan espresso-citrus adobo-inspired Mombacho Café.

Buy it: $21; Spice Tribe

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On Display

Cades and Birch cutting board chopping block
John Westgarth, Cades and Birch

When you're ready to serve, transfer grilled food to this chopping block made of walnut, mahogany and maple hardwoods to highlight the fruits of your labor on the dining table. Completely crafted by hand, the block is finished with a light coat of food-safe white mineral oil; it's customizable, too.

Buy it: $89; Cades and Birch

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Hot Diggity Dog

The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company

Bring the taste of summer and New York City home with this five-pack of all-natural hot dogs, six in each pack, 30 dogs in all. Pick your favorite from Classic Beef, Beef & Pork, Pepperoni, Gyro and Buffalo Chicken, or, if you're ravenous, try one of each.

Buy it: $60; Brooklyn Hot Dog Company

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Take It Inside

Barbecue Ornament
Old World Christmas

Bringing the grill inside may not be such a great idea, but you can do the next best thing with this cute barbeque ornament.

Buy it: $20; Amazon

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Flip Out


Rather than trying to juggle five different utensils at the grill, opt instead for the stainless steel The Boss — it's a spatula, fork, knife, meat tenderizer and bottle opener all in one. And when you're done, toss it into the dishwasher for a quick clean-up.

Buy it: $23; Amazon

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Lighten Up

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

Nothing's as frustrating as not being able to light a grill, whether the weather's windy, rainy, or it's just not your day. Enter the Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter that can bend whichever way it needs to to light that fire.

Buy it: $25; Amazon

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Hot Honey

Heatonist Hot Ones Nugget Honey

Alfalfa honey from Wyoming's Wind River Valley is blended with infused alcohol — Barr Hill Gin from Vermont and Pepper X from Smokin' Ed Currie — to create Hot Ones Nugget Honey, a delicate sweet, slightly floral honey that ramps up any meal. Sweeten up marinades, or drizzle over grilled chicken or pork chops. One griller even likes it over grilled halloumi.

Buy it: $12; Heatonist

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Aged to Perfection

Flannery Beef California Reserve Jorge Ribsteak Gift
Flannery Beef

What do Chrissy Teigen, Sammy Hagar, and Joel McHale have in common? They're all fans of Flannery Beef, a prime steak purveyor in the San Francisco Bay area. For your special griller, choose the California Reserve Jorge Ribsteak Gift Box, a bone-in ribsteak dry-aged 30 to 35 days; it serves two to four, depending on appetite.

Buy it: $92; Flannery Beef

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Go Meatless

The Meatless Farm 2 Meat Free Burgers
Meatless Farm

Not everything that's cooked on a grill has to be meat. For a different twist, try these meat-free burgers: you'll find terrific taste and texture, but these burgers are made from fresh plant-based ingredients. They're gluten-free, kosher certified, and 100% vegan, too.

Buy it: $6.39/2 patties; Meatless Farm Co.

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Hey Platter, Platter

dark grey serving tray in oval shape
Pottery Barn

This charcoal grey oval platter made of melamine is a terrific vessel to show off grilling skills. You can also buy bowls and plates from the same collection to round out the meal. Place the set in the center of the table, and wait for the compliments to roll in. Afterwards, it cleans right up in the dishwasher.

Buy it: $29; Pottery Barn

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Holiday Feast

raw lamb meat
Shepherd Song Farm

Why not prepare an entire holiday dinner on the grill? This pack of grass-fed lamb meat consists of four lamb loin chops, two lamb leg steaks, four Bratswurst sausages, five hot dogs, and a pound of ground lamb. And the leftovers (if there are any) can be enjoyed for days.

Buy it: $189.50; Shepherd Song Farm

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Wake Up the Grill

Civilized Coffee Espresso Chili Rub
Civilized Coffee

Civilized Coffee Co.'s blend of chilis, brown sugar, sea salt, smoked paprika, mustard, and espresso powder can be used as a dry rub, steak seasoning, and a base for marinades and hot sauces — it's griller's choice!

Buy it: $15; Amazon

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Pretty Clean

We came in dinner napkins

Wipe off barbeque-sauced fingers and mouths with these pretty napkins from hudsonest. Each of the 20 German-made napkins in the package are three-ply for durability and responsibly sourced, yet designed to complement the most elegant of table settings.

Buy it: $15; Hudsonest

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Whiskey Business

Tattersall Whiskey Wood Chips
The Restaurant Project

When they're finished aging Tattersall Distilling's Whiskey for more than two years, the 100 percent Minnesota white oak barrels are chopped up and made into wood chips. Put them in the grill's fire to add depth to pulled pork, ribs, steak, and vegetables.

Buy it: $15/four-pound bag; Shopify

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Add Avocado

Nutiva Organic Steam-Refined Avocado Oil Pouch

The next time the grill's fired up, try using avocado oil. The 100% Pure Organic Avocado Oil from Nutiva has a high smoke point that makes it perfect for grilling over hot temperatures, without losing its integrity.

Buy it: $19; Amazon

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Box It Up

Carnivore’s Delight Gift Set

If you want to get creative with your gift for the griller in your life, check out Knack's Gift Builder. Select from grilling essentials, spices and sauces, and snacks, and other fun items to create a personalized gift. Or, if the choices are overwhelming, opt instead for an already-made gift box like the Carnivore's Delight Gift Set with a barbeque sauce, grilling planks, kitchen towel, steak rub, and chipotle mustard.

Buy it: $85; Knack

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Off the Block

meater block

It can be a puzzle trying to figure out which meats are cooking at which temperatures, and when they're ready to take out of the oven or off the grill to avoid over-cooking. Enter MEATER Block, four individual, dual-temperature probes that monitor internal and external temperatures simultaneously. Insert the probes, use the app to select "doneness," start cooking, leave the Block by the cooker, and go about other tasks at hand. The app alerts when the meats are ready.

Buy it: $299.95; Amazon

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