7 Creamy Gelato Recipes That Will Transport You to the Streets of Italy

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Gelato is the one frozen dessert that will satisfy your taste buds while also reminding you of the beautiful streets of Italy. Not only that, but this rich-tasting, milky sweet treat will certainly keep you cool as you endure the scorching summer temperatures. Now, before you go out and purchase a jar of Talenti, we have seven creamy gelato recipes that are sure to make gelato your new favorite dessert. Enjoy the taste of juicy, sweet strawberries? If so, then you'll love our vegan strawberry gelato recipe. Dying to experience the flavors of coffee and gelato at the same time, check out our hazelnut gelato. No matter what your favorite flavor is, as you scroll through, you will find that there is something in here for everyone.

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Buckwheat Queen

This simple gelato recipe keeps it cool, clean, and classic — which makes it a perfect base for your favorite flavors. Recipe creator OSTAFF1 notes that to spice your gelato up, you can add shaved chocolate or fruit to the mix.

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Vegan Strawberry Gelato

If strawberry ice cream is your go-to frozen dairy treat, then you'll love this bright and sweet strawberry gelato recipe. Not only is this the perfect treat to make if you have a dairy sensitivity or follow a vegan diet, but each bite is packed with luscious fresh berry flavor.

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Strawberry-Mascarpone Gelato

Here's another mouthwatering gelato that celebrates the vibrant flavor of fresh strawberries. However, this strawberry gelato recipe ups the ante by incorporating delicately sweet and nutty mascarpone cheese for added richness. Top each serving with sliced strawberries for a perfect presentation.

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Chocolate Gelato

This decadent chocolate gelato, featuring both dark chocolate and cocoa powder, will quell even the most intense chocolate cravings. As recipe creator ​​Ivy notes, using high-quality ingredients (especially when it comes to the chocolate) makes all the difference for this recipe.

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Low-Fat Chocolate Sicilian Gelato

If you're looking for a deliciously chocolatey dessert that's also low in fat, you have to try this exceptional gelato recipe. (The key to this recipe's rich, dense texture is actually in the cocoa powder!) Recipe creator Allison notes that the lack of fat causes the gelato to freeze quite hard, but adequate thawing will leave you with a silky frozen treat.

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Hazelnut Gelato

Combine the milky goodness of gelato, the bold flavor of espresso, and the sheer richness of chocolate-hazelnut spread, and you have this wonderfully toasty hazelnut gelato. The 5-star ratings don't lie — achieving smooth and creamy bliss is inevitable with this hazelnut-mocha flavored recipe.

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Nutella Gelato

Is gelato the most perfect and delightful vehicle for Nutella? It might just be. Try this chocolate-hazelnut gelato recipe for yourself, and let us know.

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