22 Fresh Fig Recipes

a sliced loaf cake with figs on the side
Fig-Ricotta Cake. Photo: lutzflcat

Fresh figs have two short seasons — early June and August through October. This means you need to take advantage while you can, because these little delicacies won't be around for long. Bite into a fresh fig and you'll find it overflows with honey-like flavor and a sweet, syrupy juice. They're versatile too: You can use fresh figs in both sweet and savory recipes. From fig jams to fig cakes and more, here are 22 recipes that make the most of luscious fresh figs.

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Fresh Figs and Chicken Thighs in Shallot-Balsamic Reduction

chicken thighs with figs, rosemary, and onions

In this one-pot dish, chicken thighs and fresh figs are simmered in a shallot-balsamic reduction for a rich, subtly sweet dinner. "I love how the figs added a small amount of sweetness to the chicken," says reviewer spurmort.

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Fig and Prosciutto Appetizer Bites

ritz crackers with prosciutto and fig

This five-ingredient appetizer is as eye catching as it is delicious; prosciutto, honeyed goat cheese, and fresh figs are rolled into one scrumptious pinwheel. Serve over crackers.

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Mamma K's Fig Preserves with a Twist

Mamma K's Fig Preserves with a Twist
Arizona Desert Flower

What gives these preserves their sweet, berry flavor (aside from the fresh figs, of course)? Strawberry-flavored Jell-O mix! Serve warm on homemade biscuits as reviewer Lailla Chandler suggests.

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Fig-Ricotta Cake

a sliced loaf cake with figs on the side
Fig-Ricotta Cake. lutzflcat

Buttery, sweet, rich, dense, and moist — these are all words recipe creator lutzflcat uses to describe this fresh fig cake.

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Arugula-Fig Salad with Creamy Gorgonzola

figs, gorgonzola, pistachio, and arugula salad

Peppery arugula, sweet figs, creamy gorgonzola, and earthy pistachios are paired with an orange blossom dressing in this elegant salad. Recipe creator Anastasia says, "I didn't feel the need to toss this salad as I was afraid of damaging the gorgeous figs."

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Summer Sweet Smoothies

red/purple smoothie in glass with bendy straw

This gorgeous breakfast smoothie combines many of summer's best fruits in one: strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, bananas, and fresh figs.

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Fig and Arugula Salad

Fig and Arugula Salad on a white plate

"The bite of the arugula paired with the sweet figs and balsamic vinegar are a perfect balance," says reviewer Sheri Bogna. Toasted pine nuts add crunch and a nutty, warm flavor.

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Fig Preserves

Fig Preserves in jars
Eddie Rios-Stroud

Their short season makes figs prime candidates for preserving, and this recipe lays out how to do so step-by-step. Spread it over crackers or use it to make homemade fig bars.

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Orange, Fig, and Gorgonzola Salad

Orange, Fig, and Gorgonzola Salad on a white plate

Mandarin oranges and fresh figs make the perfect pairing in this simple, five-ingredient salad. For the dressing, check out our collection of vinaigrette dressing recipes.

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Fig Brulee with Burrata Cheese

Fig Brulee with Burrata Cheese
Oksana Seaman

If there's any cheese that can stand up to the decadence of fresh figs, it's burrata. Here, lightly caramelized figs are served with fresh, creamy burrata that is just asking to be broken into with a spoon.

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Whipped Ricotta with Honey and Summer Fruit

Whipped Ricotta with Honey and Summer Fruit
Buckwheat Queen

Looking for the ultimate summer appetizer? Look no further than this honeyed, whipped ricotta cheese topping that's perfect for summer fruits like figs, strawberries, and plums.

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Fig Cake I

slice of cake with fig topping
?? ??

Warm spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg complement fresh figs perfectly in this decadent cake. Top it all off with a tasty homemade icing.

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Fig Smoothie

purple smoothie next to blender and bananas
Mackenzie Schieck

"We have an enormous fig tree in our yard and this recipe gives me a great way to use its fruit and all the frozen bananas we accumulate. So simple and the figs really make the smoothie creamy," says reviewer gottacook. "My husband even loved it and he's not a fig fan. I'm going to try to freeze some of our figs so we can make this smoothie all year."

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Fabulous Fig Scones

scone with figs on the side

What better way to start the day than homemade fig scones and a hot cup of tea? This recipe calls for whole-wheat pastry flour, but Allrecipes Allstar Deb C says using half wheat flour and half cake flour works just as well.

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Chicken Tenders with Balsamic-Fig Sauce

chicken tenders with fig sauce and thyme

This balsamic-fig sauce transforms chicken tenders into an elegant dinner that anyone would be proud to serve to company. Reviewer pkelly describes it as, "Rich and savory with just the right amount of sweetness....yummy!"

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Dolce Pesca (Sweet Peaches)

peach half with fresh figs and mint

Two iconic summer fruits are put on display in simple form: Peaches are stuffed with a fresh fig and pine nut mixture, soaked in wine, and topped with brandy before baking.

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Pear-Fig Salad

salad with pear and figs
Kim's Cooking Now

The second fig season (August through October) lines up perfectly with the start of pear season. Pears bring crunch and texture, figs bring their signature sweetness, and Gruyere bring its rich, semi-tart flavor to this seasonal salad.

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Figgy Noodles

ramen noodles with fresh figs and chopsticks

Don't knock it till you try it! According to recipe creator Chef Lizzie, fresh figs go surprisingly well with instant ramen. You can also add feta cheese for creamier flavor.

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Rustic Blueberry and Fig Crostata

crostata with blueberries and fresh figs

A crostata, also known as a galette, is a pastry dish in which a sheet of dough is rolled out and piled with fruit; the corners are then folded over and the whole thing is baked until you have a warm, gooey fruit center. This iteration features fresh figs, blueberries, and one secret ingredient: tarragon.

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Fruity Pasta Salad with Herbs

Fruity Pasta Salad with Herbs

Apples and fresh figs provide a subtle sweetness in this creamy pasta salad recipe. It's the ultimate summer potluck addition.

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Sauteed Figs with Cashew Creme

sauteed fig halves on white plate with cashew cream sauce

In this vegan dessert, a nutty cashew cream makes the perfect accompaniment to sautéed figs.

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Mixed Greens Salad with Figs and Herbs

mixed greens with figs, nuts, and cheese in a bowl

In addition to fresh figs, this salad features a collection of herbs like parsley, mint, and dill for garden-fresh flavor.

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fresh figs cut up into quarters
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