5 French Onion Dip Recipes That Are Full of Flavor

Isa's French Onion Dip
Photo: Allrecipes Magazine

Few appetizers are as irresistibly creamy and flavorful as French onion dip. Not to mention the spread is as crowd-pleasing as it gets — has anyone ever turned down a bite of French onion dip?! Whether you're looking for a quick app to make with just a few ingredients you have on hand or a restaurant-worthy creation that'll impress everyone at your table, you'll find something you absolutely love in this collection of our best French onion dip recipes.

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French Onion Dip

French Onion Dip

You need just three cheap ingredients to make this basic French onion dip: cream cheese, a package of dry onion soup mix, and milk. "It's so easy and so creamy, you'll want to make it every night," according to recipe creator LCROCCO.

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Isa's French Onion Dip

Isa's French Onion Dip
Allrecipes Magazine

This restaurant-worthy French onion dip (topped with fresh green onions and caramelized yellow onions) is so creamy and decadent, you won't believe it's vegan.

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Instant Pot French Onion Dip

Instant Pot® French Onion Dip
Soup Loving Nicole

Use your Instant Pot to make this quick and easy French onion dip with a rich cream cheese-sour cream base. "Once you make this, you'll never buy the dip in the little plastic tubs again," says recipe creator and Allrecipes Allstar Soup Loving Nicole.

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French Onion Dip From Scratch

French Onion Dip From Scratch

There's no dry onion soup mix required for this made-from-scratch recipe. Caramelized onions are stirred into a creamy mixture of sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic powder, white pepper, and salt.

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Fast and Easy French Onion Dip

Fast and Easy French Onion Dip

This shockingly simple French onion dip comes together in just 10 minutes and five ingredients: sour cream, mayonnaise, green onions, dry onion soup mix, and dried minced onion.

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