Elevate Your Holiday Dinner with the Flavors of Indian Cuisine

Exploring other holiday traditions and foodways can be a great introduction to other cultures. So if you're ready to expand beyond the familiar traditional holiday dishes this year, try introducing some exciting Indian flavors into the mix. With this holiday collection, we celebrate the season with the seasonings of Indian cuisine! Try these Indian-inspired side dishes with your traditional holiday roast or enjoy a curry-seasoned roast turkey as the main dish with a selection of sides — and fill out your holiday dessert table with a few traditional Indian dessert recipes.

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Indian-Inspired Side Dishes

Quick and Savory Indian Peas
Buckwheat Queen

A lighter side is always welcome at the Christmas table. From carrots to cucumbers, Indian sides and salads are an easy way to integrate new flavors and serve a less filling side option. Adding some green highlights also is a welcome break in the typical beige and browns of turkey, gravy, potatoes, and bread.

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A Twist on the Traditional

Real Indian Mango Chutney

Indian recipes can include flavorful variations on traditional favorites, from the cranberry sauce to the green beans. You may also want to try spicier options including cauliflower and potato and crispy okra or spread a mango chutney on your turkey.

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Spice Up the Centerpiece


A Christmas roast completes the holiday meal. And traditional roasts are a great starting point, but there are many ways to prepare and serve the familiar holiday staple. Consider adding the flavor of curry to your Christmas poultry for a special Indian twist.

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Bread Basket

Pictured: Grilled Naan | Photo by Holiday Baker.

The communal bread basket is a great metaphor for gathering at the holidays. Breaking bread together can take on new meanings when naan and roti are included.

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Sweet Treats

Kulfi Indian Ice Cream
Kulfi Indian Ice Cream. Leisha

Pies and cookies are sweet Christmas staples. But consider expanding your dessert table with these yummy Indian treats. From cooling ice cream options to pastries, these sweet treats don't have to include a crust or frosting.

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The Joy of Leftovers

Apple Curry Turkey Pita
Allrecipes Magazine

Sandwiches made from leftovers may be the best part of the holidays. Stacking up whatever remains from the holiday meal creates a mix-up of all the things we love. This year, try this Indian-inspired pita sandwich as a delicious next day sandwich option.

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New Year, New Flavors

Indian Chickpeas

As the New Year approaches, celebrate with Indian snacks while you count down to midnight. Make up small plate options of crunchy snacks and spicy chicken, all cooled down with a creamy mango drink.

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