12 Fabulous Fig Jams and Preserves

Fig Jam on toast
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Naturally syrupy sweet, figs make a wonderful main ingredient for homemade jams and preserves. Their seedy texture and flavor, reminiscent of honey and berries, creates wow-worthy jams that are delicious spread on toast, spooned over brie, or dolloped onto desserts. Keep it basic with some plain fig jam and preserves, or mix-and-match your fruits by pairing figs with strawberries, rhubarb, or even white grapes.

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Strawberry Fig Preserves

Strawberry Fig Preserves
Melissa Goff

Can't decide between fig or strawberry jam? This recipe doesn't make you choose! Fresh figs are paired with strawberry Jell-O for a bright and sweet spread.

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Fresh Fig Freezer Jam

Fresh Fig Freezer Jam

No cooking or canning required for this ultra easy jam. Simply mix together the ingredients—figs, sugar, lemon juice, and pectin— and stick it in the freezer. Now you can enjoy the sweet taste of figs all year long.

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Blueberry-Fig Jam

Blueberry-Fig Jam on crackers

This recipe has two secret ingredients to offset the sweetness of the figs and blueberries: a dash each of lime juice and balsamic vinegar. The end result is a perfectly balanced jam.

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Real Fig Preserves

Real Fig Preserves in jars

Using the spice trio of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, these preserved figs feature a bold flavor. Reviewer HappyHippie says, "I made these preserves last year and jarred them to give out at the Holidays. I was floored by the response!"

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Mamma K's Fig Preserves with a Twist

Mamma K's Fig Preserves with a Twist
Arizona Desert Flower

A whole lemon and two packs of strawberry Jell-O go into these amped up preserves. Not a fan of strawberry? Some reviewers have shared success using blackberry- or raspberry-flavored gelatin instead.

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Fig Jam

Fig Jam on toast
Buckwheat Queen

Rich coconut sugar sweetens this fig jam, while cinnamon, allspice, and a hint of peppercorns create a depth of flavor. Recipe creator Buckwheat Queen suggests serving it on toast or in an upgraded PB&J.

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Rhubarb and Dried Fig Jam

Rhubarb and Dried Fig Jam

If you can't get your hands on some fresh figs, this fun jam recipe uses the more accessible dried variety instead. Paired with fresh rhubarb, port wine, and orange zest, it has a flavor reminiscent of the holidays.

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Fig Preserves

Fig Preserves in jars
Eddie Rios-Stroud

Stock up your pantry with homemade preserves thanks to this simple recipe. Whole figs and thinly sliced lemons are jarred up together in a sweet sugar syrup.

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Fig and Honey Jam with Walnuts

Fig and Honey Jam with Walnuts in a jar
Judy Hwang

Recipe creator Rachel Swiger-Imhoff dreamed up this jam as part of a meat and cheese board spread. Each bite is a burst of flavor from figs, honey, spices, vanilla, and walnuts.

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Black Mission Fig Preserves

Black Mission Fig Preserves in a white bowl
Arizona Desert Flower

These unique fig preserves have a zing of sour from lime juice and a hint of earthiness from a bit of white pepper. One reviewer describes it as "excellent with sharp Cheddar."

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White Grape Jam with Fresh Figs

White Grape Jam with Fresh Figs in a jar
Claudia Ford Tucker

With overlapping seasons, it only makes sense to combine white grapes and figs into a colorful jam. You only need four simple ingredients to create this unique recipe.

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Unsweetened Fig Butter

Unsweetened Fig Butter in a glass bowl
Ells Campbell

"Use dried figs and your Instant Pot® to create this luscious, date-sweetened fig butter," says recipe creator chefcatie. "One of the things I now love, just as much as I hated as a kid, are figs. So of course, I set out to make my own naturally sweet fig butter. It's thick, it's sweet, and it's jam-packed with crunch in every bite."

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