Our 15 Favorite Fall Cakes Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing

a slice of pumpkin bundt cake with a ribbon of cream cheese in the center, displayed on a plate with a fork and the rest of the cake in the background
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Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel...is your mouth watering yet? Well, we have exactly what you need to satisfy your craving. We've gathered up 15 of our top-rated fall cakes that bring all the flavors of the season. Find all your favorites!

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Apple Bundt Cake

apple bundt cake with white glaze on a glass plate

"This is a delicious cake," says ARLPORT. "I substituted rum for the orange juice and next time I would use more apples — maybe three cups instead so you get apple in every nibble." We're always in favor of more booze and more fall apples.

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Cinnamon and Amaretto Pound Cake

close up of a whole pound cake of cinnamon and amaretto

Do not judge a recipe by its lack of reviews! The Gourmet Housewife says, "I hesitated to make this because there hadn't been any reviews on it yet, but I'm so happy I did. Fantastic recipe — it's getting added to my regular rotation."

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Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake

side view of a chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache and a grid of caramel drizzles

Get a good dose of chocolate in your fall cake! "This was excellent — everyone loved it," says dgessner. And we love this idea for something a bit different: "Instead of having all chocolate I swirled it in for a mix of vanilla and chocolate."

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Nutmeg Cake

Cupcakes topped with a swirl of creamy frosting and fall-themed paper decorations

All the fall flavors, comin' atcha in this recipe. Cookin' mama says, "This cake was delicious with the flavor of freshly grated nutmeg shining through. And the caramel icing was a perfect complement to this pleasant change to a traditional spice cake."

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Favorite Old Fashioned Gingerbread

slice of gingerbread cake topped with whipped cream and cinnamon
Rachell Schockey

"This recipe is SO Good," says Bubba's Mom. And she's among a number of other reviewers who saw success by increasing the spices: "I doubled the cinnamon and cloves and brought the ginger right up to one tablespoon."

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Apfelkuchen (Apple Cake)

close up of apfelkuchen (apple cake) with a wedge of cake sliced out of it

"I made this the other day and it was a blast from the past," says BlazingSpatulas. It sounds like this recipe is the real deal: "My mother is from Germany and used to make this often. It's the same recipe she has from a German cookbook called Backen Macht Freude— translation: Baking makes joy!"

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Banana Bread Bars with Brown Butter Frosting

Banana Bread Bars with Brown Butter Frosting
Traci Noche

"You've got to try this," insists HurstOldsWoman. And don't fret if you're out of walnuts, because according to her, you've got delicious options: "Topped with pecans instead of using walnuts—soooo good!"

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Caramel Cake

triple layer caramel cake on a white cake plate with a wedge on a dessert plate

"It came out so perfect," says Wendolyn Williams. And if you're planning to give others a taste, Wendolyn mentioned that hers turned out great as cupcakes. Of course, you won't get the layers, but how about everyone gets to take two? Problem solved.

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Chocolate Butterfinger-Caramel Cake

slice of chocolate butterfinger caramel cake topped with whipped cream
Kayla Raby

"We loved this," says Christina. "I used Cool Whip instead of whipping my own cream (yes, I'm lazy — LOL)." We prefer the term "resourceful" — no judgement 'round these parts.

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Impossible Cake

impossible cake on white cake dish

Impossible to resist, that is! Loria Alven says, "It's the perfect blend of rich flan, gooey caramel, and decadent chocolate cake. It's a triple threat that delivers on taste, texture, and beautiful presentation!" What more could we ask for?

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Apple Harvest Pound Cake with Caramel Glaze

apple cake baked in a bundt pan and topped with caramel glaze

"This cake was a hit with all! Very moist and perfect for an autumn dessert," says Ebee. "I took the advice of others and used one cup each of white and light brown sugar. I also doubled the cinnamon."

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Hungarian Flourless Hazelnut Cake

slice of hungarian flourless hazelnut cake on a plate

"This is a fabulous torte. I've made it several times and it has been perfect EVERY time," says JanZ. Three cheers for a sure thing! And also for this great tip: "I sift the hazelnuts using a colander to be sure they are fine enough."

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Sweet Potato Pound Cake

a golden cake baked in a tube pan with a white icing drizzle

What a smart — and delcious — way to enjoy some sweet potato. Cook and mash your own, or if you're in a hurry, do what TPESCAL did: "I used canned sweet potatoes instead of fresh. Friends and family all want this recipe."

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Pumpkin-Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

a slice of pumpkin bundt cake with a ribbon of cream cheese in the center, displayed on a plate with a fork and the rest of the cake in the background

This recipe is more of a cross between a cake and a maple-pumpkin bread, and Allrecipes community member, Sassy, raves that it's perfect for fall: "A beautiful, tasty cake — the cream cheese filling really is a nice addition to the delicious spice flavors."

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Pumpkin Caramel Bourbon Poke Cake

Pumpkin Caramel Bourbon Poke Cake on a white plate
Stasty Cook

"This cake was just perfect," says hello angie. "I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9x13-inch baking dish and it was the best dessert at Thanksgiving!" More is more at Thanksgiving — we love to hear it!

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