15 Crawfish Recipes to Add to Your Seafood Rotation

Crawfish and shrimp stew over rice in a turquoise bowl
Cajun Crawfish and Shrimp Étouffée . Photo: Allrecipes

Tired of your same old shellfish and seafood recipes? Switch it up by using another crustacean that's just as versatile and delicious as its shrimp and lobster cousins: crawfish. Whether you want dinner, sides, or appetizers, crawfish will always get the job done — and in super flavorful ways. We've rounded up our favorite crawfish recipes, from traditional étouffée and crawfish boils to new takes on old favorites, like crawfish beignets and crawfish dressing. Scroll through when you're ready to get your crawfish fix. And, remember, you can never go wrong with adding a little Creole or Cajun seasoning to these recipes — crawfish loves its Louisiana roots.

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Crawfish Cornbread

Add jalapeños, pimentos, and crawfish to your cornbread to give it a Louisiana-style twist. This recipe gives you cornbread from scratch, but you can also use a box of cornbread mix to start you out in a pinch.

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Crawfish Linguine

This creamy and hearty linguine is ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. Plus, with all the tasty flavors, it will become an instant family favorite.

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Cajun Crawfish and Shrimp Étouffée

Crawfish and shrimp stew over rice in a turquoise bowl
Cajun Crawfish and Shrimp Étouffée. Allrecipes

Cajun étouffée is a Louisiana classic. This recipe is a spicy tomato-based sauce/roux with crawfish and shrimp. It's best enjoyed over steamed rice.

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Crawfish Macquechou

Veggies, butter, and crawfish come together in this dish to create a flavorful experience. It makes a perfect side dish — and it's super simple to make for a potluck! And just in case you're wondering, it's pronounced "mock-SHOO."

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Crawfish Boulettes

While these sweet and savory boulettes are basically hush puppies, they have some different and unique flavors. They're loaded with the Southern holy trinity: celery, bell pepper, and onion, plus Cajun seasoning and crawfish.

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Crawfish Fettuccine II

If you like to order seafood fettucine Alfredo from your favorite Italian restaurant, then you need to try this crawfish fettucine. It's cheesy, creamy, and a little spicy from the Cajun seasoning.

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Instant Pot® Live Crawfish Boil for Four

A delicious crawfish boil but scaled down easier in the Instant Pot. This recipe has everything you love about crawfish boils (like crawfish, corn, potatoes, and andouille sausage), but it only takes one hour to make in the multifunctional cooker.

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Cold Crawfish Dip

If you're in charge of the dip at the next gathering or potluck, try this cream cheese, mayo, and crawfish dip. It's incredibly easy to make ahead of time — mainly because the dip needs to chill before serving to allow the flavors to blend. But you can't beat the 15-minute prep time.

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Rice Cooker Crawfish Tails

This one-pot meal will satisfy your dinner needs in less than an hour. It's hearty enough that you don't need to serve this main dish rice dinner with anything else, but it can also make a tasty seafood side dish.

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Crawfish Beignets

These savory beignets are actually quite simple to make thanks to the refrigerated biscuit dough. Stuff the dough with crawfish, Cheddar, mayo, green onion, paprika, and cayenne, then fry to your liking.

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Crawfish Thermidor

When you're looking for an easy, yet fancy-looking side dish or appetizer, try this braised crawfish and mushroom dish. It's incredibly flavorful from the butter, white wine, milk, and red pepper flakes, so you think you'd only find it at your favorite seafood restaurant — and, yet, no one will ever know you only spent 45 minutes making it.

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Crawfish Dressing

No bread? No problem. This dressing is made with rice, crawfish, ground beef, and pecans — no stale bread in sight. Reviewers say this makes a great Thanksgiving dressing, or a dressing for any weeknight meal.

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Baked Crawfish Dip

More of a warm dip fan? This is the one for you. It's made with cream cheese, sour cream (so good for the mayo-haters), and spicy brown mustard. Since there's no set-up time, like for cold dips, it only takes 30 minutes to make.

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Crawfish Michelle

Crawfish Michelle is quite versatile. You can serve it alone with crusty bread, use it as a filling for stuffed mushrooms, or serve it over rice.

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Crawfish-Stuffed Jalapenos

Spice lovers won't be able to get enough of these stuffed jalapeños. They're the perfect party snack because they're made with hearty and delicious ingredients (like spicy jalapeños, savory bacon, sausage, crawfish, and lots of cheese).

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