15 Easy Family Movie Night Snacks Worth Staying in For

Pretzel Bratwurst Bites served on a plate
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Lights, camera, movie night action! A night watching old favorites or new releases with your nearest and dearest can feel just as fun as going out to the theater. (Plus, you get to wear jammies and slippers.) The key to family movie night success? A solid snack menu! Whether you want something light and poppable after dinner, something with some substance, or a little of both, we have easy top-rated snack recipe ideas that'll be a smash hit. Scroll through to get recipes for fancy popcorn, nachos and totchos, dips, sips, and sharable bites the family will love.

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Gourmet Microwave Popcorn

"OMG, what a great recipe," raves Jillian. "This is so simple and so easy yet tastes so good! I've tried it with olive oil (a little melted butter works great too). Just watch your microwave times as everyone's microwaves are different."

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Halloumi Cheese Fingers

"Fantastic!!! I tried this recipe using both a stainless steel and a dark non-stick pan," says Knancy. "The non-stick worked much better creating a very delicate and even crisp golden crust."

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LuvAnn's Guacamole

"This guacamole was excellent," says Dora Phyllis Jernigan. "I am a cook-in-training and I had never made guac before. My boyfriend is from Texas so I was a bit intimidated by the prospect. However we sat and ate it ALL NIGHT LONG!"

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Breaded Chicken Fingers

"My kids loved them," says JENNIBG, and this home cook has a healthier cooking option for you: "I baked them instead of frying and yet they still turned out crispy."

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Super Nachos

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"This is the best nacho recipe ever," says billy194. Because of this wonderful recipe I have become known as the 'Nacho Man.'" (This is our favorite type of nickname!)

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No-Bake Snack Mix

"Fun and delicious," says Shelly P. "I am sending it to the grandkids. It is so easy that they can make it themselves."

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Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken Quesadillas

"My family loves these," says Bree Wilder Burnett. "I brush a little olive oil on the tortillas before I pop them in the oven — that makes them nice and crispy!"

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Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

House of Aqua says, "Grilled cheese is classic, but as an adult I like it with a twist. The mayo and mustard combination with the pepperjack cheese is exactly what I was looking for! The waffle iron made it fun for my daughter!"

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Memphis BBQ Pork Totchos

Reviewers love this recipe, awarding it a solid 5 stars. In the comments they suggest tweaks such using shredded chicken instead of pork, and using time-saving shortcuts such as store-bought pulled pork and deli coleslaw.

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Chocolate Mint Milkshake

Everyone knows that calories consumed during movie-watching don't count, so go ahead and treat yourself to this rich and decadent treat. Jillian raves that this recipe is "Absolutely awesome — so good and so chocolatey! The peppermint extract is the key here. To really send our taste buds into overdrive, I topped it with whipped cream and peppermint patties."

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Gourmet Root Beer Float

ChristineM has a tip you will definitely enjoy: "I like to use not-so-cold root beer over really frozen ice cream, so some of the root beer freezes and you get these little crunchy pieces of frozen root beer crystals....yum!"

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Ranch Snack Mix

"This was easy and fast to make and tastes great," raves cookin'gal. "It is a big hit with my kids and friends. I have made it twice in one week. It goes fast!"

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Caramel Corn Snack Mix

"Excellent," says MLALAK, who subbed honey roasted peanuts for the pecans. "And I added M&Ms to the mix once it was cooled. I also doubled the recipe so I could share with friends. This recipe is really great — I love the crunchy toffee-like coating on the mix."

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Pretzel Bratwurst Bites

Refrigerated pizza dough gets wrapped around smoked bratwurst, boiled briefly in a baking soda solution (to get that pretzel dough effect), and then baked until golden brown. In 35 minutes from start to finish, this 4-ingredient snack will be ready to serve.

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The Best Dry-Roasted Chickpea Recipe

A bowl of dry-roasted chickpeas
Buckwheat Queen

Besides being an easy recipe, this crunchy snack is customizable to suit your tastes. Gillian Pearson says, "This is a really great roasted chickpeas recipe! I used 3 cans of chickpeas and the same cooking time and amount of olive oil and it all went well. To add flavor, I added Lawry's season salt (a few shakes), 2 teaspoons grated Parmesan cheese, and 1 teaspoon garlic powder to the salt and pepper."

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