12 Easy Recipes Ready in 10 Minutes

Instant Pot Frozen Salmon
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These dinners are lightning quick. Just 10 minutes are enough time to make any of these incredibly easy recipes. Keep a few key ingredients on hand (like frozen shrimp and scallops, canned tuna, prepared pesto) and dinner's always close at hand. They're prepped, cooked, and on the table in no time.

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Mexi-Chicken Avocado Cups

Mexi-Chicken Avocado Cups

Ten minutes and a handful of ingredients are all you need to make this healthy Mexican-inspired meal. The recipe calls for canned chicken; some cooks have also had success with rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. "The buttery avocado bowl came together with the chicken cilantro chili powder and lime to make the perfect nutritional meal," says bd.weld. "Be sure to keep the chicken moist so you don't have dry tasting chicken."

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Microwave Chicken Teriyaki

Here's a super-quick teriyaki recipe made with soy sauce, ketchup, garlic powder, and a little sugar. A perfect partner for leftover rice. "This chicken can be served over rice, as a wrap, on a bun or with some added veggies as a quick and easy stir fry," says LROHNER.

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Turkey-Pesto Toasterdilla

Spread prepared pesto on a flour tortilla, add layers of mozzarella string cheese and sliced deli turkey, fold up the tortilla and place into a toaster. "Toaster quesadillas are all the rage right now and are simple to make once you get the hang of it," says Soup Loving Nicole. "The key is to make sure not to add too much to them. They need to be as flat as possible so that they do not get stuck but move freely in and out of the toaster slots."

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Blackened Shrimp

Seven minute shrimp! Shrimp are tossed with Cajun blackened seasoning and quickly sauteed in butter and olive oil. "If you don't eat them straight out the pan, they're very good dipped in garlic brown butter or cocktail sauce," says The Grazing Glutton.

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Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza (Zucchini Blossom Quesadillas)

Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza (Zucchini Blossom Quesadillas)
Buckwheat Queen

"These quesadillas de flor de calabaza are very popular in Mexico," says Yoly. "The bacon grease gives the quesadillas another level of tastiness plus they crisp up beautifully. If bacon grease is unavailable, feel free to use lard, oil, or butter." To make these vegetarian, swap in a veggie oil for the bacon grease. No Manchego cheese? Mozzarella's a good substitute.

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Tuna Lime Tostadas

Tuna Lime Tostadas
Caroline C

"White albacore tuna, onion, and corn are mixed with the flavors of lime, cilantro, and piquant hot sauce," says KMOUSE. "Serve on a tostada or in a taco shell! This refreshing recipe is great for a hot summer day!"

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Burrito-Style Hot Dog Roll-Ups

Burrito-Style Hot Dog Roll-Ups
Mackenzie Schieck

Cooked hot dogs and slices of American cheese are wrapped up in tortillas for "a fun twist on the usual dog, and great for a grab-and-go meal," says Mackenzie. "Try different flavored tortillas for other delicious twists!"

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Simply Seared Scallops

"This simple recipe uses minimal ingredients in order to highlight the delicious flavor of the sea scallop!" says Stephanie Karek. "Garnish with a drizzle of balsamic and chopped fresh basil."

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Baked Tofu Spinach Wrap

You'll start by microwaving slices of hickory-flavor baked tofu and shredded Cheddar. Next you'll add fresh baby spinach, grated Parmesan, and Ranch dressing and wrap it all up. Some reviewers recommend warming the tortillas in a hot skillet for a few seconds on each side to keep them from breaking. "Quick, simple and tasty!" says VIKIM.

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Instant Pot® Frozen Salmon

Instant Pot Frozen Salmon
Tracey Ferrari Posner

Here's one for the Instant Pot. "I put potatoes and carrots in the bottom of the instant pot," says Paula. "I put two frozen salmon fillets on top. I set it for 10 minutes on pressure with QR. Yummy!" If you like, add an optional topping such as pesto sauce, butter, seasoned salt, or sweet barbeque sauce.

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Dorm Room Cheesy Tuna and Noodles

"Cheap, easy, cheesy tuna and noodles for college students on a shoe string budget," says JCURPHY. "If you really wanna dress it up, you can add thinly sliced almonds or sunflower seeds for more flavor and texture."

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Roasted Shrimp

Roasted Shrimp
Holly Van Lom

"This is a great, simple and fast way to cook shrimp that can go with anything!" says Holly Van Lom. "I've served it over linguine, with orzo and cream sauce, accompanying a steak, or alone as an appetizer -- the possibilities are endless!"

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