18 Easy Raspberry Desserts to Sweeten Your Summer

a top-down view of fresh raspberries in a pastry shell
Photo: sandij

It's kind of magical what a handful of juicy red raspberries can do to brighten up any dessert. So, when fresh raspberry season hits — and the prices become downright affordable — who can blame you for going a little overboard with these jewel-toned beauties? Here are 18 easy, impressive ways to get your fill of fresh raspberry desserts all summer long.

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Key Lime and Raspberry Pies in Jars

So cute and portable! These should definitely be your go-to picnic dessert for the season. Just stash a few in a cooler and get out there.

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Raspberry Cup Cakes

Raspberry Cup Cakes
Photo by Bobbi Bellon Blanchard.

These no-bake frozen mini cheesecakes are perfect for cooling off a sweltering summer evening.

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Raspberry Almond Coffeecake

Raspberry Almond Coffeecake
Photo by lutzflcat.

Suitable for breakfast or dessert, this super-easy cake features a layer of fresh raspberry purée in the middle.

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Fresh Raspberry Sauce

Fresh Raspberry Sauce

Spoon this gorgeous fruit sauce over ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate cake, angel food cake, and anything else you want to transform into the most heavenly dessert. Or just eat it by the spoonful. No judgement here.

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Summer Fresh Raspberry Pie

a top-down view of fresh raspberries in a pastry shell

Want to make friends and influence people? Bring this gorgeous pie to a party and watch what happens.

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Wild Raspberry Sherbet

Wild Raspberry Sherbet

The recipe calls for wild raspberries that you pick yourself, but no one's going to know if you use raspberries from the store. Right?

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Righteous Raspberry Brownies

Righteous Raspberry Brownies

Soft in the center and crusty on the top, these raspberry-filled brownies are rich, satisfying, and incredibly easy to make.

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Raspberry and Blueberry Cobbler

Raspberry and Blueberry Cobbler
Photo by Kim's Cooking Now!

You can use any combination of berries in this easy-to-make cobbler. For example, the recipe title specifies raspberries and blueberries, but this photo shows raspberries and blackberries. It's all good.

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Fresh No-Bake Fruit Pie

fresh raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries in a no-bake pie shell
Baking Nana

"We really enjoyed this. A great way to use the bounty of summer fruit and berries. Fresh peaches would be a great addition. I used the short bread crust recipe from this site and used a tart pan with a removable bottom instead of a pie pan. Very nice presentation," says home cook Baking Nana.

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White Chocolate-Cream Cheese Fruit Tart

White Chocolate Cream Cheese Fruit Tart

"This tart recipe is easy and so delicious! The crust is crisp and buttery. Any combination of fresh fruits can be used. I used strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries." —Yoly

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Mini Dessert Brownies with Raspberries

mini chocolate brownie bites topped with fresh raspberries

"My daughter wanted brownies with raspberries for her class as a treat for her birthday and since I did not want to make huge brownies for all the kids I came up with these mini desserts." —barbara

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Rhubarb-Raspberry Crunch

Rhubarb-Raspberry Crunch

Tart, sweet, smooth, and crunchy strike the perfect balance in this easy summer dessert.

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Raspberry Trifle

Raspberry Trifle
Pictured: Raspberry Trifle | Photo by dots.

This colorful, 5-star recipe makes enough to feed a crowd. The recipe calls for frozen raspberries, but you could substitute fresh raspberries, too.

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Raspberry Tart

fresh raspberries in mini tart shells

Fresh raspberries and raspberry jam make a luscious filling for a large tart shell or several small tartlets. This top-rated recipe takes only 5 ingredients to make.

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Raspberry Mousse Cheesecake

raspberry mousse cheesecake

"Quick & refreshing yet very easy. I served this at a dinner party & everyone was very impressed," says reviewer ELVERA. "Even my brother-in-law who doesn't normally like cheesecake said it was the best he'd ever had & even had seconds."

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The Ultimate Berry Crumble

blueberry crumble with ice cream and mint garnish
Pictured: The Ultimate Berry Crumble. Chef John

Chef John says, "I don't tack the word ultimate onto just any recipe. This berry well may be my favorite summer dessert, with the perfect balance of sweet and tart, tender and crisp, fruit and crumble. Some ice cream on the side is highly recommended."

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Raspberry Chiffon Pie II

wedge of layered no-bake raspberry chiffon pie

This stunning layered dessert takes zero baking time. Maude says, "I have made this pie now at least 20 times if not more and wherever I take it I get rave reviews. I followed the recipe exactly and it turns out lovely. It's light and fluffy and worth straining out all the raspberry seeds."

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Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Tarts

Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Tarts on a blue plate
Isabel Carlisle Storolis

"Living a healthier lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up decadence and these vegan chocolate tarts prove it. They're rich and so full of flavor they'll knock you off your chair." —Isabel Carlisle Storolis

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