15 Easy Desserts That Start With Frozen Puff Pastry

two portuguese egg tarts on a plate
Photo: B Spradley

Frozen puff pastry sheets and shells are ingredients that are always in stock at our house. These versatile powerhouses are like having a secret shortcut to almost effortless desserts. Here are some of our best sweets and treats that start with frozen puff pastry, from brunch pastries and rustic strudels, to elegant meal-enders that will wow your guests. Once you start working with frozen puff, you will only be limited by your own imagination!

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Apple Turnovers

Apple Turnovers
Allison TX

Turnovers are one of the simplest desserts you can make with puff pastry, all you need is a fruit filling! Try this apple version for a classic turnover. Reviewers suggest adjusting the sugar to suit the sweetness of the apple you use. Be sure your filling is thickened enough and that you seal the pastry around it so it won't accidentally leak out when you bake it.

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Lemon Berry Tartlets

Lemon Berry Tartlets on a white plate
Jessica Miller

In this recipe, Chef John shows you how to make tart shells out of a sheet of puff pastry. Be sure to watch the video to see the easy technique. Whether you make your own shells from a sheet of pastry or buy the pre-made shell forms, these make individual desserts as simple as bake and fill! Try this lemon berry tartlet to start and then let your imagination fly!

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Baked Apple Roses

Baked Apple Roses sprinkled with powdered sugar
Ariel Liberda

We love a dessert that has serious visual wow factor along with delicious flavor, and if it can be easy to make as well? That is a trifecta! These apple roses are pastry chef fancy, but easy enough to make with your kids. Home cook Darla says, "So pretty! They look much harder than they were. Followed recipe exactly and watched video."

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Super Easy Hazelnut Pastries

plate of Super Easy Hazelnut Pastries made with puff pastry, nutella, and chopped hazelnuts
Allrecipes Magazine

Palmiers, those rolled French cookies are a great and easy use for puff pastry, and while plain or cinnamon sugar is traditional, we really love these chocolate hazelnut versions.

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Hasselback Pear Tart

pear tart in a square pan

The hardest part of making a tart is always the crust, so by using frozen puff pastry, you make a weekend tart achievable on a weeknight! Give this pear version a try.

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puff pastry filled with frangipane

Pithiviers are an old school French puff pastry tart typically filled with frangipane (almond paste), and they are wonderful on their own or with a scoop of ice cream.

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Galette des Rois

Galette des Rois
Neil Padgett

A Galette Des Rois, or king cake, is a delicious way to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6. Hide a small plastic baby or dried bean inside, the person who finds it is King or Queen for the day, but also has to host the next party!

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Portuguese Custard Tarts - Pasteis de Nata

two portuguese egg tarts on a plate
B Spradley

Portuguese egg tarts are one of the most wonderful desserts imaginable, but if you don't have a Portuguese bakery nearby, frozen puff pastry means you can make your own with only six ingredients.

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Chocolate Clouds

Chocolate Clouds piled up on a white plate
Kim's Cooking Now

Squares of puff pastry dough are baked until light and airy, and filled with a shortcut chocolate "mousse" for an easy, elegant dessert that takes only five ingredients to make. Reviewers changed up the pudding mix in the filling to create their own custom clouds.

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Homemade Cream Horns

close up of cream horns made of puff pastry and filled with sweetened cream cheese

A light flaky horn filled with cream is a thing of beauty. Making them is easier than you think if you have frozen puff pastry on hand! Reviewer mickeyshell99 says, "Easy and tastes great! I made 12 horns and doubled the filling recipe and have enough filling for a dozen or two more! Will get more pastry dough tomorrow!"

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Mille Feuille (Napoleon Pastry Sheets)

Mille Feuille (Napoleon Pastry Sheets)
Chef John

Chef John says, "You don't need to make your own dough when frozen puff pastry sheets work just fine. The key is keeping the dough flat when baking which we do by 'docking' it, or pricking all over with the tines of a fork. These crispy, buttery sheets are the first step in making your own Napoleons." Chef John fills his Napoleons with Vanilla Pastry Cream and tops with a simple powdered sugar and milk icing.

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Black Walnut and Cherry Strudel

Black Walnut and Cherry Strudel
Tim Bodine

Strudels are a great use of frozen puff pastry, and while apple is the most common, we love this black walnut and cherry version which feels extra-special. You could use this recipe as your guide and change the fruit filling to suit the season.

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Peach Tartlets with Apricot Glaze

Peach Tartlets with Apricot Glaze
Buckwheat Queen

"This simple 3-ingredient dessert will save the day when you need to whip up something quick but impressive at the last minute. Substitute the peaches with any kind of fresh fruit, such as plums, nectarines, apples, or pears." —foodelicious

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Fresh Fruit Frangipane Tart

Fresh Fruit Frangipane Tart
Chef John

One of the best combinations in any dessert is chewy almond frangipane with tart fresh fruits. By using frozen puff as your crust, you get everything you want in a dessert tart, with minimal effort.

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Maple-Pear Tarte Tatin

Maple-Pear Tarte Tatin

"Pears poached in a maple caramel sauce then baked with a traditional puff pastry crust, a simple yet elegant dessert. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream and enjoy!" —WestCoastMom

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