18 Easy Halloween Treats Kids Can Help Make

two bowls of green popcorn with edible eyes
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You don't have to be a mad scientist to cook up these adorable Halloween treats. They're so easy, the kids can help you make them. Happy Halloween to everyone!

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Witches' Hats

Witches' Hats made with chocolate kisses

Lots of reviewers used a dab of melted chocolate instead of honey to "glue" the chocolate kiss to the fudge cookie to make the hat.

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Acorn Candy Cookies

cookies with chocolate kisses

"I made this for a work Halloween luncheon," says Sherry Zordani Shondy. "Everyone thought they were the cutest little things ever and wanted to know exactly how to make them."

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Halloween Bark

pieces of Halloween Bark with bone and skull sprinkles
Allrecipes Magazine

"Drizzle pre-colored candy melts over dark chocolate into the festive design of your choice, then cool, break into shards, and voila! Homemade Halloween candy. Chocolate bark is one of the easiest things you can throw together for any holiday or event. Just change up the color of the chocolate and switch up the themed sprinkles you use every time," recipe creator Ashlee Marie Prisbrey says.

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Halloween Ghosties

cookies shaped like ghosts
Allrecipes Magazine

You'll need only three ingredients to make these cute and clever little treats, and you don't have to be a little kid to like them. wendy says, "These were a big hit at my teenage son's Halloween party."

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Zombie Lips

apples with cheese crackers, almonds, and marshmallows to make "zombie teeth"
Allrecipes Magazine

Use Goldfish crackers, marshmallows, or slivered almonds to create a treat that's simply to die for.

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S'more Eyeballs

s'mores that look like eyeballs
Sheila Lalonde

"My granddaughter and I had a blast making these," says Sheila LaLonde. "The added bonus was that they tasted great, too! Even after sitting and cooling they were still delicious and addictive. The crust gave these a really good flavor."

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Halloween Popcorn Pumpkins

orange-colored popcorn shaped like pumpkins with candy stems
The Messy Cook

Be sure to use plain popcorn for this recipe because you'll be adding butter to the mix. Reviewer ccleveland says, "Great idea for Halloween — always looking for something fun to do with the kids. They enjoyed passing them out to their friends — kids ate them up and adults raved about them!"

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Slime Popcorn

two bowls of green popcorn with edible eyes
Allrecipes Magazine

"Sticky, ooey-gooey marshmallow popcorn is perfect for Halloween," recipe creator Ashlee Marie Prisbrey says. "Just add some green food dye, candy eyeballs, and you have a slime monster!"

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Spider Cupcakes

Black and orange Spider Cupcakes

Kids will get a thrill out of decorating chocolate cupcakes with shoestring licorice legs (or pipe cleaners, as pictured) to create a slew of spiders.

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Spider Web S'mores

s'mores with spiderweb chocolate drizzle

Jill notes, "If you want to toast the marshmallow, you can either take a match (adults do this for your child) and hold it over the marshmallow fluff to give it a burnt look or stick it in a toaster oven for five minutes or until it is toasted a little bit."

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Halloween Fruit Snacks

dried fruit snacks with edible eyes

Mix powdered sugar with water to create a thin "glue" that your kids can use to stick candy eyeballs onto pieces of dried fruit.

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Bloody Sundaes

vanilla ice cream with walnuts and red topping
Allrecipes Magazine

"Punctured with walnuts, these spooky ice cream sundaes bleed red caramel," says recipe creator Ashlee Marie Prisbrey.

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Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

spider design on cookies surrounded by candy corn
Snacking in the Kitchen

Cut in half, truffles make sensational spider bodies when placed atop cookies.

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Candy Corn Bark

white chocolate bark with candy corn
Melissa Goff

"Spectacular! Very sweet, but I could not stop eating it," says PULLEYHE

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Dirt Cake I

dirt cake with gummy worms in terracotta pots

This no-bake treat is simple enough for kids to help create. The real fun lies in decorating it with gummy worms, mellowcreme pumpkins, or even plastic bones.

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Booger Cookies

cookies with green "booger" frosting on a plate
Laura Stephen

"This is so fun and awesome to make. My daughters love making them and telling their dad and friends that they made boogers after school! Sincerely worth the time," says Beth Minor-Townzen.

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Halloween-Inspired Cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes with Milano cookie tombstones on top

Milano cookies turn into tombstones with chocolate frosting markings. Stick them into cupcakes, then sprinkle chocolate cookie crumbs around the cookie tombstones to resemble dirt.

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Magic Wands

pretzel magic wands with frosting and sprinkles
Angela F.

"This works really well with melted white chocolate chips too," says Kelly. "It is a nice not too sweet treat for Halloween and it's a very simple and quick way for the kids to participate."

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