25 Easy Friday Night Dinner Ideas

Turn Friday night dinner into a fun, memorable occasion with restaurant-worthy recipes that the whole family will love. Whether you're craving garlicky linguine or saucy stuffed peppers, wrap up your week the right way with our easy dinner recipes that are too good not to share. 

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Thai Peanut Chicken

close up view of Thai Peanut Chicken served with white rice on a white plate
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A fiery cayenne-peanut butter sauce is the star of this Thai chicken dinner. Tender broccoli florets are combined with boneless chicken breasts, soy sauce, and garlic for a deeply savory delight.

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Pork Chops in Garlic Mushroom Sauce

pork chop with mushroom and garlic gravy served with herbed mashed potatoes
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Try this 30-minute pork chop recipe for a restaurant-worthy spin on standard weeknight dinner. Succulent meat paired with a buttery mushroom gravy? Yes, please.

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Linguine with Garlic-Butter Shrimp

overhead view of linguine with garlic butter shrimp

Use just 7 ingredients to make a decadent pasta dish that will usher you into the weekend. Enjoy juicy shrimp cradled in linguine and Asiago cheese — you'll love the creamy comfort of this top-rated recipe.

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Bacon-Ranch Chicken Enchiladas

These decadent enchilada dish is a certified crowdpleaser. "My husband loved this recipe," shares Terryb8. "This also reheated the next day beautifully. I will be making this again."

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Indian Chicken Curry

Indian Chicken Curry plated with white rice and naan bread
Danielle K

Ready in under an hour and bursting with bold flavor, classic chicken curry makes the perfect Friday-night meal. A rich spiced coconut milk base coats bite-sized chicken pieces for an unforgettably delicious experience.

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Memphis BBQ Pork Totchos

Tex-Mex and Southern cuisines collide in this fun, indulgent dish. Shredded cheese and pickled jalapeno top pulled pork tater tots to create a unique (and shareable) dinner.

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Chef John's Stuffed Peppers

Chef John's Stuffed Peppers
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Stuff your bell peppers with hot sausage, diced tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese to create a wholesome meal. Beefy marinara sauce is poured on top the dish for a delightfully saucy result.

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Marinated Greek Chicken Kabobs

close up view of Marinated Greek Chicken Kabobs with red onions and green onions on wooden skewers, on wooden skewers on a platter with a lemon
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Serve light, Mediterranean-inspired chicken kabobs and watch them magically disappear. Plenty of crumbled feta and lemon juice create a vibrant dish that's definitely worth repeating.

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Filipino Beef Steak

close up view of Filipino Beef Steak and onions on a plate

Thinly sliced beef steak dressed with soy sauce, sugar, and garlic makes an irresistibly delicious dinner. Pair tender meat with rice, noodles, and/or roasted veggies for a complete meal.

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Sweet Bread Strata

Hawaiian sweet bread, bacon, and shredded Swiss cheese combine in this lavish casserole recipe. Bake for 30 minutes, or until center of strata is hot, before serving.

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Quick Salmon Piccata

close up view of a salmon fillet with caper sauce over spaghetti, garnished with lemon slices

This bright seafood dish is a no-brainer. "Excellent recipe," raves Allstar fabeveryday. "I also add artichoke hearts & mushrooms and serve over angel hair pasta."

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Basic Baked Spaghetti

close up view of Basic Baked Spaghetti on a white plate with a slice of toast on the side

How do you take basic spaghetti to the next level? Simply add cheese and bake until bubbling. Hundreds of 5-star reviews say it all — this easy pasta recipe is a keeper.

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New England Chowder

close up view of New England Clam Chowder garnished with bacon and fresh herbs in a white bowl, served with crackers, bacon and a drink
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This silky clam chowder loaded with bacon and fresh herbs is bound to become a new family favorite. Gently heat the heavy cream mixture to avoid scorching.

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Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

We all love Buffalo wings, dip, and pizza — but what about pasta salad? Wing sauce, blue cheese, and cooked chicken strips are combined with rotini pasta for a mouthwatering dinner option.

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Betsy's Black Bean Chili

Get the party started at home with a hearty black bean chili. This simple, shortcut dish boasts bold Southwestern flavor using just 5 ingredients.

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Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp

"I had to cook the shrimp a little longer (8 min) from the frozen state but they turned out great," says SUSUMILLER. "I appreciated the ease of this recipe and loved making my own coconut shrimp!"

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Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak

mid angle looking at a plate of mashed potatoes topped with salisbury steak with a piece missing, topped with gravy
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Take it easy on Friday night and whip up classic comfort food like Salisbury steak. Use your slow cooker to create tender, saucy beef seasoned with an appetizing au jus mix.

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Crispy Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings

looking down at a plate full of crispy honey sriracha chicken wings topped with sesame seeds
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These wonderfully crisp chicken wings are sweet, spicy, and sticky. A honey-sriracha glaze takes standard chicken and transforms it into an irresistible finger food.

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Rich and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

looking at two bowls of rich and creamy tomato basil soup
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Make it a celebratory meal by serving a buttery, herb-infused tomato soup. Pair with homemade croutons or a grilled cheese for a satisfying supper.

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Risotto alla Milanese

"This is a very rich dish, shares home cook Stephanie. "My husband makes it whenever he wants to 'fancy' up the meal. Not difficult to make and goes with anything."

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St. Louis Toasted Ravioli

a bowl full of toasted ravioli topped with fresh parmesan and served with a side of marinara
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Take regular ravioli up a notch by breading and frying then until golden brown. Top warm ravioli with Parmesan and serve the pasta sauce on the side for dipping.

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Vegetarian Chickpea Tacos

close up view of Vegetarian Chickpea Tacos served with chips, guacamole and limes on a plate
Buckwheat Queen

Try these 4-ingredient tacos for a healthy twist on Friday night dinner. Our community of home cooks loves the ease and flavor of this Tex-Mex favorite.

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Branzino Mediterranean

close up view of Branzino Mediterranean garnished with lemon slices on a white platter
Buckwheat Queen

Something about serving a whole fish makes a meal feel extra-special. "The fish cavity can be stuffed with lemon and other ingredients for added flavor," says recipe creator Christala. "The oregano and lemon make it truly Greek cuisine that many will enjoy."

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Hot Tamale Pie

Jiffy cornbread, Cheddar cheese, and ground beef make an easy weeknight meal. This 9x13 recipe doesn't shy away from bold flavor and generously serves 8.

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Seafood Creole

close up view of Seafood Creole with shrimp and muscles in a black bowl with a spoon

Enjoy haddock, shrimp, and mussels swimming in a luscious broth made with tomato sauce and Tabasco sauce. This Louisiana staple is just what you need to take Friday night from standard to sexy.

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