Best Easy Breakfasts for Back to School

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Kids and adults who eat breakfast every morning experience less stress and have a higher quality of health life, compared to breakfast skippers, according to research. So what your mom always told you — breakfast is the most important meal of the day — stands the test of time.

But with all the good intentions you may have, putting forth a wholesome, warm, filling breakfast every morning may seem akin to climbing a mountain, and possibly without your shoes. Indeed, amid the hurry and hustle of pre-school and pre-work routines, a quality breakfast can easily fall by the wayside, but it doesn't have to.

High-quality, filling, and healthful breakfasts can be ready in minutes — seconds, even — so that you and your kids can down a smoothie or pop an English muffin while you hunt shoes and slip on coats. What's more, these breakfast foods are so good your kids will be happy to eat them — and you'll be glad to see them to begin their day with a hearty start.

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Hard-Boiled Eggs

hard-boiled eggs on a dark plate

No, they're not scrambled or fried, but hard-boiled eggs are just as filling and healthful as their flatter brethren. Even better? You can make perfect hard-boiled eggs at the start of each week, and grab an egg or two every morning for breakfast.

If your kid likes a little more flavor or warmth, plop each egg into a hot cup of water for a few minutes. (Don't microwave them—they'll explode.) Then halve each egg, sprinkle with cheese, and microwave a few seconds to melt the topping.

Other delicious topping options: ketchup, sriracha, smoked salt, hot sauce, soy sauce.

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Berry Delicious

Like hard-boiled eggs, you can do a bit of prep work to make morning smoothies even easier. To do that, you just need to pick your smoothie recipes for the week and make smoothie freezer packs: in a zip-top bag, freeze any fruit ahead of time. Then, when time comes to blend up breakfast, plop the frozen ingredients into a blender, pour over milk or juice, and whir to creamy, silky consistency.

You can also make smoothie jars the night before with all the ingredients. Put all ingredients in a glass jar, seal, and store in the fridge. Then dump everything into the blender. The frozen fruit gives the smoothie a thicker, creamier texture, but the fridge kit works well, too.

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Carnation Breakfast Essentials Ready-to-Drink

Carnation Breakfast Essentials Ready-to-Drink
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You don't have to spend any time thinking about breakfast when you have Carnation Breakfast Essentials Ready-to-Drink in your fridge. This on-the-go breakfast drink option is chilled, delicious, and ready to start the day with you.

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Pancakes or Waffles

Oatmeal Pancakes II with strawberries

There's no way you have time to eat pancakes or waffles with syrup and all accoutrement, right? Wrong. Here again you can make breakfast ahead of time and do a bit of morning work to get them ready for your crew to consume.

Whip up a batch of pancakes or waffles on the weekend — or make extra of our Wonderful Waffles — during Sunday brunch. Then each fully-cooked piece into a freezer-safe container with mini sheets of freezer paper between them so they don't stick together.

When you're ready to eat, take out what your family needs and warm on half power for several minutes. You can then sit down and eat, forks, plates, and all. Or you can grab them, smear a bit of peanut butter or jam on them, and jet out the door.

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Granola Bar

Stack of Chewy Granola Bars
Breakfast Chef

The ultimate grab-and-go snack can also make for a fast and filling breakfast—and one that's packed with whole grains, fruit, and protein. You can make your own so you can control the ingredients (and the sugar). Then, keep them wrapped individually so your kids (and you) can grab one while getting dressed or before standing at the bus stop. These Playgroup Granola Bars hit all the good-for-you marks: whole-grain rolled oats, nutrient-rich wheat germ, and sweet-tart raisins. (Use any dried fruit, or mix and match to keep things new and different each week.)

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Chocolate Zucchini Muffins in colorfull wrappers
Pam Ziegler Lutz

Here again, you can get ahead of the healthy breakfast struggle by making a whole batch of muffins on the weekend, or one night after dinner. Then, dole them out every morning with a piece of fruit for a fast and delicious breakfast. Read how to make bakery-style muffins from scratch so you can make the best, most moist, and tender muffins.

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Overnight Oats

Overnight Caramel Gingerbread Oats

Before you tuck your kids into bed, bring them into the kitchen to make tomorrow's breakfast. Set out oats, yogurt or milk, dried fruit, nut butter, frozen fruit, and any other fixing your family loves in their overnight oats. Then, each person gets to mix up their own jar, pop it in the fridge, and then rise and shine to a fully personalized breakfast. Because they're already in jars, you can even grab a spoon and head out the door. Read these 12 ways to make easy overnight oats can get you started.

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