15 Easy Game Day Snacks You Can Make With Only 5 Ingredients or Less

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Crock Pot Party Meatballs
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From the invitations and the cleaning to the shopping and the decorating, having people over to watch sports can feel as daunting as the number 16 seed facing off against the reigning champions. But whether you're having a game-day bash to watch the Super Bowl or you're glued to your couch for the Olympics, these 5-ingredient snack recipes are sure to win the day. Light on ingredients but not on flavor, these simple game-day snack ideas will help fuel you and your fellow sports fans through all of the action.

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Pretzel Bratwurst Bites

Talk about a winning play; refrigerated pizza dough can switch uniforms and become homemade pretzels once you boil it in a baking water bath. Before you do so, though, stuff strips of dough with brat bites for a low-fuss salty-and-savory game-day snack. No need to feel limited to brats alone, though. Petra says, "I have made these with all kinds of sausage, hot dogs, kielbasa, bratwurst — all delicious."

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Basic Air Fryer Hot Dogs

If your match-up overlaps with a mealtime, consider this easy, breezy hot dog recipe. There's zero grill or oven time required! Flip on your air fryer and the perfectly-crispy dogs and toasted buns take just 10 minutes per batch. "I will never make hot dogs any other way. This is pure genius," Buckwheat Queen raves.

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Halloumi Cheese Fingers

Deemed *the* meat-free protein of 2022, halloumi cheese is a hit among vegetarians and low-carb eaters alike. Instead of more common chicken fingers or mozzarella sticks, switch things up with this Greek-inspired game-day snack. Besides the salty, semi-firm cheese, all you need is olive oil, lemon juice, dried oregano, and black pepper.

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Tortellini Skewers

You're probably more familiar with seeing tortellini grace a platter at an Italian trattoria. The stuffed pasta is so scrumptious, though, why reserve it for restaurant meals alone? For this semi-homemade, make-ahead game-day snack, simply cook store-bought tortellini, then coat the pasta and cherry tomatoes in pesto. Alternate the tortellini and tomatoes on skewers, then refrigerate until party time.

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Potato Chips

Yes, you can absolutely buy chips at the supermarket. But you'll really blow away your game-day guests if you serve made-from-scratch spuds! Bust out a mandoline ($43.95; williams-sonoma.com) to make easy, thin slices in a jiffy, then toss with oil, season as desired, and microwave for 3 to 5 minutes. Stephen Kennedy says, "I had no idea that a microwave could produce potato chips like this! My wife was blown away by the results. The chips turned out crispy and thin and even curled like many name-brand chips."

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Extra Easy Hummus

Now wondering what to serve with those perfectly-crispy chips? Allow us to recommend this tahini-free hummus recipe that calls for just chickpeas, garlic, cumin, olive oil, and salt. The secret to scoring the smoothest texture: blending in some of the liquid from the chickpea can (aquafaba) which helps the thick dip become more light and fluffy.

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Air Fryer Catfish Nuggets

Instead of stocking up on frozen fish sticks, try the DIY route so you can cook them fresh, coat them as thick as you like, and season as desired. This air-fryer appetizer can be as easy as one (slice the catfish into pieces), two (coat the fish in a purchased fish-fry coating), and three (air fry for 12 minutes). Feeling fancy? Spike that coating with your seasoning of choice, or, prior to coating and cooking, marinate the catfish in Chef John's irresistible Nashville hot chicken sauce.

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Baked Jalapeño Poppers

Speaking of spicy, Allrecipes home cooks are huge fans of this lightened-up 4-ingredient game-day snack recipe. Instead of fussing with a fryer, try baking the panko-coated, cheese-stuffed peppers in the oven. (Psst…to tame the heat, remove the seeds and ribs from the peppers.) One fan cheers, "Fantastic! I used Greek yogurt cream cheese and added garlic powder and a pinch of salt. So much better than fried restaurant ones!"

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The Best Dry-Roasted Chickpea Recipe

A bowl of dry-roasted chickpeas
Buckwheat Queen

Meatballs, brats, and wings are ubiquitous on game-day menus. But let's not forget about the vegans, vegetarians, or those aiming to eat a little healthier. This garbanzo bean recipe is salty, crunchy, and customizable to go savory or spicy, all while sneaking in a good amount of fiber and plant-based protein. If you're feeling skeptical about trying this easy game-day recipe, listen up: "I could never imagine chickpeas transformed into an amazing snack but this recipe does just that," a reviewer raves. "This is a keeper. When I make it for my fam I will have to triple the recipe for sure because my husband and I could finish off the single can between the two of us!"

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Easy Pepperoni Pizza Muffins

Ready even quicker than delivery pizza could arrive (just 20 minutes!), this game-day recipe gets a headstart by way of a can of biscuit dough and jarred pizza sauce. Those versatile and affordable staples team up with pepperoni and shredded mozzarella to make easy, cheesy deep-dish pizzas. Baking each "slice" in a muffin tin helps this recipe beat the clock.

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Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

For those moments when you can't quite choose between sweet or salty, we say, "Choose both!" For this 2-ingredient game-day snack, melt chocolate then dunk in sturdy ridged potato chips or pretzel rods. To help these spiffed-up chips show some team spirit, drizzle with candy melts or sprinkle in a hue that matches your team colors.

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Sausage and Cream Cheese Pinwheels

Sausage and Cream Cheese Pinwheels on a colorful plate
Sheila LaLonde

If your match-up starts in the a.m., consider serving a dozen (or two) of these savory pastries. Refrigerated crescent roll dough, crumbled and cooked pork sausage, and cream cheese roll up into one pretty — and pretty irresistible — pinwheel. One Allrecipes home cook who made them for a party and confirms they '"all disappeared" says this game-day recipe is "super-easy, but looks like you spent time on them. They're easy to pick up and they don't fall apart!"

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Candied Almond Bark Popcorn

Flavored popcorn need not come from one of those massive three-compartment tubs. If you have 16 minutes and 2 ingredients, you have all you need for this "yummy twist on normal buttered popcorn that is quick to make and oh-so good! Almond bark is slightly sweeter than white chocolate and just melts in your mouth," says alytholen, who dreamed up this sweet game-day recipe idea.

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Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

homemade baked Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings draining on paper towels
Sarah Fezio

No game day party menu is complete without chicken wings, if you ask us. But some wing recipes call for a coop-full of ingredients for the sauce or marinade. Not these baked wings, though, which take only five ingredients to make. Bonus: Instead of using premade lemon pepper seasoning — which some find too salty for their taste — this recipe combines lemon zest with sea salt and pepper, allowing you to adjust the salt to your liking. Several reviewers substituted ½ cup lemon juice for the lemon zest, and loved the results.

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Crock Pot Party Meatballs

The slow cooker is our game-day MVP, and these marvelous meatballs might be the best thing to come out of our beloved appliance in years. Fabeveryday, who created this delish dish, says, "this is my most-requested party recipe. People go crazy for these meatballs, and there is never a single one leftover at the end of a party or tailgate." Thanks to frozen meatballs, a can of cranberry sauce, and a bottle of chili sauce, prep time for this game-day snack is a mere five minutes.

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