10 Celebration-Worthy Cocktails for a Hopping Easter

pineapple apricot mimosas
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These show-stopping Easter drinks are fruity, floral, and easy to incorporate into your festivities. Add a sweet edge to your special occasion with each of these cocktail (and mocktail) recipes. Whether you want to sip on a refreshing tea spritzer or turn up the heat with a habanero-infused tequila drink, we have the right libation for your best Easter yet.

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Grilled Pineapple Mai Tai

Grilled Pineapple Mai Tai

This classic Tiki drink gets an update from delicious grilled fruit. A cool, tropical beverage kissed with a rich almond syrup that will be the perfect end to Easter dinner.

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Cucumber Tea Spritzer

257932 Cucumber Tea Spritzer

Break out your straw for this refreshing mocktail with the lemony taste of spring in every sip. Sugar, sliced cucumber, and black tea make a winning trio in this alcohol-free recipe.

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Pineapple-Apricot Mimosas

pineapple apricot mimosas

Combine apricot nectar, champagne, and pineapple juice for knockout, fruity flavor perfect for special occasions. "Very tasty!" says fabeveryday. "I'm glad to have this new mimosa recipe in my brunch repertoire."

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Rosemary Ginger Cocktail

portrait shot of rosemary garnished cocktail

An herbal drink with spicy, powerful punch. "Such an easy and refreshing cocktail," says reviewer chrisader. "Great to make a pitcher of them in advance."

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Salty Lemon Gin and Tonic

portrait shot lemon gin drink
France C

A fizzy treat that will add a lovely edge to your Easter lineup. Preserved lemon adds a bright saltiness that takes this drink from standard to superb.

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Hibiscus Sangria

hibiscus sangria
Buckwheat Queen

Hibiscus petals, honey, and cardamon are combined with a fruit medley to make this memorable wine-based beverage. Make ahead and refrigerate for easy serving.

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Amy's Lavender Lemonade

Amy's Lavender Lemonade
Allrecipes Magazine

Try a cool, soothing drink that uses dried lavender to temper the sharpness of traditional lemonade. "This is a delicious alternative to plain lemonade," says Cupcake Princess. "I also cut down the lavender to 2 tablespoons and that was the perfect amount."

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Strawberry Gin Cocktail

strawberry cocktail
Chef V

This cocktail is sweet, pungent, and perfect for a spring holiday. Strawberries and lemon juice make a delightfully tart pairing in this gin cocktail.

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Paloma Picante

Paloma Picante
Photo by France C.

Spice it up with habanero-infused tequila and a pinch of chili lime seasoning. Top everything off with grapefruit soda and a lime wedge for a hot take on a classic cocktail.

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Smoky Irish Wolfhound

grapefruit cocktail with straw
France C

"The smokiness from the grapefruit really sets this drink apart," raves Soup Loving Nicole. "It has the perfect combination of smoky, tang, and sweet, making it very addicting."

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