14 Dutch Baby Recipes to Upgrade Your Breakfast

Chef John's Blueberry Dutch Baby baked in a cast iron skillet
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If you need an easy recipe that will impress everyone at breakfast or brunch, look no further than the Dutch baby pancake. Also known as German pancakes, these oven-baked pancakes are comprised of simple, staple pantry ingredients but make a dramatic presentation. In the oven, they puff up into a soufflé-like texture that's equally delicious and beautiful. (But snap your pics as soon as you take the skillet out of the oven because they deflate quickly!) Dutch babies are incredibly easy to personalize, and taste great whether they're done up savory or sweet. Make breakfast truly special with these Dutch baby recipes everyone will love.

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Vanilla Dutch Baby

overhead view of Vanilla Dutch Baby sprinkled with confectioners' sugar and served with lemon slices and jam

You know a recipe is good when it doesn't have a single review under five stars. This Dutch baby is simple and straightforward, but its taste is anything but basic.

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Dutch Baby with Banana-Berry Compote

Topping your Dutch baby pancake with fresh fruit gives it a good amount of flavor, substance, and nutrients. This recipe will also work with 2% milk instead of whole milk and confectioners' sugar in place of whipped topping.

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Dutch Babies II

"I added a spoonful of sugar and a splash of vanilla to the mix before baking," says Allrecipes home cook Paige. "It rose beautifully and took exactly the amount of time the recipe states. I topped it with plenty of powdered sugar and lemon juice. Perfect."

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Chef John's Dutch Babies

Chef John's take on Dutch babies is easy, impressive, and only requires a handful of staple ingredients. You can either purchase clarified butter or make it on your own, but don't skip it since it makes a huge impact.

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German Baby

Abbigail Hughes

This German baby comes together in only 25 minutes, but it's impressive enough to look and taste like it came from a restaurant. As with all Dutch (or German) baby pancakes, use room temperature ingredients to get the maximum puff when the batter hits a hot skillet and oven.

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Seattle Dutch Babies

This rich popover pancake is the perfect size for a family of four, making it a great dish for a weekend breakfast. The entire dish comes together in just 20 minutes.

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Best Savory Dutch Baby

overhead view of a Best Savory Dutch Baby topped with ham, egg, cheese, and arugula

You've never had a savory Dutch baby like this before: Ricotta, Parmesan, and deli ham give this oven pancake a serious protein and flavor boost. Since this Dutch baby has a touch of pepper in the batter, it pairs well with the meat and cheeses.

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German Pancakes II

German Pancakes II
Michelle Ramey

Crisp at the edges and eggy-soft on the inside, this recipe yields legendarily fluffy bites. It's so good it hardly needs dressing up, but we're not not telling you to sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg on top.

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Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby

You know how some foods just feel cozy? This Dutch baby, flavored with cinnamon, allspice, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla fits that bill. It's an easy dish that feels decadent and can turn a good morning into a great one.

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Chef John's Bacon and Asparagus Dutch Baby

Chef John's Bacon and Asparagus Dutch Baby
Chef John

This savory Dutch baby recipe yields a perfect consistency and will be welcome well beyond breakfast. It tastes and feels like a sophisticated version of eggs and cheese, but it has straightforward directions and comes together in about 25 minutes.

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Skillet Strawberry Pancake

Skillet Strawberry Pancake

Here's a strawberry lover's ideal breakfast — fresh strawberries add a flavorful, jammy goodness to this simple oven-baked pancake. This recipe only requires one dish for prep and comes together in half an hour. Top it with maple syrup, or use whipped cream to transform it into a dessert.

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Apple Puff Pancake

puffy apple pancake in casserole dish

"So delightful," says community member graceful cooking. '"Not too sweet but sweet enough that I ate about six servings! Wow! So moist. If you like eggy pancakes this is a great fluffy flavorful one! I sprinkled brown sugar lightly over the top. It didn't need anything on it."

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Baked Pancakes

Kari Pavek Marsh

Make a little extra time on a weekday morning to make these pancakes — they're much more fun than a run-of-the-mill breakfast and can't help but put a smile on peoples' faces. They have a nice airy texture that's similar to funnel cake, while the structure resembles a frittata.

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Chef John's Blueberry Dutch Baby

Chef John's Blueberry Dutch Baby baked in a cast iron skillet

"You're in for a huge treat with this blueberry studded baked pancake — it's rich and satisfying but surprisingly light tasting. The true magic of a Dutch baby is the contrast of texture between the crispy, crusty outside and the soft, custardy, fruity center. This version is not only gorgeous and delicious, but it's fun and simple to make! There's no sugar in the batter, so all the sweetness comes from the berries and the powdered sugar. For a sweeter version, serve with maple syrup like regular blueberry pancakes." — Chef John

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