15 Dump Recipes for a Hassle-Free Thanksgiving

green beans in a white and yellow dish
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If just the thought of Thanksgiving cooking and cleanup leaves you feeling defeated, here's what to do: Make it a dump dinner. With dump recipes, you're basically tossing your ingredients into your cooking vessel and letting them cook. No need for pre-sauteing, constant stirring, or stressing. These dump Thanksgiving dishes will help you get the most out of the holiday while you do the least.

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Green Bean Casserole I

green bean casserole with fried onions in a red casserole dish
Kala Suttle

This pantry-clearing casserole calls for two cans of cut green beans, a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, and a can of French fried onions. Mix these ingredients together with milk right in the casserole dish.

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Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

sliced turkey breast with gravy on a plate

Our 12-serving Slow Cooker Turkey Breast calls for only two ingredients, a bone-in breast and dry onion soup mix, but you wouldn't know it. "I've never had turkey this tender," reviewer Dina says. "And no you don't need any liquid! Just make sure your slow cooker insert allows for dry cooking."

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Glazed Baked Ham

sliced ham glazed with soda

Slide a pre-cooked ham into a large turkey roasting oven bag, place it in a baking dish, and pour your favorite cola over it.

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Corn Casserole III

corn casserole on a white plate with parsley garnish

Mix together a container of sour cream, a can of creamed corn, a can of whole kernel corn, butter, and corn muffin mix, and bake it all in a casserole dish. Some reviewers add shredded cheese, like sharp Cheddar.

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Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

white bowl of creamed corn

For an alternative to a corn casserole, utilize your slow cooker to make creamed corn using frozen corn kernels. Pile on a little butter, milk, and a package of cream cheese, then let the slow cooker work its magic.

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Pumpkin Spiced Dump Cake

Pumpkin Spiced Dump Cake on a white plate

As the original dump recipe, the dump cake starts with a handful of ingredients (dry and wet) mixed together, sprinkled with cake mix, and finished off with pecans and melted butter. Move over, pumpkin pie.

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Roasted Carrots and Potatoes

roasted baby carrots and red potatoes on a sheet pan
My Hot Southern Mess

Thanksgiving potato sides often call for peeling and mashing. But low-maintenance red potatoes need a lot less TLC. For even easier prep, take a cue from reviewer My Hot Southern Mess and use baby carrots.

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Quick and Easy Spinach Casserole

spinach casserole topped with fried onions

Made with frozen spinach, a package of cream cheese, a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, and a can of fried onions, this casserole lives up to its name. Consider keeping its ingredients on hand year-round to curb Thanksgiving dinner cravings — it's simple enough to whip up on a weeknight.

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Slow Cooker Turkey Legs

turkey leg on a plate with rice and mixed veggies
Andrea Nixon

No need to fight over the drumsticks this year. Seasoning turkey legs and wrapping them in aluminum foil keeps the meat flavorful and fall-off-the-bone tender. Though the turkey releases a brothy liquid, add a little water to the bottom of the slow cooker to keep it from cracking.

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Restaurant-Style Hash Brown Casserole

Restaurant-Style Hashbrown Casserole on a white plate

Why peel and slice potatoes when you can thaw frozen hash browns? Toss them with butter, chopped onion, condensed cream of chicken soup, and Cheddar for a convenient, kid-friendly casserole.

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Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce in slow cooker
Christine Mistretta-Birchfield

While you can get homemade cranberry sauce on the table quicker using your stove or Instant Pot, this dump recipe requires hardly any hands-on time. Just stir it once an hour.

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Deborah's Slow Cooker Collard Greens

collard greens with ham
Jackie Weaver

"This is a wonderful recipe. I've tried several recipes for collard greens from this site and this one is by far the best," says Catherine B. "The only change I made was to use two bags of the pre-washed 'Southern greens,' which is a mixture of collard, mustard, and turnip greens." This hack, as well as using a package of diced ham, simplifies an already-easy recipe.

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan Cheese

roasted Brussels sprouts coated in Parmesan
Buckwheat Queen

Throw Brussels sprouts in a bag with garlic powder, Parmesan, bread crumbs, and olive oil. This coating will crisp up to perfection in the oven.

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Slow Cooker Green Beans

green beans in a white and yellow dish

All you need to achieve five-star results are frozen veggies, bacon bits, and a stick of butter, plus garlic salt and black pepper to taste. Let the flavors meld in the slow cooker while you take care of the other sides.

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Mom's Baked Macaroni and Cheese

baked macaroni in a casserole dish

OK, you actually have to boil the pasta before adding it to the pan. But even our favorite Instant Pot and slower cooker recipes for mac and cheese include a separate step for adding the pasta. With this four-ingredient recipe, you can check off that step first then shove the dish in the oven till it's done.

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