8 Dirt Cake Recipes That Will Make You Want to Play With Your Food

dirt cake with gummy worms in terracotta pots
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Dirt cake is proof that you don't need fancy ingredients or special skills to make a hit dessert. Anyone can make it, and everybody enjoys it. However, just because the recipe is straightforward doesn't mean you can't have fun with your dirt cake or pudding — toppings like chocolate rocks, gummy worms, mellowcreme pumpkins, and even plastic toys are just a few of the examples of the freedom you have decorating your dirt dessert. For extra fun, serve it in a flower pot.

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Dirt Cake I

dirt cake 1 with strawberries
Bree Lynn

Not to brag, but this is the most popular dirt cake recipe on the internet, and home cooks have been using it since 1998. We love how user Bree Lynn created mushrooms out of strawberries and mini marshmallows.

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Dirt Cake II

dirt cake 2 with bugs

"This recipe is so easy and quick!! I gathered many recipes for Dirt Cake before choosing this one," says user MURPHI1216. "The flavors blend together so well and it took me about 15 minutes to put it together."

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Quick and Easy Dirt Cups

Quick and Easy Dirt Cups with gummy warms

"Its really easy almost no prep and tastes SO good" says user WolvenOwl Studios. "Try it with mint OREOs thhats how I made it cause thats what I had on Hand."

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Garden Dirt Cake

garden dirt cake

This Garden Dirt Cake is like an elevated, more substantial version of dirt cake. Here, the chocolate sandwich cookies are supplemented with chocolate cake pieces, which gives this dessert a trifle-like effect.

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"Dirt Pudding" Pumpkin Patch

"Dirt Pudding" Pumpkin Patch
The Gruntled Gourmand

"I was bringing a dessert to a 'spooky Halloween dinner,' and wanted to make something creative," says creator Strange-1. "I had heard of the 'dirt cup' recipes with gummy worms before, but I wanted to do something a little different, so I adapted the recipe to this! Kiddos loved it and so did the adults!"

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Dirt Cake III

dirt cake 3 in jars

"This stuff is AWESOME. I prefer to 'frost' the top with the Cool Whip, instead of mixing it in, but I'm sure it's great either way," says reviewer Regina Excell. "Also, the recipe doesn't specify to soften the cream cheese, but if you do it mixes in much easier."

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Dirt Pudding

dirt pudding
Sandra Heard

"We enjoyed this! It was nice to have a variation of this dessert that isn't all chocolate," says Allstar sanzoe. "I will make this again for the kids."

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Mud and Worms

Cut to the chase with this straightforward dirty cake: there are gummy worms and crushed sandwich cookies. (There's also chocolate pudding, too.) "I made this for some pre-school kids I was watching who were learning about gardening one week. I also put it in individual clear plastic cups and layered the cookie crumbs and pudding," says Allstar Holiday Baker.

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More Kid-Friendly Dessert Ideas

homemade pop tarts decorated on cooling rack
Mackenzie Schieck

Still looking for something sweet to serve at your kid's classroom party, birthday, or just as a fun treat? Keep exploring with these ideas:

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