50 Desserts That Start With a Bag of Chocolate Chips

Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie
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That bag of chocolate chips in your pantry may look unassuming, but it's actually full of delicious possibilities. Use your semisweet morsels to create classic cookies, kid-friendly cakes, sweet and speckled breads, and so much more. No matter what you're in the mood for, you'll find a new go-to dessert in this collection of our favorite desserts with chocolate chips.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake on a yellow plate

If you can't decide between cake or cookies for your next event, try a delicious mash-up. This chocolate chip-packed dessert is the best of both worlds!

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Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

bundt cake with chocolate chips and white chocolate chips

Need a classic vanilla pound cake with chocolate chips? Of course you do! And this simple Bundt cake recipe is the answer. Two cups of sour cream makes it extra moist and tangy.

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Pumpkin Cheesecake Filling

Chocolate and pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes with chocolate chips on top

These Halloween-perfect chocolate cupcakes, complete with a creamy pumpkin-flavored cheesecake filling, are scary good.

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Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

chocolate chip cookies on a white plate

This top-rated cookie recipe — which has almost 10,000 five-star reviews from Allrecipes users — is inspired by the huge cookies you find at bakeries and specialty shops.

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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

No-bake cookie balls have never been simpler. "I am asked to make these truffles for EVERY occasion — even for other family members to take to work or other celebrations," says recipe creator clapperkidsmom.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes have a delicious surprise inside: edible chocolate chip cookie dough! Almost 1,000 Allrecipes users have given this recipe a five-star rating.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Close up of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
Cindy Faust

This easy autumnal recipe comes together in about half an hour, so you'll want to make it all year long. Serve these cozy muffins for breakfast or dessert.

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Heavenly Chipped Chocolate and Hazelnut Cheesecake

Heavenly Chipped Chocolate and Hazelnut Cheesecake

Recipe creator JJOHN32 calls this indulgent cheesecake "a chocoholic's dream." A chocolate glaze made with hazelnut liqueur is the perfect finishing touch.

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Chocolate Chip Graham Balls

Chocolate Chip Graham Balls

This kid-friendly recipe is easy to make with just four ingredients: chocolate chips, finely crushed graham crackers, sweetened condensed milk, and (optional) nuts.

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Chocolate Chip Meringue

Chocolate Chip Meringue

Here's a light and fluffy twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie. "Make sure they are lightly browned on the top too and then you'll know they're done perfectly," suggests reviewer HappyHousewife.

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Chocolate-Cherry-Chip Vegan Nice Cream

Chocolate-Cherry-Chip Vegan Nice Cream
Mackenzie Schieck

This dairy-friendly ice cream (with vegan chocolate chips) is made with bananas, extra-firm tofu, and soy milk. Dried cherries add a welcome sweet-yet-tart flavor.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread
My Hot Southern Mess

It's doesn't get much better than classic banana bread with chocolate chips. Make this recipe in a muffin tin or loaf pan.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Recipe creator Star Pooley and KC says this rich cheesecake is perfect for people who love "chocolate chip cookie dough straight out of the batter bowl or in ice cream."

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Loaded Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Loaded Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

A touch of cinnamon brings out the warm flavors in this gigantic cookie. As long as your skillet is well seasoned, according to recipe creator jaybu, the cookie will pop right out.

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Date and Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Scones

Date and Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Scones
Anna Lauritsen

"Chopped dates and chocolate chips add a bright, sweet note to these quick whole wheat scones," according to recipe creator Allira.

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Edible Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Edible Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

There are no raw eggs in this chocolate chip cookie dough, so you're allowed to dig right in. You can get as creative as you want with this base recipe — add candy, coconut flakes, or whatever you have on hand.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake
Photo by TTV78.

Make good use of leftover bananas with this tasty cake. You can whip it up with fewer than 10 ingredients you probably already have on hand.

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Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Try this sweet alternative to the traditional savory cheese ball. It's best served with graham crackers or chocolate wafers, according to recipe creator Kim.

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Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie Logs

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie Logs
Photo by Maggie Tidwell.

Here's a seven-ingredient shortbread recipe to bring to your next cookie exchange. Make these cookies quickly with pantry and refrigerator staples.

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Chocolate Chip Coconut No-Bake Granola Bars

stack of three chocolate chip granola bars
Kim's Cooking Now

On-the-go snacking just got a whole lot healthier and more delicious. "The date paste helps hold it together nicely and dates are known as nature's candy," according to recipe creator Barbara Ortiz.

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Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar

Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar
Irene Esguerra Davis

Your friends and family will be over the moon to receive this adorable gift in a jar. Simply layer the ingredients and add instructions — all they'll have to do is add butter, an egg, and vanilla.

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Jan's Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Jan's Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

"I've made this so many times that I can't even count," says reviewer and Allrecipes Allstar Christina. "It's fabulous and so easy to make. I also like that it makes a nice big loaf."

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Aunt Teen's Creamy Chocolate Fudge

squares of chocolate walnut fudge on a square white plate
My Hot Southern Mess

This recipe for this top-rated fudge has been passed down through generations, according to recipe creator Kelly Phillips. It's easy to mix up in about 15 minutes.

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Death by Chocolate Mousse

Death by Chocolate Mousse
Photo by abapplez.

A cookie crust and a velvety smooth filling (made from butter, heavy cream, and chocolate chips) makes this decadent mousse pie simply irresistible.

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Chunky Monkey Pancakes

Chunky Monkey Pancakes
Photo by CCloves2Bake.

What do you do when you can't choose between banana and chocolate chip pancakes? Make this ice cream-inspired, kid-friendly breakfast recipe.

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Biscotti Toscani

biscotti Toscanini with chocolate drizzle and almonds
Jan Anderson

Pair this twice-baked Italian cookie with a cappucino for a classy mid-afternoon snack. Two teaspoons of orange zest add a touch of brightness.

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Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
Photo by bettycrocker.

Here's a candy aisle copycat you don't want to miss. A coating made with melted chocolate chips and shortening is the perfect complement to a sweet peanut butter filling.

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Cannoli Dip

Cannoli Dip

You need just five ingredients — ricotta cheese, cream cheese, confectioners' sugar, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips — to make this dessert dip.

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Molten Chocolate Cakes With Sugar-Coated Raspberries

Molten Chocolate Cakes With Sugar-Coated Raspberries

"They're simple and elegant, and they bake in under 10 minutes in a standard muffin pan," according to recipe creator Ben S. "The best part about these little beauties is that the cake batter is extremely forgiving."

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Holiday Baker

Butterscotch and chocolate chips make these bar cookies rich and decadent, while crispy rice cereal adds a bit of crunchy texture.

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Chef John's Banana Bread

Chef John's Banana Bread

Spiked with walnuts and chocolate chips, you're going to want to bookmark Chef John's take on classic banana loaf.

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Best Toffee Ever - Super Easy

pieces of homemade toffee topped with nuts

Topped with chocolate and slivered almonds, this five-ingredient buttery toffee is quick and easy to prep in just a few minutes.

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Double Chocolate Brownie Cake

Double Chocolate Brownie Cake

What are the convenient secret ingredients in this super moist chocolate Bundt cake? A package of devil's food cake mix and a package of instant pudding mix.

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Easy Decadent Truffles

chocolate truffles on a plate

Make these incredibly simple truffles with just cream cheese, confectioners' sugar, melted chocolate chips, and vanilla. As far as toppings go, the sky's the limit.

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Passover Mandelbread

Passover Mandelbread
Lady at the Stove

These twice-baked, Passover-friendly chocolate chip cookies are made with potato starch and matzo cake meal.

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Buckeye Balls

Buckeye Balls
Buckeye Balls. Diane

Chocolate-covered peanut butter balls are never a bad idea. Make this top-rated recipe with just six kitchen staples.

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Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Chocolate cake in a large white coffee cup with a scoop of ice cream
Photo by Chef John. Chef John

This single-serving chocolate cake (with cocoa powder, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips) is the perfect last-minute dessert to make in the microwave.

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Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream Sandwiches
Photo by cookin'mama.

Homemade ice cream sandwiches simply can't be beat. Make this recipe with just three ingredients: store-bought chocolate wafers, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chips.

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Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream | Image by Emily.

Why buy a tub of ice cream at the store when you can make something even better at home? "VERY easy to make and I always have all the ingredients on hand," says recipe creator CookinMama.

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Chef John's Rocky Road

281958 Chef Johns Rocky Road

Melted chocolate chips, peanuts, and marshmallows come together beautifully in Chef John's take on this classic fudgy candy.

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Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake

Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake
Echo Wang

Allrecipes users can't get enough of this ridiculously indulgent cheesecake. "What a great dessert," raves reviewer leahnwells. "This is one of the most delicious rich and decadent desserts I have ever eaten!!!"

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Instant Chocolate Hard Shell

Instant Chocolate Hard Shell
Holiday Baker

Believe it or not, this hard shell for ice cream is made with just melted chocolate chips and coconut oil — but you can use any unflavored oil you have on hand.

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Saltine Toffee Cookies

Saltine Toffee Cookies on a white plate
Lena's Nova Scotia

Fans of salty-sweet flavor combos will absolutely love these nutty cookies. Recipe creator Tracy recommends using your favorite nuts as a topping.

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Chocolate Mint Candies Cookies

Chocolate Mint Candies Cookies

Store-bought mint chocolates are the ooey gooey filling in these decadent cookies made with two cups of chocolate chips.

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Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Photo by Meredith.

These super easy chocolate-covered strawberries (made with chocolate chips, shortening, and, of course, strawberries) will make you feel super fancy.

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Oatmeal Chocolate Coconut Chewy

Oatmeal Chocolate Coconut Chewy
Jooyoung Lee

According to reviewer ajhbaker, these cookies are "chewy moist and very tasty." You can easily adjust this recipe to fit your taste.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting

Chocolate Cookie Dough Frosting
Alyssa Danielson

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this cookie dough-inspired frosting. Use it to top your next batch of cupcakes or serve it with graham crackers as a dessert dip.

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Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins

chocolate muffins on white plate
My Hot Southern Mess

These gluten-free muffins, made with a mashed banana instead of flour, require only eight easy-to-find ingredients.

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

"Oh, these are AWESOME," says reviewer and Allrecipes Allstar Christina. "Just the right amount of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. To take them a step further (I had to, lol), I topped them with chocolate frosting ... perfect!"

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Chocolate Chip Crispies

Chocolate Chip Crispies

Made in the microwave with just five ingredients (chocolate chips, rice cereal, corn syrup, sugar, and peanut butter), this recipe is simple enough for kids to follow.

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