20 Crinkle Cookie Recipes You'll Want to Make Again and Again

Lemon Crinkle Cookies on a cooling rack
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There's just something delightful about crinkle cookies. The distinctive crackled tops, which are achieved by rolling cookie dough balls in confectioners' or granulated sugar, make them as fun to look at as they are to eat. Whether you're in the mood for something quick and easy to make with just a few ingredients or a from-scratch favorite that'll please everyone at your next cookie exchange, you'll find a sweet new go-to in this collection of our very best crinkle cookie recipes.

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Dark Mocha Crinkles

Instant coffee powder gives these chocolate mocha crinkle cookies rich, deep, complex flavor. A gooey candy center takes them over the top.

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Lemon Whippersnappers

Lemon Whippersnappers
Christina Hechter Grokhowsky

Believe it or not, you need just four easy-to-find ingredients to make these lemon crinkle cookies: a box of store-bought cake mix, frozen whipped topping, an egg, and confectioners' sugar.

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Chocolate Crinkles II

chocolate crinkle cookies with powdered sugar

The Allrecipes community can't get enough of these top-rated cookies, which have earned more than 2,000 glowing reviews. "These cookies were a delight to make," says reviewer TRAVELER30. "They were simple, moist and delicious."

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Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These chocolate crinkle cookies are totally dairy-free, thanks to vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, ground flax seeds, and vegan chocolate chips.

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Lemon Crinkles

Lemon Crinkles

These sweet, snappy lemon crinkle cookies have a hint of ginger. "They turned out perfect," raves reviewer Jessica Reutiman. "Crispy around the edge and soft on the inside."

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Crisp Lemon Cake Mix Cookies

"These super easy lemon cake mix cookies will become your go-to recipe when you want to satisfy your craving for a bit of lemon flavor," according to recipe creator EAForsythe.

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Chocolate-Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

Here's a fun crinkle cookie that's absolutely perfect for the holiday season (and beyond)! Peppermint extract adds festive flavor that everyone will love.

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Molasses Crinkles

Molasses is the star ingredient in these old-fashioned crinkle cookies spiced with ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. "They are the best, chewiest, spiciest cookies ever," according to reviewer Katie Stewart. "I have made them hundreds of times in my life."

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Brown Sugar Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Chocolate chips, walnuts, and an ample amount of brown sugar work together beautifully in this crinkle cookie recipe. "These were heavenly," raves reviewer Rue.

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Ginger Crinkles

This old-fashioned family recipe for ginger crinkle cookies has stood the test of time, according to recipe creator Dani Boscarelli.

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Crackle Top Molasses Cookies

A small white bowl filled with molasses cookies
Pictured: Molasses Cookies by Hanna. Hanna

"These are the BEST molasses cookies ever," according to reviewer CO, who suggests cooling on wax paper instead of on a cooling rack. "I like them better then any store bought or bakery bought molasses cookies that I have tried."

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Raspberry-Chocolate Crinkles

Take classic chocolate crinkle cookies up a notch with freeze-dried raspberries. The fruity addition adds bright flavor and beautiful color.

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Molasses Peanut Butter Crinkles

If you like Mary Jane taffy (the old-fashioned candies that come in red and yellow wrappers), recipe creator Rachel says you'll absolutely love these molasses-peanut butter crinkle cookies.

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Easy Chocolate Crackled Cookies

This 5-ingredient recipe starts with a package of devil's food cake mix. Reviewers say the result is a batch of soft and chewy crinkle cookies with a brownie-like texture.

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Four Spice Crackles

This dessert is "a heartwarming blend of sugar and spice," according to recipe creator N. Johnston. "These cookies will make your whole house smell delicious."

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Fudgy Chocolate Crackle Cookies

These rich, fudgy chocolate crinkle cookies are dotted with white chocolate chips and coated in sugar. How could anyone resist?

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Gingerbread Gooey Butter Cookies

"These cookies are Christmas cookie perfection," says recipe creator Rebekah Rose Hills. "They have such a wonderful texture, just the right touch of sweetness, and so much rich warmth from the spice blend."

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Brown Sugar Cookies

Get back to basics with this simple, yet absolutely irresistible, recipe for brown sugar crinkle cookies. Recipe creator Noelle Hall recommends baking the cookies the night before you plan to eat them, as the flavor deepens with time.

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Easy Lemon Cookies

Easy Lemon Cookies close up of cookies on a plate with juicer in background

Brighten your day with these super easy crinkle cookies made with just five ingredients, including a package of lemon cake mix.

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Earthquake Cookies

This base crinkle cookie recipe works with any flavor of cake mix, so it lends itself to creativity. "The possibilities are endless," according to recipe creator Topoac.

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