9 Creative Cake Pops That Will Leave You Speechless

Chocolate ice cream pop with sprinkles on a plate.
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Cake pops — those cake-like, lollipop-structured treats that look as yummy as they taste. These convenient little goodies can be made from scratch, with the help of boxed cake mix, or even using frosted sugar cookies. Look through our gallery to see all the fun, creative ways to make delicious cake pops for your next event. They'll have everyone talking (when they're not eating).

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Simple Cake Pops

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Take your yellow cake box mix and make these Simple Cake Pops for an upcoming birthday party, wedding, or baby shower. Coat them with chocolate frosting and add some colorful sprinkles for a wonderful presentation. But, be warned — once you set these delicious treats down at your event, they'll vanish right before your eyes.

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Pretty Cake Pops

pretty cake pops sticking out of a colorful striped box

Another cake pop recipe that will leave you speechless is this dish shared by recipe creator Les. Whether you enjoy the luscious taste of vanilla or are just a fan of cake pops, you'll definitely enjoy making these bite-sized treats.

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Easiest Cake Pops Ever

Vanilla covered cake pops decorated with candy sprinkles
Easiest Cake Pops Ever. Allrecipes

If you want to cut down your cake pop-making time, this recipe that uses frosted sugar cookies and cream cheese is for you. Not only that, but you can make 24 beautiful cake pops in 45 minutes.

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Chocolate Cake Pops

Incorporate your love of chocolate and coffee into these scrumptious cake pops. Plus, check out what reviewer zaksmom had to say about this dish, "Very good! Quick and easy to make."

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Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Pops

Enjoy the creamy goodness of an ice cream sandwich in the form of a cake pop with this yummy dessert shared by recipe creator Nicolemcmom. After you're through prepping them, be sure to dip them in your favorite toppings such as sprinkles, crushed-up candy bars, or cookies for an ice cream treat that's absolutely delicious.

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Easy Cake Pops

close up view Easy Cake Pops on top of parchment paper
Buckwheat Queen

From tasty yellow cake to chocolate frosting and mild, sweet cream cheese, you'll have a hard time only making these cake pops once. Also, this is a wonderful treat to make for a family gathering, birthday party, or any event where you're expecting a large group of guests.

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Lemon Cake Pops

Experience the tart and juicy flavor of lemon with these bright bite-sized treats! This is the perfect dessert for those that love lemon or are interested in trying a new flavor.

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Cake Pops

Make these cake pops for your next celebration or gathering and your guests will be amazed. You'll be amazed at how easy they are to make, using doughnut holes. By the time everyone is finished enjoying these miniature treats, cake pops will become their new favorite dessert.

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Cheesecake Pops

Skip the full-on cheesecake and make the lollipop version instead. With this recipe, you'll get to enjoy the velvety taste of a cheesecake and some semi-sweet chocolate frosting.

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