10 Creative Corn Fritter Recipes

Easy Fresh Corn Fritters
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Have a bumper crop or a freezer full of corn on your hands? Fry them up into golden brown patties with these corn fritter recipes. These dishes range from the classic fresh corn fritter, to recipes that use canned varieties, to a corn-and-zucchini hybrid fritter. No matter which type you choose, these tasty bites will make for an excellent appetizer or side dish.

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Corn Fritters

Corn Fritters on a white plate
Jim Morehand

A little sweet and a little salty, these corn fritters will disappear from the dinner table before you know it. Several reviewers said they're delicious served with a drizzle of maple syrup.

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Zucchini Corn Fritters

Zucchini Corn Fritters on a wooden board beside bowl of dipping sauce
Allrecipes Magazine

Zucchini fritters are an equally popular summertime snack, so why not combine these two produce powerhouses for zucchini and corn fritters? Buttery and with a little Cheddar cheese, they're excellent on their own or dipped into creamy ranch dressing.

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Corn Fritters with Maple Syrup

Corn Fritters With Maple Syrup
Marina Dushaj

Blurring the lines between side dish and dessert, these perfectly fried fritters are dunked in maple syrup. "These were terrific! Crisp on the outside tender on the inside," says reviewer hope03. "Even after they cooled and weren't crisp they had a great flavor."

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Easy Fresh Corn Fritters

Easy Fresh Corn Fritters
Allrecipes Magazine

This recipe keeps it simple with a base of fresh corn, flour, and eggs to create crispy, yet tender, fritters. Serve as a side for your favorite Southern meal to round out the dinner table.

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Crispy Fresh Corn Fritters with Crab and Chipotle Lime Dressing

a Crispy Fresh Corn Fritter is on a white plate with Crab and Chipotle Lime Dressing
Chef John

Basic corn fritters get a high-brow upgrade with the addition of crab in the batter and a hearty drizzle of chipotle lime dressing. Not a crab fan? "You can substitute shrimp or even ceviche for the crab," says recipe creator Chef John.

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Fresh Sweet Corn Fritters

Fresh Sweet Corn Fritters

Three ears of fresh corn are the stars of these melt-in-your-mouth fritters. A dose of heavy whipping cream makes the batter extra rich.

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Jimmy's Clam and Corn Fritters

Jimmy's Clam and Corn Fritters
Patty Cakes

If hush puppies and clam fritters had a baby, the result would be these seafood corn fritters, which feature creamed corn and canned clams. Have these pantry-friendly ingredients on hand at all times for whipping up fritters on short notice.

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Curried Zucchini Corn Fritters

Curried Zucchini Corn Fritters on a white plate
troy ruark

A simple teaspoon of curry powder takes these fritters from basic to wow-worthy. Recipe creator DCKatie suggests serving them with a dollop of raita to complete the dish.

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Mema's Corn Fritters

Mema's Corn Fritters on a white plate

"Corn fritters like my grandmother used to make them," says recipe creator Robert Crofton. "Corn fritters are one of my favorite dishes and with the extra flavor kick from the added Parmesan cheese, you'll be sure to love this dish!"

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Zucchini and Corn Fritters

Zucchini and Corn Fritters on a red plate

Get plenty of veggies with these produce-packed fritters. Each bite contains corn, zucchini, carrots, and onion for plenty of varying flavor and texture.

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