8 Ways to Make Irish Colcannon

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A traditional St. Patrick's Day side dish in Ireland (and beyond), colcannon is a buttery mix of mashed potatoes and cabbage. While other greens, such as spring onions and kale, are sometimes thrown into the mix, cabbage is the main ingredient. Colcannon is typically served alongside meaty dishes like corned beef or sausages, but some recipes put that savoriness directly into the colcannon with bits of crispy bacon or chopped ham. Whip up a bowl with one of our eight colcannon recipes and you're sure to have the luck of the Irish with you.

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Easy Irish Colcannon

A serving of colcannon on a dinner plate with corned beef

This recipe is perfect for showing how just a handful of recipes can be transformed into a wow-worthy dish. Potatoes, cabbage, and green onions all boil together before being mashed up with half-and-half and plenty of butter.

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Diane's Colcannon

Diane's Colcannon in a glass bowl

This version of colcannon is extra decadent. Bacon is cooked until crispy, with the remaining fat used to sauté onions and sliced cabbage before mixing it into creamy mashed potatoes.

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Allrecipes Magazine

Earthy leeks and a pinch of mace are the two key ingredients to this stand-out colcannon. "I made this for a potluck dinner party at my boss's house. It was a huge success," says reviewer SouthernJane.

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Chef John's Colcannon

Chef John's Colcannon
Chef John

Get a vibrantly green dish on the St. Patrick's Day dinner table without ever touching the food dye. Chef John describes this dish as combining "the lovely, spring-is-finally-here-greenness of kale and leeks with the always alluring comfort of buttery mashed potatoes."

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Cheap Irish Colcannon

Cheap Irish Colcannon

Craving colcannon but short on time and funds? This super simple recipe uses instant mashed potatoes, cabbage, and broccoli to create a stick-to-your-ribs meal.

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Instant Pot® Colcannon

Instant Pot® Colcannon
Soup Loving Nicole

"No Irish feast should be without colcannon," says recipe creator Soup Loving Nicole. "Using your Instant Pot® you save time by not having to wait for that large pot of water to boil. Bonus is that there is no draining of the boiling water."

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Cream Cheese Colcannon

Cream Cheese Colcannon on a white plate

Cream cheese may not be a classic colcannon ingredient, but it may become your go-to addition after one taste of these extra creamy potatoes. "A real crowd pleaser! Don't tell them it has cabbage in it and they'll never know," says reviewer Donna.

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Fabulous Colcannon (Mashed Potatoes and Cabbage)

colcannon with sausage

Packed with pieces of bacon, ham, and featuring extra creaminess from a dollop of mayonnaise, this version of colcannon will convert even the biggest of cabbage haters. Recipe creator Ashley Robinson suggests serving this up as a main meal with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese on top.

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