12 Classic Greek Diner Recipes

gyro on plate
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These recipes give a shout out to our favorite Greek diners, those mom-and-pop shops, often open 24 hours, where you can get everything from Greek omelets (at any hour) to a late-night slice of baklava with a sobering mug of strong black coffee after the show. In addition to gyros, you can bank on getting the best cheeseburger and fries of your life at a Greek diner. So here's a tip of the hat to places like the Brown Jug in Ann Arbor, Pete's Kitchen in Denver, the Bel Aire Diner in Queens, and Ritter's Diner in Pittsburgh, just to name a few of the great Greek diners that dot the American map from sea to shining sea. Here are some of our favorite classic Greek diner recipes to try at home.

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Greek Omelet with Asparagus and Feta Cheese

It's breakfast all day at our DIY Greek diner. "This omelet is filled with a mixture of cherry tomatoes, spinach, bell pepper, and asparagus," says Valerie Brunmeier. "Feta cheese gives it that distinctive Greek flavor that pairs perfectly with the veggies."

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Lamb Moussaka Burger

Chef John Lamb Moussaka Burger
Chef John

Chef John does the basic burger one better by giving it an amazing moussaka makeover! "I've been daydreaming recently about a lamb burger based on the famous Greek casserole, Moussaka," says Chef John. "For those of you who don't know, moussaka is a stunning blend of spiced ground lamb, tomato, and eggplant, topped with a creamy, cheesy white sauce. I decided to integrate the eggplant right into the burger itself, instead of topping the burger with cooked slices." Or if you prefer something simple and straight forward, try the Perfect Basic Burger.

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Chef John's French Fries

Chef John's French Fries
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Greek diners make the best fries, it's just a fact. But follow Chef John's technique, and you can make pretty great fries at home, too. "I don't think most people realize that any decent French fry needs to be twice fried," explains Chef John. "The first frying in done at a lower temperature, which softens the potato and prepares the starchy surface for the second frying's crispification."

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American Gyros

gyro on plate
Photo by Chef John.

This version uses the same spices as authentic Greek gyros but it's made with ground lamb and/or beef. "It's perfect for making ahead of time and heating it when you make your gyros," says Chef John. Don't forget to make tzatziki sauce!"

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Greek Pizza

Greek-style pizza is on the menu, of course! "Here's a light and flavorful pizza featuring feta, tomatoes, and spinach," says ESTEPHAN. "I like to use a homemade whole wheat crust, rolled thin."

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My Big Fat Greek Salad

My Big Fat Greek Salad
Photo by Chef John. Chef John

"You can't go wrong with this Greek salad, especially if you remember the only and most important tip: toss it with the vinegar first before adding olive oil," says Chef John. "If you don't, it will not taste as good. Which reminds me, giving the amounts here is very difficult, since this really should be made to your tastes, so please use the ingredient list as a very rough outline."

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Lamb Souvlaki

"Tender pieces of lamb are marinated in a Greek lemon vinaigrette, threaded onto skewers, and char-grilled to perfection," says Kim Cooking Now. "I like to serve these with rosemary garlic roasted potatoes, a Greek salad, and pita bread." Or if you prefer, try Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce.

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Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

The perfect introduction to a full Greek meal or, served with fresh pita triangles, a hearty meal in itself. "Absolutely delicious," raves cyndi_bear. "I made this soup exact to the recipe and it was voted the best dish at the gathering I took it too. It tastes like a soup you would find at an elegant restaurant."

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Photo by LYNNINMA.

This famous saucy eggplant and ground beef casserole with a beautiful bechamel topping is always on special! "This was my first time making moussaka, and it was a total success," says THREDDIES. "It was so unbelievably good and authentic-tasting!"

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Greek-Inspired Pork Chops

Here's one for the blue-plate special. These pork chops go Greek. They're stuffed with a spinach, feta and cream cheese, and sun-dried tomato mixture and topped with a simple pan sauce. "Delicious! Made this starting with fresh spinach and it was amazing," raves Fabeveryday.

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Greek-Inspired Grilled Turkey Sausage Brats

Greek-Inspired Grilled Turkey Sausage Brats

Also on special tonight, the Greek turkey brat! It's like a modern-day mash-up of a classic Greek salad and a grilled bratwurst. You'll top your turkey sausage with chopped red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and Kalamata olives lightly dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, and oregano — crowned with crumbly feta cheese.

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Greek Baklava

Greek Baklava
Photo by Betty.

Pour a large mug of strong coffee and serve yourself a nice big slice of sweet, nutty baklava! "A Greek favorite that makes everyone think you are a master chef but is actually sooo easy to make!! A Greek friend taught me this fabulous recipe."

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