25 Cinnamon Cookies You Need in Your Life

Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice Cookies
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Warm up your oven and your tastebuds with these cinnamon laced cookies. Spicy and toasty, cinnamon is a favorite in cakes and crumbles, pies and tarts. But the essential spice turns basic sugar cookies into dazzling snickerdoodles and humble oatmeal cookies into family-favorite treats. These 25 cinnamon cookie recipes each highlight a different flavor profile or ingredient, but they all have one thing in common: a warming hint of cinnamon.

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Cinnamon Cookies II

Cinnamon Cookies II

If what you're craving is a cinnamon-packed bite of chewy cookie, this is the cinnamon cookie recipe for you. Recipe creator Mellan used molasses to add a richness to the cookie that really helps the one tablespoon of cinnamon stand out in a most delicious way.

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Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookies II

The Savvy Bulk Shopper's Guide to Whole Grains
Cat Lady Cyndi

Recipe contributor Darbyanne says this recipe is meant to mimic a certain famous baker's cinnamon-sugar cookies, but if you haven't had the original, just consider this your soon-to-be favorite cookie. The buttery cookie is rolled in a combo of cinnamon and sugar so each bite is a balance of rich, buttery pastry and spiced sweetness.

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Brown Sugar Spiced Shortbread

Brown Sugar Spiced Shortbread

Spice up classic Scottish shortbread with cinnamon. This simple 5-ingredient cinnamon cookie will be a favorite for when you crave something sweet but want to keep things simple.

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Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll Cookies

If you've ever craved the flavor of cinnamon rolls but don't wait to wait for a sticky dough to rise, this is the cinnamon cookie for you. Bonus! It has a sticky-sweet caramel-pecan drizzle on top to put the taste of this cookie over the top.

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French Toast Pecan Cookies

French Toast Pecan Cookies
Dan Quigley

These French toast-inspired treats are one of our newest cinnamon cookies. With the addition of rum-flavored extract and brown sugar, these capture the maple-y goodness of weekend French toast. Recipe creator Dan Quigley says, "These cookies will get compliments!"

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Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles

Two cinnamon-dusted sugar cookies on a white plate, one with a bite taken out of it

Snickerdoodles are the classic cinnamon cookies, and there's a good reason this snickerdoodle recipe is the most popular on Allrecipes: it's absolutely the best. "[T]his recipe made the best cookies!!! They were soft and tasty and we ate them all!" wrote reviewer Kelly.

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Big Soft Ginger Cookies

ginger cookies in a white bowl

The cinnamon in these cookies joins other heady spices, like cloves and ginger, to make a truly delightful confection.

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Glazed Apple Cookies

Glazed Apple Cookies on a baking rack

What's apple's favorite spice? Cinnamon of course. In these fall-perfect cookies, cinnamon is combined with cloves and nutmeg for a warm and toasty spiced cookie base. Apples stay tender while raisins add chew and walnuts up the crunch.

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Soft Oatmeal Cookies

Soft Oatmeal Cookies
Holiday Baker

"This is the best oatmeal cookie recipe I've ever used! I've made these countless times and they always turn out perfectly," writes Allrecipes cook Megan Kowalski. "I follow the recipe as written, with the addition of adding both chocolate chips and Reece's pieces (this makes them phenomenal). I usually squish them down a bit with a fork before cooking. This gives them the perfect crispy, yet gooey consistency. Overall, 11/10."

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Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

These chocolate cookies are hiding two flavorful secrets: toasty cinnamon and spicy cayenne. "These are so good!!!! A hint of spice on the backend of the bite of warm cookie and just a hint of cinnamon through the chocolate," writes reviewer JALang. "I did 1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chips and 1/2 cup of Belgium semi-sweet chunks. You have to try these!!"

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Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti

Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti

Recipe creator Sara Lee calls these biscotti "an Italian version of cinnamon toast." Biscotti are a crunchy, dry cookie that are designed for dunking in tea or coffee, two drinks that are made better with a bit of cinnamon and sugar.

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Cinnabun Cookies

Cinnabun Cookies
Alberta Rose

They look exactly like cinnamon rolls, so you won't be surprised to learn they taste just like them, too. "I LOVE this cookie and I always get rave reviews when I take them somewhere," writes reviewer Goodcalves.

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Soft Molasses Cookies V

Soft Molasses Cookies V

The power duo of cinnamon and molasses may not be as well respected as cinnamon and sugar, but these two common baking ingredients work together masterfully. Molasses makes cookies richly sweet and gently spiced, which allows cinnamon's flavor profile to really shine. That's certainly true in these cookies, which have earned over 150 5-star ratings.

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Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

These traditional refrigerator cookies are rolled in cinnamon and sugar before they're baked until crispy. "No one told me to make a double batch because I would eat so many while making the cookies," writes Allrecipes community member LYNDL.

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Cinnamon Lemon Cookies

Cinnamon Lemon Cookies

Lemon is beloved for its bright, zippy flavor. Cinnamon is enjoyed for its warm, toasty notes. Can two flavors that are quite different combine in one delicious cookie? Yes! This cinnamon cookie recipe will show you that's true.

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Cinnamon White Chocolate Cookies

Cinnamon White Chocolate Cookies

White chocolate chip cookies are a fun spin on a traditional cookie, but for extra flavor fun, this recipe has the warm spice of cinnamon.

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Snickerdoodles I

Snickerdoodles I
Veronika Koldachenko

Where Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles rely on a combination of butter and shortening for their crisp texture and buttery finish, these top-rated cinnamon Snickerdoodles use just shortening. That creates a cookie that's far more tender and soft.

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Imperial Cinnamon Red Hot Cookies

Imperial Cinnamon Red Hot Cookies

These cinnamon cookies are sure to be a favorite of kids and adults alike, thanks to the addition of Red Hots cinnamon-flavored candies.

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Oatmeal Cinnamon Cream Pies

Oatmeal Cinnamon Cream Pies

Upgrade everyone's lunchbox favorite dessert, oatmeal cream pie, with a hefty hint of cinnamon and molasses-rich dark brown sugar. For an added cinnamon kick, the marshmallowy filling also has the spice.

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Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice Cookies

Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice Cookies

It's a cookie that rhymes — and tastes just perfect. "Goodness gracious. We could not stop eating these. These may be our favorite home made cookie. If you like a sweet spice cookie these are the one," writes Allrecipes cook Sherrie who gave the cinnamon cookie recipes five stars.

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Chef John's Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

FIve of Chef John's Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles on a white dish
Chef John

If your favorite part of pumpkin spice is the cinnamon, these are the cinnamon cookies for you. They combine the delicious spice with the rest of the pumpkin spice brigade (ginger, allspice, ground cloves, and nutmeg). And there's also more cinnamon on the crust of the cookie, too.

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Polvorones de Canele (Cinnamon Cookies)

Polvorones de Canele (Cinnamon Cookies)
My Hot Southern Mess

"Excellent cookies. They were too easy to gobble up and didn't last very long in my house. I found it to be a flexible recipe and very customizable," writes reviewer Art. Other reviewers suggest adding more cinnamon, and for a cookie that translates to cinnamon cookies, more cinnamon isn't a bad thing.

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Cinnamon Palmiers

Cinnamon Palmiers on a glass dish

These cookies look more complicated than they are, and you'll be thankful for that because after you're first bite, you'll just want more and more. "Absolutely delicious! You can't eat just one!" writes reviewer SherGG.

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Chai-Spiced Shortbread Cookies

Chai Spiced Shortbread Cookies
Linda T

These shortbread recipes turn warming chai into a snackable sweet. In addition to cinnamon, you'll need cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. There's also ground black pepper. The ingredient list says it's optional, but reviewers say not to skip it.

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Brown Butter Snickerdoodles with White Chocolate

Brown Butter Snickerdoodles with White Chocolate
Darcy Lenz

"These cookies were excellent! Great flavor and texture. Actually taste better next day," writes reviewer Judith Mendelsohn.

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