5 Churro Recipes to Try Immediately

churros dusted with cinnamon sugar
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Churros, fried pastry dough covered in cinnamon-sugar, are basically sweet little bites of heaven. You can make restaurant-worthy churros at home with these irresistible recipes. Whether you're looking for a basic method to keep on hand (try this top-rated recipe, with more than 500 rave reviews), a lighter version without so much oil (like these Air Fryer Churros), or a decadent dessert for special occasions (everyone will love these Homemade Churros with Cardamom and Chocolate), you'll want to bookmark this collection of churro recipes.

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If you're looking for the best basic churros, your search ends here. This top-rated recipe, which only takes about 20 minutes to prepare, has more than 500 five-star reviews.

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Air Fryer Churros

churros dusted with cinnamon sugar

It couldn't be easier to make churros in your countertop air fryer. They're just as crispy and delicious as the dessert you know and love, but you don't have to use frying oil.

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Homemade Churros with Cardamom and Chocolate

Homemade Churros with Cardamom and Chocolate

"I just had to share my favorite dessert of all time, in the hopes of keeping the Valentine's Day fire on," says recipe creator nomaste. "The Mexican churro with cinnamon-cardamom sugar and dark chocolate dip."

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Churro Log Cabin

Churros Log Cabin
Vanessa Greaves

OK, this isn't a recipe for churros. It is, however, a recipe using churros — and it's absolutely brimming with holiday cheer. Kick your gingerbread house to the curb this year and try this cinnamon-sugar cabin instead.

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Pumpkin Spice Churros with Salted Maple Caramel Dip

Pumpkin Spice Churros with Salted Maple Caramel Dip

"Serve these spiced pumpkin churros to your guests and just wait for the oohs and aahs," says recipe creator Julie Hubert. "The salted maple caramel dip is the icing on the cake and is wonderful on ice cream, apples, pie, and anything else you'd like."

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