15 Chocolate Layer Cakes You'll Become Famous For Making

A three layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sits on a cake stand. Two slices of chocolate cake sit on plates below.
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Few things are more universally beloved than layers of moist chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting filling. Many claim to have the best chocolate cake recipe, but these chocolate layer cake recipes have actually been vetted by our community of home cooks. But a word of warning: Once you make one of these top-rated chocolate layer cakes, you're sure to be asked to do it again.

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Moist Chocolate Layer Cake

slice of chocolate layer cake
Eri Hoshina

Brewed coffee helps to enhance the chocolate flavor in this cake while sour cream delivers moisture and richness to the batter — no wonder it's a 5-star recipe.

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Extreme Chocolate Cake

multi-layer Extreme Chocolate Cake with chocolate curls and shards on a white platter

This rich chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream icing has over 2,600 five-star ratings. Try swapping the boiling water for hot coffee, as reviewer Patti Nelson Grønborg suggests: "The cake was the best thing I have tasted and it stayed fresh and moist in a cake keeper for a full week."

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Diana's Guinness Chocolate Cake with Guinness Chocolate Icing

slice of chocolate layer cake with Guinness beer in background
The Gruntled Gourmand

There's no need to wait until St. Patrick's Day to enjoy this from-scratch cake that incorporates both chocolate and beer. Irish stout beer (such as Guinness®) adds moisture as well as a rich, coffee-like flavor to the batter and icing in this recipe.

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Black Magic Cake

Black Magic Cake

Here's a deep, dark chocolate cake you'll want to pull out for every gathering: "No reason to search for a better chocolate cake," says reviewer naples34102.

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Pumpkin-Chocolate Layer Cake

chocolate layer cake with frosting filling

This cake gets its warm, autumnal flavor from cinnamon, allspice, and pumpkin puree, and is layered with a white cream cheese and chocolate cream cheese filling. It's all topped off with a glossy chocolate glaze.

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One Bowl Chocolate Cake III

One Bowl Chocolate Cake III
One Bowl Chocolate Cake III | Photo by Dianne.

This simple one-bowl cake takes just minutes to prepare. Frost with your favorite chocolate frosting.

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Black Forest Cake I

a closeup view of a slice of Black Forest cake with a layer of whipped cream and a cherry in the center, frosted with whipped cream

Here's a classic chocolate dessert consisting of layers of chocolate cake, cherry compote, and whipped frosting. Decorate the cake with the reserved frosting, cherry compote, and cake crumbs for an impressive presentation.

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Dark Chocolate Cake I

A three layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sits on a cake stand. Two slices of chocolate cake sit on plates below.
Meredith Food Studios

This is a butter cake — meaning the fat and sugar are creamed together to incorporate air —which gives it a lighter, fluffier texture. "I am a pastry chef, and this is the only chocolate cake that I will make from now on," says reviewer ZZZORBA of this triple-layer chocolate cake.

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Chocolate Unicorn Cake

slice of chocolate cake decorated as a unicorn

Perfect for birthdays, this unicorn-themed chocolate layer cake is sure to delight the recipient, whether child or adult.

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German Chocolate Cake III

slicing German chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
Naomi Gutierrez

Unlike many other types of chocolate cake, traditional German chocolate cake relies entirely on melted sweet chocolate for its chocolate flavor, as opposed to cocoa powder. And of course, it's most famous for it's custardy coconut filling.

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Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake

chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting and white candy sprinkle decoration

"Made entirely from scratch, this rich, fudgy, gooey, chocolate ganache layer cake is easy enough for the most novice baker to make," says recipe creator MARSHA2647. "I won 2nd place in my first bake-off I ever entered using this recipe!"

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Grandpop's Special Chocolate Cake

Grandpop's Special Chocolate Cake

This good old-fashioned chocolate cake has hundreds of 5-star ratings, and it's made with common pantry ingredients (and no buttermilk!). It's the perfect last-minute dessert for when you don't have time to make a run to the store.

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Chocolate Mocha Cake I

chocolate cake with cocoa powder and drizzled chocolate decorations

Instant coffee powder imparts a coffeehouse-flavor to this rich chocolate cake. Top it off with coffee icing, as recipe creator Carol suggests.

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Chocolate Italian Cream Cake

cake with chocolate frosting, nuts, and raspberries

Here's a chocolaty take on Italian cream cake — a traditional Italian cake with coconut and pecans baked in, as well as a cream cheese frosting. In this rendition, cocoa powder is added to the batter and frosting.

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"HAVE MERCY!" Triple Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake with powdered sugar topping with slice cut out
Fuller House

This light and fluffy butter cake with a chocolate-sour cream frosting is enough to have anyone begging for mercy.

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