8 Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Recipes to Bake ASAP

chocolate crinkle cookies with powdered sugar
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Looking for the best chocolate crinkle cookies on the internet? We've got you covered. Crinkle cookies, with their signature crackled appearance, are never a bad idea — and we've rounded up our most chocolaty ones ever. From 5-ingredient ideas that start with a box of cake mix to bakery-worthy treats that are sure to impress, you'll find a new go-to dessert in this collection of our best chocolate crinkle cookie recipes.

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Dark Mocha Crinkles

The secret ingredient in these rich chocolate crinkle cookies? Instant coffee powder adds deep and complex flavor. Plus, the gooey candy center makes the whole thing extra decadent.

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Chocolate Crinkles II

chocolate crinkle cookies with powdered sugar

These top-rated crinkle cookies have earned more than 2,000 glowing reviews from the Allrecipes community — so you know they've got to be good. Reviewer ABBY15 suggests using Dutch-processed cocoa powder and adding bittersweet chocolate chips to "intensify the chocolate experience."

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Fudgy Chocolate Crackle Cookies

These chocolate crinkle cookies, complete with white chocolate chips, will satisfy all your dessert cravings. Recipe creator Kristen Moreland suggests refrigerating the dough overnight for easy prep the next day.

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Chocolate-Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

This chocolate crinkle cookie recipe was created with the holidays in mind, but you'll want to make it all year long. Peppermint oil adds a refreshing, festive touch.

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Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, ground flax seeds, and vegan chocolate chips make these moist chocolate crinkle cookies totally dairy-free.

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Brown Sugar Chocolate Crackle Cookies

It's impossible to resist these chewy chocolate crinkle cookies with brown sugar and walnuts. "The flavor and texture were wonderful," according to reviewer Karen.

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Easy Chocolate Crackled Cookies

This easy recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies starts with a convenient secret ingredient: a package of store-bought cake mix! Just add water, shortening, eggs, and sugar.

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Raspberry-Chocolate Crinkles

Freeze-dried raspberries lend bright, fruity flavor to these rich chocolate crinkle cookies. Reviewer Ivysmom says "they had a good chocolate flavor and a bit of tang from the raspberries countered the sweet cookie nicely."

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