Chicken Fried Rice Recipes That Rival Takeout

Make your own flavor-packed chicken fried rice recipes from home! With just a few pantry staples, quick and delicious one-skillet meals can be created with ease. These recipes have depth, spice, and saltiness — all with the added bonus of chicken's high protein content. Get your veggies chopped and your soy sauce open. Chicken fried rice is what's for dinner.

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Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice

Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice
Photo by Buckwheat Queen. Buckwheat Queen

A light but satisfying alternative to sodium-laden takeout. Cauliflower rice is tossed with chicken breast, sesame oil, fresh ginger, and a vegetable medley.

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Thai Spicy Basil Chicken Fried Rice


Fragrant and delicious flavor overload. Fish sauce, garlic, and sugar create a unique richness in this peppery dish. "It has enough heat for the diehards and yet even wimps like me can enjoy it," says Violet34.

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Bacon and Chicken Fried Rice

bacon and chicken fried rice

We know that adding bacon to anything is going to amp up the flavor, and this delectable recipe is no exception. Just 6 ingredients create major impact in this instant rice-based dish.

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April's Chicken Fried Rice

closeup shot chicken fried rice

April4275 describes her recipe as " a simple way to make fried rice that is better than in some Chinese restaurants! Boneless chicken breasts are stir fried with white rice, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, green onions and soy sauce."

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Veggie-Packed Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken and vegetable stir fry with brown rice on white plate
Allrecipes Magazine

True to its name, this fried rice recipe boasts a number of freshly chopped vegetables. Sugar snap peas, cabbage, and green onions are added to garlic-infused rice for a pleasing, balanced result.

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Garlic Chicken Fried Brown Rice

side view of a plate of fried rice with cubed chicken, peas, and carrots
Fit&Healthy Mom

"Brown rice is reborn in this chicken fried rice with peppers and onions," says creator Joyce. "Black pepper, paprika, or dried parsley may be used to season after this is cooked."

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Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice II

A foundational recipe for fried rice that can be altered to suit personal preferences. Wonderful for a large family, as it yields 7-8 servings and makes for great leftovers!

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Easy One-Pan Chicken Fried Rice

close up on dish of Easy One-Pan Chicken Fried Rice with peas and carrots

Save your leftover rice and extra cooked chicken to make this super-simple weeknight dinner. "When you need a meal to feed the entire family and are short on time and groceries, try this easy, one-pan fried rice dish," says NicoleMcmom. "A handful of veggies add color and texture while a few pantry staple spices and condiments add flavor to this simple stir-fry dish the whole family will love."

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Hibachi-Style Fried Rice

Hibachi-Style Fried Rice
Hibachi-Style Fried Rice. bd.weld

A bright and flavorful homage to traditional Japanese cooking. The ingredients are prepared over high heat, allowing for a cook time under 20 minutes. A generous helping of greens onion gives this dish a sharp, earthy edge that pairs well with soy-glazed grilled chicken.

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Curry Pineapple Fried Rice

closeup curry. fried rice in silver pan
Dick Hoover

Curry powder, fish sauce, and pineapple juice make magic in this tasty recipe. "So good," says reviewer Elena. " Added a bunch of extra veggies and coconut milk but foundational recipe was great!"

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Instant Pot® Chicken Fried Rice

Instant Pot® Chicken Fried Rice
Buckwheat Queen

"The Instant Pot method gives you a fluffy and flavorful meal, but eliminates the need to start with already-cooked rice, explains creator Buckwheat Queen. "You can have a wholesome version of your takeout favorite in about the same time it would take for it to be delivered to your door."

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