5 Charoset Recipes to Make for Passover

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Charoset (or haroset or charoises), a sweet mixture of fruit and nuts, is a Passover staple with meaning: The fruity paste represents the mortar the Israelite slaves used to make bricks in Egypt. From basic recipes (like this five-ingredient Passover Apples and Honey and this top-rated Haroset) to unique twists on the symbolic dish (this Date Haroset is more like a confection than its traditional counterparts, according to recipe creator Katy), read on to find the best charoset recipes for your Seder.

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"Wow," raves reviewer Salsera713. "This was great! I'd never made haroset before because my mother was always in charge of all the Passover cooking. I was really impressed by this recipe as it tasted just like my mother's and it was easy to make."

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Passover Apples and Honey

Passover Apples and Honey (Charoset)

Here's a quick, easy, and basic recipe everyone at your table will love. You only need five ingredients: honey, cinnamon, apples, grape juice, and walnuts.

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Haroset for Passover

Haroset for Passover

"Wonderful," according to reviewer ellemenohpe. "I followed the recipe except for adding a mix of nuts instead of just walnuts. It was the perfect consistency and tasted great."

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Israeli Charoset

Israeli Charoset

This charoset is slightly more complex than others on this list (in addition to the basic ingredients, it includes matzo meal, bananas, and more), but is still quick and easy to make.

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Date Haroset

Date Haroset

"This haroset recipe is more of a confection, and very different from the apple based variety," according to recipe creator Katy. "It can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 week in a closed container."

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