How We Celebrate the Season

wreath-shaped assortment of meats, cheeses, and olives
Photo: Cynthia B.

We asked our Meredith family to share photos of their most treasured holiday moments, traditions, and treats. And from Halloween hats to Christmastime carriage rides, our readers have found unique ways to stay connected to their loved ones during this turbulent year. This year's Celebrate the Season Photo Contest is down to 12 finalists — and you can help choose the winner!

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In Awe of Autumn

autumn apple layer cake
Olga M.

"Since we have an apple tree in our backyard, this season is all about apples for me and my family. We absolutely adore our quirky little tree that delivers big most years. The abundance of the apples picked from the tree lasts well into the year and makes me cook up fresh and creative recipes to use it up. The delicious flavors of autumn slowly reveal themselves in this rich autumn layer cake" — Olga M.

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O'er The Hills We Go

couple enjoys a snowy ride in horse-led sleigh
Joan M.

"Love going on a sleigh ride" — Joan M.

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Ring Around the Cheeses

wreath-shaped assortment of meats, cheeses, and olives
Cynthia B.

"My favorite activity for the holidays is creating fun charcuterie boards! I love to get creative and make different things like trees, wreaths, etc. This charcutewreath was created with seeded eucalyptus as a base, and artisanal meats and cheeses with seasonal fruits and fresh herbs for garnish. With smaller family events at home, having something extra special to share is so important this holiday season!" — Cynthia B.

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Creepy Cattle

cow wearing zany witch hat
Shari W.

"We own and operate a cattle farm and this picture of my sweet Andy! He is a bottle baby and now has become officially my pet! All of our critters get involved with the holidays." — Shari W.

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Seasons in Bloom

eclectic floral bouquet in pumpkin shaped container
Diana R.

"Favorite activity: turning pumpkins into a work of art!" — Diana R.

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Monumental Memories

several dozen pumpkins stacked triangularly
Elizabeth M.

"My family and I love to explore a local pumpkin patch and drink warm apple cider" — Elizabeth M.

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Golden Hour

golden autumn landscape
Barbara M.

"I think this photo speaks for itself in social distancing times" — Barbara M.

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Sweet Things

young girl baking pastry with grandfather
Kate T.

"My husband's family is Austrian. Every year he bakes 15 Mohnstrudel (poppy seed strudel) to give away to family and friends. This year our 2-year-old granddaughter helped him." — Kate T.

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Everything Nice

tight shot of layered spice cake with creamy frosting
Katie S.

"This recipe for Spiced Vanilla Cake Stuffed with Caramel Apple Slices is one I created just in time for our Thanksgiving table this year! And since then, my family has barely been able to stop talking about it. This dessert flips the script from the classic apple pie theme to something a little more interesting to give your holiday table a bit of unexpected flair, where the standard and somewhat boring apple pie would usually be showcased." — Katie S.

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Born to be Wild

black three- legged dog looks down dirt road
Kim S.

Submitted by Kim S.

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Candy Crush

red candy apples on parchment paper
Hallie S.

"We always make something sweet with apples from our local orchard, and this year I decided to make candy apples! I swapped brown rice syrup for traditional corn syrup for a less processed option, and added some pomegranate molasses for a pinch of flavor! Some toasted hazelnuts on the bottom too! Super fun and quick to make." — Hallie S.

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Leaf it All Behind

orange and gold autumn landscape
Jincheng Z.

"Our family loves tree-climbing and jumping in the leaves!" — Jincheng Z.

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