15 Recipes for a Delicious Bridal Shower Brunch

Mini Very Berry Pancake Skewers
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A bridal shower brunch is a wonderful alternative to a classic tea or wedding shower. Indeed, with the popularity of brunch growing among the Millennial and Gen Z generations, it's no surprise the idea of a bridal shower brunch is such a hit. With a mix of breakfast favorites, like egg bites and fruit salad, and brunch hits, including mimosas and savory tarts, this menu for a bridal shower brunch has plenty of crowd-pleasing ideas.

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Perfect Summer Fruit Salad

This fruit salad recipe is meant to spotlight summer's sweet bounty, but it'll make all fruit shine. The combination of fruit juices, citrus zest, and brown sugar creates a light but unforgettable glaze that will boost any fruit bowl you construct.

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Brunch Baked French Toast

Brunch Baked French Toast

You can't be a short-order cook, turning out French toast for each guest, so turn to this baked French toast to deliver the same results without standing over the stove with a spatula in hand. This recipe comes together quickly — you don't have to make it the night before and let it soak — so you can pull this right from the oven as guests arrive.

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Breakfast Strata

Breakfast Strata
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A strata is a sophisticated take on the classic breakfast casserole. You can mix everything the night before and bake just before the guests arrive, and it's versatile enough you can change ingredients to fit special dietary needs or preferences. "Simple and easy actually fun to make. I will make this again and tweak it with adding other veggies. It was great as is. Hubby loved it too!" writes reviewer STARNETSA.

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Quick & Crispy Home Fries

Quick and Crispy Home Fries
Chef John

No bridal shower brunch menu is complete without crispy, seasoned potatoes, but it's ideal to find a recipe that won't require you to cook batch after batch in a frying pan while guests stream into your home. To get a head start on these potatoes, you can microwave, cool, and chop the potatoes the day before the brunch. Let them come to room temperature while you're getting things ready. Then, finish with a sauté until they're crispy and browned.

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Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine II

Because this is a bridal shower brunch and not a breakfast, you can get creative with your egg dishes. No need for scrambled or sunny-side-up eggs; you can look for baked dishes like this quiche with a truly unique filling. If you're worried about oven space, make this the day before the brunch. You can serve it cold or at room temperature easily.

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Danish Kringle

Danish Kringle

This pastry treat is commonly shared at the holidays, but it's right for a special occasion like a bridal shower, too. This kringle recipe makes enough for three danishes, so you can change fillings for variety. "OMG, if you have never tried kringle, you HAVE to make this recipe. My family and my work friends went absolutely crazy for it and are still talking about it to anyone who will listen," writes reviewer Wendy Womack.

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Mini Very Berry Pancake Skewers

Mini Very Berry Pancake Skewers
just a food blog

"These mini pancake skewers, topped with assorted fresh berries and powdered sugar, are just perfect as lazy Sunday in-bed breakfast or delightful brunch hors d'oeuvres!" writes recipe creator just a food blog. This way, every guest can get a bite or two of pancakes without filling their plate with an oversized flapjack.

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Chef John's Tomato Tart

Chef John's Tomato Tart

If the bridal shower falls during tomato season, capitalize on the beautiful bounty with this unbeatable tomato tart. In both presentation and taste, this savory tart is unlike anything your guests have likely had at a bridal shower before. "One layer of tomato is plenty, since more than that will make for an overly wet tart, which means your pastry will not stay crispy," advises recipe creator Chef John.

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Bacon and Egg Tacos

With fluffy scrambled eggs and salty, crispy crumbled bacon, these tacos bridge the gap between breakfast and brunch beautifully. Without a juicy sauce, these handheld appetizers are easy for guests to hold, and they won't have to worry about dripping or dropping anything onto their beautiful shower attire. Set up a bar of toppings, and let each guest make their own tacos.

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Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced Caramel Macchiato

"A perfect balance of coffee, vanilla, milk, and caramel makes a sweet and creamy summer drink," writes recipe creator House of Aqua. You can set up a coffee bar with instructions on how to make the macchiato, or serve as bartender and whip one up for each guest that requests the refreshing coffee drink.

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Yummy Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Yummy Blueberry Breakfast Cake

A coffee cake is a fine idea for a wedding shower brunch, but if you're looking for something a bit more special, look to this breakfast cake. A fruity layer of fresh blueberries and blueberry pie filling is topped with a buttery crumb. "An easy-to-make and delicious cake. Serve this cake warm with a spoon or cut into squares," writes recipe contributor Laura Owen.

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Deviled Eggs

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs
Allrecipes Magazine

Deviled eggs are a cheeky take on brunch eggs. The ultra-savory finger food goes beautifully with everything else on a brunch menu.

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Cheese Grits Casserole

Cheese Grits Casserole in a white casserole dish

Turn quick-cooking grits into a five-star-worthy side with a hefty addition of cheese. Once baked, this grits casserole turns thick and luscious, the perfect side dish on a brunch menu.

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Party Mimosa

Party Mimosa

Add a little pizzazz to the typical orange juice-plus-champagne mimosa with this crowd-pleasing version. Made with agave nectar, pineapple juice, orange juice concentrate, and (of course) champagne, it's easy to stir together the day before. Just hold off adding the sparkling wine until you're ready to serve. "I made this for a brunch and everyone loved it. I used apricot nectar since I couldn't find apricot-mango but followed the rest of the recipe," writes recipe reviewer Sherea.

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Mini Waffle Pops with Candy Sprinkles

Mini Waffle Pops with Candy Sprinkles

You can certainly serve a traditional layered cake at a bridal shower brunch, but if you're up for some fun, these mini waffle pops are a great alternative. Petite and portable, guests can nibble on these while the bride or groom opens gifts. You can also color coordinate your sprinkles to match the party's decor.

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