15 Top-Rated Casserole Recipes for Spring

Best Tuna Noodle Casserole

Spring has sprung! These family-pleasing casserole recipes get the most from spring vegetables and other ingredients that taste great as we transition into the warmer months. They're maybe just a bit lighter than the heavy winter casseroles we craved in the cold but still hearty enough to satisfy the whole crew.

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Artichoke Spinach Lasagna

Artichoke Spinach Lasagna

"This is a fabulous lasagna made with an artichoke and spinach mixture which has been cooked with vegetable broth, onions and garlic," says DMCCRACKEN. "The mixture is layered with lasagna noodles, pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, and topped with crumbled feta."

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Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes and Ham in a white bowl over a green and white dish towel
Culinary Envy

"This cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham-layered casserole dish features buttery potatoes and sweet hickory ham baked in a double Jack and Cheddar cheese sauce," says Culinary Envy. "It's a quick and easy recipe that's perfect this time of year as a holiday side dish, or delicious anytime as a cozy meal on a chilly night!"

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Chicken Piccata Casserole

"Get the great piquant taste of chicken piccata...in the oven," says Bibi. "Using the oven instead of the stove is more convenient, and it frees you up to tend to the other parts of dinner, like some tasty pasta, and maybe a vegetable or a salad."

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Baked Asparagus and Mushroom Pasta

baked pasta with asparagus in a glass dish

"Take classic Mediterranean flavors and make American-style comfort food for your family!" says Bibi. "If you are looking for a meatless meal, serve this with a salad and crusty bread. If your family prefers a protein, a rotisserie chicken or a slice of ham would be an easy and tasty addition to the lovely flavors of this casserole."

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Puff Pastry Chicken and Leek Casserole

Puff Pastry Chicken and Leek Casserole

"The star in this casserole is the leeks with their soft, sweet, and subtle flavor giving a wonderful base for the chicken and spices," says analyticalblonde. "Using a box of puff pastry adds a wonderful, light crunch that will win your taste buds over."

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Spinach and Chicken Enchiladas

Spinach and Chicken Enchiladas
Photo by Sherri.

"If you like spinach and Mexican food, you'll love these easy chicken enchiladas made with ricotta cheese and spinach," says duboo.

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Tuna Garden Casserole

Tuna Garden Casserole
Photo by gnomeygoose.

"This easy to prepare version of the classic tuna casserole contains leafy greens, bell pepper, and penne noodles," says John Stine. "You can easily substitute the vegetables with what you have in the refrigerator."

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Ground Beef-Spinach Casserole

Ground Beef-Spinach Casserole

"This is a great ground beef casserole. Even my husband who doesn't care for spinach likes this one!" says JNAMCD. "And it got rave reviews when I took it to a church potluck."

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Easy A La King Biscuit Casserole

Easy A La King Biscuit Casserole

Classic A La King kicks it casserole style! A simple mixture of cubed chicken breast meat, peas, mushrooms, bell peppers is baked with refrigerated buttermilk biscuits on top.

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Spinach and Chicken Casserole

Spinach and Chicken Casserole
Spinach and Chicken Casserole.

Spinach and chicken bake in a creamy sauce topped with mozzarella cheese — simple to make and a great choice for busy weeknights. "My son, who is an extremely picky eater, loves this quick and simple dish," says T.C.. "It's great for pot-luck dinners."

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Artichoke Chicken Casserole

Artichoke Chicken Casserole
Artichoke Chicken Casserole.

Dotdash Meredith Photo Studios

With this simple casserole, chicken, mushrooms, and artichokes bake beneath a layer of cheese and creamy mayonnaise. "My husband and 4-year-old son love this recipe," says JLGOEDDE. "We have it for dinner at least twice a month. This dish is great over orzo pasta with steamed broccoli or asparagus on the side."

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Best Tuna Noodle Casserole

Best Tuna Noodle Casserole
Best Tuna Noodle Casserole. Allrecipes

"This tuna noodle casserole is the best with a classic creamy taste from my childhood," says NicoleMcmom. "The sauce is rich and creamy but not overwhelmingly heavy. The crunch from the topping and fresh bite from the parsley create the perfect balance. Let's not forget that this is a great budget-friendly meal to feed a crowd!"

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King Ranch Chicken Casserole

King Ranch Chicken Casserole
King Ranch Chicken Casserole | Photo by Chef John.

This Southwest-inspired chicken enchilada casserole features both cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup, plus sour cream, diced chilies and tomatoes, bell peppers, spices, and Cheddar cheese.

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Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole

Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole
Photo by Ashley Nicholson.

"Layers of rice, chicken breast, a creamy soup and salsa mixture and two kinds of cheese add up to a simply yummy salsa casserole!" says Gweneth. "This recipe is a family favorite because it's delicious and easily made with ingredients found in the pantry."

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Sandy's Primavera Casserole

primavera pasta casserole in a white dish topped with basil and tomatoes

Lots of fresh spring vegetables and a creamy sauce feature in this casserole that's baked with a crispy panko and Parmesan topping.

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