Our 10 Best Pumpkin Pie Recipes of All Time Are the Pick of the Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin pie with pastry leaf cutouts on top
Pictured: Chef John's Pumpkin Pie. Photo: Vanessa Greaves

Pumpkin pie is an iconic fall dessert — especially for Thanksgiving. But you can and should indulge in this sweet and spicy pie, even if it's just a regular Thursday. To whet your appetite, we've rounded up our 10 best pumpkin pie recipes of all time, including recipes that use fresh or canned pumpkin, to give you options no matter your skill level or how much time you have. Scroll through and get that whipped cream ready to top these fabulous fall pies.

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Brown Family's Favorite Pumpkin Pie

Brown Family's Favorite Pumpkin Pie with pumpkin crust design

The Brown family's pumpkin pie has a tasty walnut streusel topping that sets it apart from most traditional pumpkin pies. "There aren't enough stars for this pumpkin pie! I followed the recipe exactly and added two teaspoons of vanilla extract. Everyone raved about it! The streusel topping is incredible and the pie itself makes a great presentation," says reviewer Jillian.

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Homemade Fresh Pumpkin Pie

A whole pumpkin pie with five pastry oak leaves in the center and two pastry acorns, with a cross-hatched edge to the crust

Skip the canned pumpkin purée and use fresh pumpkin for this recipe. "This is the absolute best pumpkin pie ever! This was my first time making pumpkin pie with a pie pumpkin and I'll never go back to using canned pumpkin or buying a store-bought pumpkin pie ever again," says reviewer Jenny Atkinson.

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Cindy's Pumpkin Pie

Cindy's Pumpkin Pie

Instead of evaporated milk, this pumpkin pie is made with melted vanilla ice cream. "I've made this pie for the past several years and I made it again for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. This pie is THE BEST pumpkin pie recipe ever. My family and friends RAVE about it every year," says home cook Alley.

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Double Layer Pumpkin Pie

Double Layer Pumpkin Pie on a white plate

This pie has a layer of cheesecake and a layer of pumpkin, spices, and pudding mix for the perfect double layer no-bake pie. "Very good! This is also going to be a permanent fixture at the holidays! The cream cheese layer was light and fluffy and the pumpkin was delish," says reviewer CareyLee.

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Easy Pumpkin Pie Squares

Easy Pumpkin Pie Squares decorated with whipped cream
Alberta Rose

These mini pumpkin pie squares (or rounds) have a butter, brown sugar, flour, and oat crust and are topped with a traditional pumpkin pie mixture for deliciously, easy bite-sized desserts. "This is the best pumpkin recipe I've ever tried! My family begs me to make it frequently and it's easy to put together," says home cook ELLIEGAL.

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No Bake Pumpkin Pie I

No Bake Pumpkin Pie I
Photo by Debbie Furey.

This no-bake pie has a graham cracker crust and stays firm thanks to the gelatin in the pumpkin mixture. "How can you say 'WOW!!' and get enough meaning in it? It was so VERY good and took down my Thanksgiving baking stress a few notches," says reviewer Sil E Bird.

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Old Fashioned Paradise Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie with pecan topping in pumpkin-shaped dish
Alexander Glass

This pie tastes like paradise, with three layers of cheesecake, pumpkin custard, and pecan streusel. Reviewers recommend letting the crust and cream cheese layer chill for a while before adding the pumpkin so the layers stay defined.

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Chef John's Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie with pastry leaf cutouts on top
Pictured: Chef John's Pumpkin Pie. Vanessa Greaves

Chef John's Pumpkin Pie is perfectly spiced with nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and Chinese 5-spice powder, and uses extra egg yolks to ensure the pie doesn't crack. Chef John recommends using his Easy Homemade Pie Crust recipe. "The PERFECT pumpkin pie. Delicately spiced, lightly sweetened with absolutely NO CRACKS. VERY good," says home cook Sarah Jo.

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Mom's Pumpkin Pie

overhead view of Mom's Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream in a lattice pattern
Allrecipes Magazine

This rich pie is loaded with spices and uses both white and brown sugar. Reviewers like to use fresh pumpkin purée for this recipe, but you can use canned if you prefer.

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Simple Pumpkin Pie

overhead view of Simple Pumpkin Pie recipe

This five-ingredient pie is as easy as it gets. With just pie crust, eggs, pumpkin purée, sweetened condensed milk, and pumpkin pie spice, you'll have a delicious pumpkin pie in no time. "This pie was soooo simple to make! With such few ingredients, it was sooooo tasty!! I did add a dash of vanilla extract, but that was my only change! Don't hesitate, make this pie," says Allrecipes Allstar missrochester.

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