20 Best New Cake Recipes of 2020

Looking for a tried-and-true dessert to add to your recipe arsenal? Your search ends here. The Allrecipes community baked its way through an unprecedented year — these are the most visited, most reviewed, and most popular new cake recipes of the last 12 months. From simple classics (everyone needs to know how to make a good Homemade Vanilla Cake, and Grandma's Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake is wonderfully quick and easy) to fresh new favorites (this Whole Lemon Layer Cake is as sweet as it gets), you'll find something you love in this collection of our best new cakes of 2020.

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Apple Crumble Coffee Cake

slice of apple crumble coffee cake on a plate
Chef John

"Finally, after all these years, I've come up with a solution for people who can't decide whether to make an apple crumble or coffee cake," says Chef John. "This features the best things about both of those recipes. It's like baking a crumb-topped coffee cake on top of another coffee cake!"

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Grandma's Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

"This is hands-down my all-time favorite cake," raves recipe creator Bekah Miller. "I fell in love making it after my grandmother shared the recipe with me. This cake is super quick, easy, and fun to make! Definitely recommend this for first time bakers and anyone else who would love to take a bite out of a delicious chocolate Texas sheet cake."

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Easy Yogurt Cake

slice of easy yogurt cake on a plate
Diana Moutsopoulos

"This is an easy yogurt cake that uses the yogurt container to measure all of the ingredients," according to recipe creator Diana Moutsopoulos. "It's ready in under an hour and the perfect not-too-sweet snack or breakfast treat. It's known in France as 'Gâteau au Yaourt' and is typically the first cake that French children learn how to make. My son attends a French school and has made this with his classmates."

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Waste Not Cake

slice of waste not cake topped with powdered sugar
Diana Moutsopoulos

What's the secret ingredient in this creative cake recipe? Sour milk! Instead of throwing it in the trash, use your past-its-prime carton to create a uniquely moist and tasty dessert. If you don't have soured milk, make your own by mixing two teaspoons of lemon juice with one cup of fresh milk.

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Italian Lemon Coffee Cake

Italian Lemon Coffee Cake
Kim's Cooking Now

"'Torta al limone,' as this cake is known in Italy, is a recipe that I received from my husband's 'Zia Pina,'" according to recipe creator Kim's Cooking Now. "I modified her recipe to add the sliced almonds and powdered sugar glaze drizzle on top. This is a lovely cake that goes great with a cup of coffee or cappuccino!"

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Easy Lemon-Blueberry Bundt Cake

This fruit-forward Bundt is surprisingly easy, thanks to a package of store-bought lemon cake mix. "Adding blueberries, lemon, and milk to the mix will result in a moist, light, and fluffy cake," according to recipe creator Yoly.

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Homemade Vanilla Cake

"Loved this," says recipe creator Julia Maria. "It turned out so light and fluffy. I didn't have an almond extract, so I ground up pecans into a very fine powder and sifted it into the batter. Will definitely be using this as my default cake batter from now on."

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Devil's Food Brownie Cake

a slice of dark chocolate Bundt cake on a white plate garnished with a mint sprig

Make this easy and decadent dessert with only five ingredients: devil's food cake mix, fudge brownie mix, cold brewed coffee, oil, and eggs. Top with a quick two-ingredient ganache made with heavy whipping cream and semisweet chocolate chips.

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Blueberry Breakfast Crumb Cake

blueberry crumb cake on a plate

"It's time to make an old-fashioned crumb cake, but updated with the addition of blueberries," says recipe creator lutzflcat. "That buttery, soft cake with juicy blueberries popping with sweetness is topped with a buttery, cinnamon-laden crumb topping that will have everybody coming back for seconds."

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Blueberry-Banana Coffee Cake

Blueberry-Banana Coffee Cake

"This was delicious," according to recipe creator Cookingkewlness. "I'm not a seasoned baker. Just a guy locked up at home during a pandemic. This was easy to make and REALLY good. Made me look like a baking genius."

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Lemon-Zucchini Texas Sheet Cake

Put your excess zucchini to good use with this moist citrus-packed sheet cake. The easy four-ingredient frosting — made with cream cheese, butter, lemon extract, and powdered sugar — brings the whole thing together.

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Mom's Favorite Jewish Apple Cake

Mom's Favorite Jewish Apple Cake
Judy in Delaware

"I've been making this cake for over 30 years, and always get great compliments from it," says recipe creator Judy in Delaware. "Even my sweets-hating husband likes this one. I've been making it for my mother's birthday for years ... it's her favorite. It's a dense cake with great flavor, so if you're looking for a light, fluffy cake, this is not for you!"

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Banana-Nut Cake with Caramel Icing

Banana-Nut Cake with Caramel Icing

"A favorite banana cake recipe that I have used for everything from a brunch treat to a requested birthday cake to a potluck," says recipe creator MR. YO. "It always get rave reviews. It's the combination of the caramel icing and the bananas that tickles everybody's taste buds."

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Whole Lemon Layer Cake

whole lemon layer cake
Jill Lightner

Waste not, want not! Use two whole Meyer lemons to make this summer dessert. Lemon curd is sandwiched between two citrus-flavored cake layers, then frosted with cream cheese frosting.

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Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Bundt Cake

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Bundt® Cake

"A pumpkin-y, cake-y take on the classic snickerdoodle," says recipe creator Kim. "This cake has a slightly crisp exterior, a soft pumpkin-y interior, and a swirl of brown sugar and cinnamon running throughout. It takes a bit of time and finesse to assemble, but it's worth the extra effort."

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Lemon Velvet Sheet Cake

lemon sheet cake with glaze
Jessie Sheehan

"Once again, Ms. Jessie (recipe creator Jessie Sheehan), knocks it out of the park with a clear home run," says five-star reviewer Tuscan_Italian. "This is amazing! If you like lemon & a really moist cake, you will LOVE this."

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Cranberry Orange Cake

slice of bundt cake on a white plate

Use a Bundt pan to make this seasonal cake, which is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas. A subtle hint of orange is noticeable, but not overwhelming. If the cake resists coming out of the pan, advises recipe creator Bringhomethebakin', wait 15 minutes and try again.

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Strawberry Spoon Cake

"This spoon cake is sort of a mix of a spoonbread, a pudding cake, and a biscuit all in one," according to recipe creator Kim. "It's then topped with delicious strawberries for an easy, home-style dessert. It's better to err on the side of under-baking this cake rather than over-baking, as it's meant to have a soft center."

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Chocolate Guinness Bundt Cake with Whiskey Whipped Cream

Chocolate Guinness® Bundt® Cake with Whiskey Whipped Cream
Jill Lightner

"This eggless cake is rich from butter and buttermilk, with a thin, crisp crust and tender interior," says recipe creator Jill Lightner. "The dark beer and unsweetened cocoa combine for a deep chocolate flavor that isn't too sweet."

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Best Ever Cinnamon Bundt Cake

Best Ever Cinnamon Bundt Cake
Hania's Kitchen

"This Bundt cake is all you need to start off your morning right with your favorite cup of fresh-brewed coffee or tea," according to recipe creator Hania's Kitchen. "If you are a cinnamon fanatic, you have to give this recipe a try. This cake has just the right amount of cinnamon flavor and is so soft, moist, and fluffy."

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