Our 15+ Best Monkey Bread Recipes of All Time Are The Perfect Sweet and Savory Pull-Apart Snacks

Monkey Bread from Scratch
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There's nothing better than ripping into freshly baked monkey bread. Or maybe you call it pull-apart bread. But either way, we can agree it's delicious. Monkey bread can come in all different varieties, like sweet cinnamon bread or savory garlic Parmesan bread, and it makes a great addition to breakfast, brunch, dinner, or dessert. Scroll through to discover our top-rated monkey bread recipes, loaded with tasty flavors, like maple bacon, bananas Foster, pineapple upside-down monkey bread, bacon Gorgonzola, and so much more. And the best part? Monkey bread is so easy to make thanks to ready-made biscuit and bread dough! Seriously, the hardest part will be deciding which recipe you want to try first.

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Monkey Bread I

Monkey Bread I

This monkey bread recipe only takes one hour to make and is loaded with cinnamon flavor, chopped walnuts, and raisins. Thanks to the refrigerated biscuit dough, this recipe is so easy to make that even the kids can help!

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Monkey Bread Muffins

963165 Monkey Bread Muffins 181278 CountryGirlGourmet

If you love monkey bread, but don't want to make a full pan of it, try these Monkey Bread Muffins instead. Just like most monkey bread, they're made with refrigerated biscuit dough and will be ready in half the time of a tube pan monkey bread.

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Garlic Parmesan Monkey Bread

overhead shot garlicky monkey bread
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This savory monkey bread tastes just like cheesy garlic bread but is definitely way more fun to pull apart and eat. The bread dough is covered with butter, garlic powder, parsley, and green onions, and each layer is loaded with Parmesan cheese.

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Maple Bacon Monkey Bread

Maple Bacon Monkey Bread on a yellow plate

Sweet and savory flavors come together to make this monkey bread with maple syrup and bacon. It'll be the perfect addition to the brunch menu and everyone will devour it immediately.

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Monkey Bread with a Twist

Monkey Bread with a Twist on a wooden board

The twist in this monkey bread is the three apples that you'll find within the layers. And while you probably always have apples on hand, this monkey bread would be great to make for a fall brunch with all the handpicked apples you have.

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Monkey Bread II

Monkey Bread II
Mikelle Moody Sweeten

Break out your bread machine for this tasty monkey bread recipe. This bread has a sugar, butter, and raisin syrup that you coat the dough in, and you can also add chopped nuts to this bread.

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Bananas Foster Monkey Bread

Bananas Foster Monkey Bread
Debby Veltri

If you love the classic bananas Foster, you need to make this monkey bread immediately. The bread is loaded with bananas, cinnamon, pecans, and vanilla for a dessert that is even better served with dulce de leche ice cream.

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Apple-Walnut Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread

monkey bread with icing drizzle

Instead of biscuit dough, this decadent monkey bread uses refrigerated cinnamon roll dough for a fun and delicious twist. Finish it off with apples, chopped walnuts, and the cinnamon roll icing for the perfect indulgent dessert.

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Quick and Easy Monkey Bread

Quick and Easy Monkey Bread
chef jai

In just 40 minutes, you'll have delicious monkey bread with butterscotch syrup. Because you're using frozen rolls, you can prep this recipe the night before to let the rolls thaw overnight, then simply bake it in the morning.

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Orange Pull-Aparts

Orange Pull-Aparts

This breakfast monkey bread is flavored with a light orange taste that recipe creator Cathleen Sinclair says will go great with coffee. You can top it with a confectioners' sugar and orange juice glaze, or leave it as is when it comes out of the oven.

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Monkey Bread Kabobs

Monkey Bread Kabobs

Everyone knows things taste better when they're bite-sized on a stick. Make your monkey bread into a fun skewered snack with this kabob recipe. You can add cherries or pineapple to the skewer too for different flavors. If you're serving it to very young kids, you might want to slide the baked kabobs off the pointy skewers for safety's sake.

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Monkey Bread from Scratch

Monkey Bread from Scratch

If you don't want to use pre-made dough to make your monkey bread, you can use this recipe that makes the dough from scratch. Coat your dough in cinnamon and sugar, let it proof and bake, and voilà you'll have tasty Monkey Bread from Scratch — and it won't even take that long.

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Pineapple Upside Down Monkey Bread

Pineapple Upside Down Monkey Bread
Gerard Lafleche

What's better than pineapple upside-down cake? Pull-apart Pineapple Upside Down Monkey Bread, of course! Plus, if you want to switch it up, you can use different fruits like blueberries, peaches, or apples for different upside-down fruit-flavored treats.

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Bacon Gorgonzola Pull Aparts

Bacon Gorgonzola Pull Aparts

This savory pull-apart bread is made with only five ingredients: refrigerated biscuit dough, bacon, yellow onion, Gorgonzola cheese, and Parmesan cheese. You can also make this recipe with other cheeses, like blue, Cheddar, and Havarti, says reviewers.

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Caramel Apple Monkey Bread

Caramel Apple Monkey Bread

This monkey bread has a special surprise in each piece of dough: a cinnamon sugar-coated apple. This is the perfect recipe to use up that autumn apple bounty you have laying around.

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Monkey Bread Foil Packets

Monkey Bread Foil Packets

Did you know you could make monkey bread over a campfire? These foil packets make individual-sized monkey bread that is just as ooey-gooey as from the oven.

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Monkey Bread

savory monkey bread with Thanksgiving leftovers

Put your Thanksgiving leftovers to good use with this savory monkey bread. The six-ingredient monkey bread is packed with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, and cheese and will taste great smoothed with gravy or cranberry sauce. But even if it's not Thanksgiving, this is a creative way to use up almost any leftovers.

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Healthier Monkey Bread I

Healthier Monkey Bread I
Linda T

Looking for a healthier take on traditional monkey bread? This recipe uses whole wheat pizza dough instead of biscuits, butter instead of margarine, and less sugar, but still makes a tasty treat layered with raisins and nuts.

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