11 Best Lobster Recipes for Romantic Dinners

top-down view of bright red split lobster tails with a lemon wedge, a ramekin of melted butter, and steamed vegetables on the side
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These top-rated lobster recipes are ready to impress. We're talking elegant Valentine's Day, anniversary, or marriage proposal caliber meals here. Maybe it's a cozy Christmas Eve dinner for two. Or a Wednesday, and it just feels right. Bottom line: Whatever romantic, special occasion scenario you can devise, these recipes are there for you (and yours). We have iconic classics like Lobster Thermidor and Lobster Newberg, plus new twists, like sous-vide poached lobster tails and orange-scented grilled lobster. A couple recipes go full surf-n-turf, coupling lobster with filet mignon or beef tenderloin. Give them a try!

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Chef John's Lobster Thermidor

Chef John's Lobster Thermidor
Photo by Chef John.

Here's an iconic special occasion dish. Chef John uses a nice light sauce for his lobster thermidor rather than the thick, cheesy sauce that was popular in the '80s. "Lobster is sweet and rich tasting on its own, so the lighter sauce makes so much sense," says Chef John. "And what's even better, you can prep these ahead of time and just pop them in the oven when your guests arrive!"

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Lobster Tails Steamed in Beer

top-down view of bright red split lobster tails with a lemon wedge, a ramekin of melted butter, and steamed vegetables on the side

"Very simple and quick!" says Gronk Bronson. "The beer flavor is wonderful and the steam keeps the lobster super moist!"

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Lobster Newberg

Lobster Neweberg
Photo by Chef John.

"This really is a great, and simple recipe," says Chef John. "The sauce is pretty rich, so you want something just thick enough to coat the meat, but not so thick that it covers it up. Serve over buttered toast or in freshly baked puff pastry shells."

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Deviled Lobster Tails

Deviled Lobster Tails
Photo by Chef John.

Easy to make, these deviled lobster tails are simply broiled with a spicy mix of mayonnaise, tarragon, sriracha sauce, and lemon juice. Chef John offers a note on buying lobster tails in the market: "If they're not frozen, they've been frozen and then thawed. So, bypass the 'fresh' for the frozen, which are fresher."

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Lobster Colorado

Bacon-wrapped filet mignons are broiled and then topped with lobster meat. "Elegant for dinner parties or a romantic dinner for two," says Tina Nicotera. "This is also my family's favorite Christmas dinner."

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Lobster Mornay Sauce

This rich, creamy lobster and mushroom sauce recipe is a seafood lover's dream. "It's very simple to make, and you can substitute crab or shrimp for the lobster. I use all three when we are craving seafood. Serve over rice or pasta."

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Chef John's Lobster Mac and Cheese

Chef John's Lobster Mac and Cheese
Photo by Chef John.

Mac and cheese goes upscale. "You can actually prep these ahead and bake before that romantic dinner," says Chef John. "You probably want to take them out and let them warm up for 30 minutes before baking. By the way, only bake these until the tops are browned and the inside is just hot."

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Beef Tenderloin Stuffed with Lobster

Here's an impressive surf and turf option. A beef tenderloin filet is stuffed with lobster, then cooked in wine, garlic, and butter. "I made this dish for my honey on Valentine's Day and it was wonderful," says ABC Cook. "I do a lot of cooking, and this meal was so simple to prepare and still enjoy the evening -- a must try!"

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Orange-Scented Grilled Lobster Tails

overhead view of Orange Scented Grilled Lobster Tail garnished with orange slices and basil leaves

Orange zest, ground ginger, and aromatic bitters are the intriguing secret ingredients here. "I actually double the marinade if making it for just my husband and I as we love it so much," says KerriJ. "We pair the lobsters with a simple green salad, crusty bread, melted butter in heated ramekins for dipping, and a bottle of cold Chardonnay."

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Sous Vide Butter-Poached Lobster Tails

Here's a special way to cook lobster tails. You'll need a sous vide cooker attached to the pot. The result is succulent, perfectly cooked lobster meat. "Lobster tails turn out delicious when cooked sous vide," says Bren. "A feast for a special dinner or Valentine's day."

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Champagne Lobster

Champagne always offers instant elegance. Here, you'll steam lobsters over simmering champagne seasoned with onion, garlic, and red pepper flakes. "An AWESOME recipe!" raves Georgianna. "This is not a sauce, however; it's an aromatic steam that gently flavors the lobster meat!"

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